Surgery penis enlargement: the indications for the procedure

The size of your own penis excites many men. According to surveys, about 80% of men at least once in life thought about the fact that their member is a little less than desired. Most of them are quite satisfied with their sexual organ. But there are some men for whom this issue is vital. For example, if the size of the penis during erection, does not reach 9 cm.

how to increase the member

It is believed that the length of the penis in erection is between 12 to 20 inches. The average is 16-18 inches. Physiological norm, in which is possible, full sexual intercourse is the length of at least 9 inches. When excess of male hormones possible growth of the penis of 20 cm.

A man's ability to best satisfy a woman only because he has a big cock, rather controversial issue. For good sex you need and other factors: the skills and knowledge of men in sex, reverent attitude to the partner and other talents. But, of course, women give off men with a large sexual organ. And if the partner is always telling her husband about it, he begins to think about surgery to increase a member, even if that testimony is not.

The methods of correction of the length of the penis is known the following:

  • Vacuum pump. The growth of an organ is achieved due to enhanced blood flow to the sex organ. The drawback of this method is that its effect is disposable.
  • Extender. Wearing a special device is the conservative method of penis enlargement. It's a long process, designed for six months or more.
  • Surgery. A painful but effective method of lengthening of a member. The result is a life sentence.
  • Thickening of a member by injection. Quick and relatively painless way. Drawback of the short duration of effect (up to 1 year).

Indications for surgery should be considered as a small penis size to 12 inches. With the larger size, length correction is also possible. If the erect organ is more than 18 inches, the surgeon can refuse to do the surgery.

Medical indication for penis enlargement is a physical defect, which is called micro-penis. Body size of 3 cm does not allow a man to have a fulfilling sex life. And if the penis is small in size, functioning properly and does not limit the reproductive ability of men, direct indications for surgical intervention no.

The augmentation term has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • Pros:
    • the changes in physiological parameters of the penis in a better way;
    • improvement of the emotional state of man;
    • persistent (lifelong) effect;
    • does not affect the overall health of men (unlike medication).
    • increases the quality of sexual life.
  • Cons:
    • the pain and recovery period;
    • compulsory wearing of the extender;
    • possible complications;
    • the short-term effect of the thickening member.

The penis enlargement by surgery: particularly of the transactions

Many men, seeking to increase member of various homemade methods, and looked to find a way out. But the soothing phrases, that size doesn't matter, just a reason to abandon a life change for the better. Should a responsible approach to the question: "How to really increase penis?", to find alternative solutions and further information on the topic.

All the miraculous cocktails, compresses, ointments and pills advertised ingenious Scam — nothing more than a myth. And plastic surgery, has proven itself over many decades — the true reality. It is not just theoretically, and increases sexual organ! And this transformation is due simply to the elongated member by extracting the hidden parts of the body out.

What are the penis enlargement by surgery:

  • lengthening of the penis occurs as a result of deprivation of the body from the restraint of the ligament (ligament is not removed and is dissected);
  • the special matrix, which is put under the skin, provides rapid growth of connective tissue;
  • surgical effect on tissues, stimulates the regeneration of cells.

Thus, a new position of the penis, and heal tissue fix it. But without the use of extender to achieve a positive result will not succeed. Thanks to him, the bundle remains in the position which it gives the surgeon. And after a certain period of time, overgrown by connective tissue, which, compressed, creates a new bundle. If the extender is worn, then the fabric will grow back to its original position and the surgical increase of a member will be meaningless.

In order to better understand the mechanism of operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the structure of the sexual organ of men. Part of the penis hidden in the pubic area. The size of the hidden part of the individual, about 3 to 5 inches. The sexual organ is supported by the suspensory ligament, which is in operation. When rupture of the ligament between the pubic bone and the fascia Buka (cloth connects body member) sexual organ is freed from the strong ties and outwards.

surgery to increase the member

The second, equally important part of the procedure is a sprain and fouling it with new fabric. Ligaments can stretch or shrink, if they act for a long time. Knowing this feature, have long used a special device to lengthen the penis. Wearing the extender applies to conservative methods of penis enhancement. But after the surgery it also have to fix the organ, but a shorter term (2-3 months). This is to ensure that the bundle has not returned to its original position. With the same purpose, formed after dissection of the ligament space is added to the fatty tissue of the patient.

Surgical penis enlargement scares some men the possible complications of the erection. But these fears are groundless. No functions of the authority are not violated. After surgery urination and erection work as before.

To enlarge penis is possible if to give it more volume. Slender penis becomes less of a problem for men than short. Surgery thickening of a member is more simple and bloodless. It is applied using injection or own fat of the patient. If you use the method of transplantation of muscle, there is a full surgical operation.

