You can increase the member: how real it is and how it works

It is known that the small size of the penis is often the root cause of the problems in the relations of men with women. A lack of understanding on the part of the partner, the disorder of sexual relations, insecurities are often the cause of separation.

Many men search for possible ways of increasing their sexual organ. Is it possible to increase the modern methods of traditional and folk medicine, we shall understand in this article.

you can increase the member

How much is real

Surgery can be risky, it is not always possible to conduct, so many looking for answers, you can increase the member using natural methods, medicines, ointments.

Let's start with the fact that in modern medicine, there are many opportunities for penis enlargement, but the efficacy and safety of each method depends on various factors. Therefore, before you decide on penis enlargement, is to examine in detail each of the existing methods separately.

The most safe methods of increase of a member — Polynesian, Taoist method of stretching, the effect of which depends entirely on the patience, because the work is quite laborious and long. To achieve the effect would take about a year. Classes should be carried out every day for 10-15 minutes.

One of the modern types of manual method of penis enlargement is the extender is a device that pulls the body in length. This device can be worn even during household chores. Regular use of the device can lengthen the on men 2 - 3 cm within 6 months. This method has no side effects, contraindications.

Jelqing: how it works

It is known that Jelqing is a set of exercises developed by the Arabs 5000 years ago. She checked the time, helps men over the centuries. This exercise is similar to milking cows. People have two hands clasp a member, to pin down a bit, grind along the entire length, stretching the muscles. This helps to increase the muscle volume. This method is risky, because with prolonged use it can create problems with achieving an erection.

How to enlarge cock extender

With the advances in science and medicine, one of the most popular and effective methods today is a clinically proven extender.

The device became the best solution for those who just want to increase the size of your penis without resorting to risky and potentially dangerous operation. These devices are convenient, easy to use. They are clinically tested, can provide not only increase the length but also volume. They can choose the amount of stretching of the penis.

you can increase the member himself

This method of penis is easily performed at home using this device. The extender exerts pressure on the penis, stimulating cell division, which leads to a natural increase in penis. Using this device at a set time every day, the penis will begin to stretch. The traction device can be worn from 3 to 8 hours per day, depending on needs.

Around the trunk of the male member appear small, painless tears that formed new connective tissue. As a result, the member increases in volume, length.

The penis enlargement with the help of drugs, gels and ointments

Pills for penis enlargement are very popular as they improve the blood circulation in the body, so it becomes more than a few inches. Some pills not only increase libido, but also increase the volume, length and strength of the erection.

These pills are made with natural herbs known to increase blood flow. However, they provide only a temporary effect. When their effect ceases, the member is returned to its previous state.

The pills contain several herbs that have two major effects:

  • improve blood circulation, increase blood flow to the penis;
  • stimulate the production the body's sexual hormones, such as testosterone.

Pills, gels and ointments are sold online. Many products contain ingredients generally recognized as safe, however there are drugs of dubious unexplored components.

Gels and ointments is a relatively new product but operate on the same principle that the pills, improving circulation, increasing blood flow to the penis.

Gels and ointments are easy to apply a thin layer to the body, penetrating through the skin directly into the bloodstream.

The action of these agents will also be terminated if not used. Therefore, it is recommended to combine the ointment with exercise program to achieve maximum results.

These drugs are great for acceleration results from the application of other methods such as traction devices or exercises.

you can increase the member.

TOP generics

Using pills for penis enlargement has many advantages, including the improvement of semen, increase sexual energy, stamina & longer erection. However, not all herbal pills are the same.

Best pills that increase the penis must have any or all of the following ingredients:

  • Epunedum Sagitum.
  • Ginkgo.
  • Saw Palmetto.
  • Ginseng.
  • Spicy red pepper.

Epunedum Sagitum also called Horny goat weeds, increases blood circulation. This herb also has interesting effects, such as increased libido, stamina, along with a longer erection.

Ginkgo increases the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. Also can help rebuild damaged cell tissue and stimulate healthy cell growth.

With Palmetto — increases sexual activity, reduces the content of fatty acids, cholesterol. This means you not only get an increased penis but also the endurance.

The most important herb for penis enlargement — the fruit of the Cayenne. It stimulates growth of tissues and restores those that are heavily damaged.

Ginseng is perhaps the most common component of pills that increase the penis. It also helps in the production of strong sperm and is a proven ingredient in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

There are also other pills for penis made from synthetic ingredients. They can be used if they are approved by the FDA.

Is it possible to increase penis size by massage and teas from herbs

Among popular methods we can note the extension cords, hangers and vacuum the tension. They're practically the same effect on the body designed to improve erection and prevent impotence, or the continuation of sexual climax.

Traction is a non — surgical method of lengthening the penis by using devices that stretch the body over long periods of time. This method of medicine used for correction of curvature and shrinkage of the penis as a result of Peyronie's disease.

Also should talk about whether it is possible to increase the penis size with the help of massage.


Surgically formed space of the corpora cavernosa penis fill cartilage tissue, increasing the body at 1.5 cm.

However, this method has many drawbacks:

  • the risk of infection;
  • scars that remain after surgery;
  • the pain associated with the healing process.

Because of the risk of complications, doctors usually skeptical about surgery for penis enlargement a couple of inches. Such operations are often carried out in men with a small penis, to release hidden under the skin 2-3 inches of the trunk of the penis.

Also, this method is indicated for congenital anomalies or for violation of the anatomical structure of the penis due to injury.

Often men with average penis size underestimate him want to do it even more. At the international consultation on sexual abuse concluded that the majority of men do not want to proceed with the surgery, if they were sufficiently informed about the likely risks and late complications.


Doctors recommend to massage for penis enlargement. For such purposes you can turn to a professional massage or do it yourself. If you choose the second option, you need to be patient. In the end, massage is a gradual procedure that takes place from day to day to achieve the goal.

Massage techniques member a lot. One of the most popular and effective methods is Masturbation with the use of a special cream for the penis, which expands blood vessels, improves the flow of blood to it. To make such procedure necessary 2-3 times a week.

you can increase the member herbal tea


Teas better to use as additional stimulation when more efficient methods. It is recommended to drink teas with ginseng, thyme. Dried and shredded herb brewed with boiling water, to insist and drink as a tea within four months.

The first thing that should be done for fast and healthy increase of the penis during intercourse, is to change your lifestyle. It is necessary to improve the quality of life, reduce stress, avoid bad habits.

Start with diet: eat less fatty foods. Enter in the diet foods for good blood circulation. Give preference to protein, fiber and natural nutrients recommended by doctors, to ensure fast and natural penis enlargement.

With a good diet and exercise, you can accelerate the expansion of the penis.

In addition to good food and sports, it is very important to reduce the sources of stress that interfere with good quality of life. If your lifestyle is too stressful, learn to relax more, improve the quality and time of sleep.

Sexologists, answering the question of whether to increase the size of the member, explain that some bad habits can slow down the process of penis enlargement, so avoid excessive Smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and follow a balanced diet.