Thickening of the penis carried out by several methods:

  1. Direct muscletaken from the abdomen is placed under the skin of the penis. While it is placed around the corpora cavernosa of the penis. Own fabric survives well, is not disturbed the blood supply and the positive result of this procedure is guaranteed. Surgical muscle implantation is considered the most expensive and complex operation.
  2. In the penis introduced synthetic gels (fillers). The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and takes less than half an hour. After a few days, a man can return to normal life. The drawback of this method is the short-term effect. A year later, the procedure must be repeated again.
  3. Under the skin of the penis is injected your own fat tissue of the patient. After a while approximately 30% of fat absorbed. Other fabric survives, providing a lifelong effect.
  4. The introduction of the penis special matrix. The material stimulates the division of the corpora cavernosa, causing the penis increases in diameter.

The penis enlargement by surgery can be carried out by implanting an artificial prosthesis. This operation is called a prosthesis. It is performed in the case where, except for a small length penis, a man has a sexual dysfunction (inability to hold intercourse). While the penis is literally disassembled into parts, and then going again. This operation is very complicated and expensive.

How is the surgery for penis enlargement: preparation, procedure and recovery period

The surgery is fairly easy and quick procedure. Is performed under General anesthesia, therefore, does not cause patients unnecessary emotions during manipulation of the penis. After dissection of the ligament is released to 2.5 inches hidden part of the trunk of the penis. For about the same length of the penis is increased after wearing the extender. Stitches heal in a few weeks, and new ligament is formed on the third month.

Preparing for surgery:

Surgery is a full surgical procedure, which requires a preliminary examination to exclude contraindications.

After discussion with the surgeon the possibility of increasing the penis, the patient visits a urologist for examination and blood and urine tests.

Blood sampling must be carried out for biochemical studies, determining the blood group and RH factor, with the exception of HIV and hepatitis.

The surgeon will not do surgery for such ailments:

  • diseases of the urogenital sphere;
  • chronic diseases in exacerbation stage;
  • infectious diseases;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • diabetes;
  • Oncology.

After examination, the surgeon examines the results of tests, and if everything is normal, appoints the day of surgery. On this day the patient should eat and drink water (in limited quantities). If there are other recommendations, the doctor tells them about the day before.

The progress of the operation:

Invite the patient to the operating room and doing General anesthesia. Since then, he relaxes, and health workers, on the contrary, begin working hard. For 40 minutes, or hours they need to do an autopsy superficial creases. Her second, more powerful, the surgeon is not affected.

The doctor makes an incision in the scrotum. The incision is made vertical or Y-shape. In the second version of the surgeon's work easier, increasing visibility. But modern equipment of clinics allows the doctor to observe the whole process with the help of endoscopic equipment. In this case, the doctor makes incisions minimal in order to after healing, they were invisible.

How is the augmentation of a member depends on the chosen method:


Method 1. The classic method involves opening of connection, pulling the inner part of the penis and fixing it with the help of special tools. In classical surgery, patients are often faced with the formation of adhesions.

2 method. You'll be using the patient's own fat, placed in a formed after dissection of the ligament cavity. This method complicates the operation, but promotes rapid healing of tissues and prevents the formation of adhesions.

When you are finished, the doctor sews the fabric.

Vacuum stretch is applied immediately after surgery. Thus, the phase member is released from the pubic region. Member after surgery is lowered slightly below the position that was originally.

Thickening of the penis carried out by various methods, among which the most popular lipofilling. This is a relatively inexpensive procedure with lasting effect. The doctor, using a syringe with a thick needle or cannula performs the fence of adipose tissue in the abdomen, hips, waist. Then moves the fat under the skin of the penis. The cannula does not damage the cells and nerve endings, so is a safe tool for such injections. Injection gels — faster procedure but short-lived.

Thickening of penis injection techniques performed under local anesthesia.

The patient sees everything but feels no pain. Through 1-2 hours after the procedure, the patient can go home.

Patients are often interested in the simultaneous increase in penis length and width. But such operations to combine desirable. After lengthening the male member is forced to wear an extender. This device tightly clamps the body of the penis, which is not allowed after increasing the volume. So first operation is performed for lengthening of a member, and after six months or a year on it is possible to increase in volume.

A few days after lengthening the penis the patient may experience pain, which are perfectly removed with analgesics. Change your dressing every 2-3 days. Two weeks later the doctor removes the stitches, and the necessity of bandaging disappears. Within 4-5 weeks, a man should abstain from sex. And within three months of daily stretching of the the extender member.