Massage for penis enlargement

It just so happened that the main advantage of men – not only the mind or strength, but and genitals. Some men nature has endowed with a penis of sufficient size, while others suffer from low confidence in their male power, I believe his phallus is not long enough or thick, wonder how to increase the member, you can make it more powerful at home. There are many methods to solve this problem. The most affordable is the massage, exercise to increase penis.

Improve the dignity

massage for penis enlargement

Of course, before exercise to increase the thickness of the member and his length at home, should think, not it is psychological complexes. Normal numbers are: thickness from 3 to 4 cm, and the length in erection – 12-16 cm.. If the figures of manhood coincide with these indicators, therefore, nothing to worry about. If there is a problem, it is necessary to consider safe at home massage, exercises to increase thickness or length. You should also be aware of the factors which some men can not carry out massage and exercises can increase penis. This:

  • Trauma, surgery, neoplasms.
  • Pustular, infectious, venereal disease.
  • The age of 16.

For training you need to prepare a soft towel, grease, hot water, examine the books or movies about how to do exercises to increase the power of the phallus. The tape, Notepad, pencil need to measure manhood and commit the changes size. To enlarge the phallus, are used:

  • Actions aimed at muscle stretching, massage.
  • Strengthening of the blood filling the cavernous bodies.
  • Kegel Exercises.
  • Power or circular drawing.
  • Jelcing.

It is desirable that during class there were no distractions.


Crick aimed at small elongation, penis enlargement. Before starting any exercise you should warm up the penis with a towel soaked in hot water (careful not to burn the skin). Hot compress should hold for 10-15 minutes. Simultaneously, it is advisable to conduct a gentle massage. After warm up you should grab with your fingers the base of the head and very gently pull it to 1-1. 5 cm, hold for a few minutes, then gently release again to warm up, to make accurate massage. To increase the male organ, the procedure is repeated up to 20 times, focusing on the sensations.

Important: stretching exercises are held only in the relaxed state of the penis, so as not to get injured.

For blood flow

The exercise aims to increase blood supply to the tissues of the penis. To perform the exercise, preferably with full erection, but be very careful not to hurt yourself. For this you need to clasp one hand on the base and the other head and very gently make circular movements. Repeat the exercise should not be more than five minutes, two times a week. The appearance of the slightest pain to conduct training prohibited.

Help Kegel

Kegel exercise did not significantly increase the penis, but also help to provide blood flow to particular telephone Workout the pelvic muscles, followed by coverage and stretching of the head, increases erection and heightens orgasm in men. The technique of home exercises is the reduction and relaxation of the pubic-coccygeal muscles. Running exercise at least twice a day, done in fifteen approaches.

Be sure to observe the technique of breathing, to inhale and exhale through the nose during the contraction and relaxation of muscles. For maximum effect, Kegel exercises should be performed in combination with massage and other exercises.

Power stretching

Physical exercises to increase the power and pulling are carried out while sitting. Before the procedure to warm up the penis and use a lubricant. Then grab the toes of the head of the penis, to pull, return on left-right, making the interval between the turns in a few seconds. To enlarge the penis, every day it is advisable to make 5-6 approaches. During the procedure slight discomfort. In any case it is impossible to prevent the onset of pain. Severe pain that engulfed penis – an immediate reason to see a doctor.

Circular stretching

how to increase the member

To make more powerful penis can be a circular extrusion, which is similar to the exercise of force. The difference is that when stretching the penis moves are made clockwise. The main condition for the implementation of this technology to increase manhood – to do at least 20 spins in one session. Preferably circular stretching combined with other types of power extrusions, massage. Some men claim that this way for a month of home workouts you can increase the penis by 1-2 cm


Jelcing technique for increasing the size, volume and mass of the penis. Based on the pushing of blood from the pubis to the head. Before the procedure, it is important to warm up the penis. Then try to achieve full erection, clasp the phallus with two fingers, a little squeeze, slowly led by the hand along the body. Hand pressure should not cause pain. Periodically, to further increase the penis, it can be a small jerking. This easy stretch allows you to quickly increase its size. To increase the base of the phallus, it is possible to do the reverse from the head to the pubes.

The first time when you perform jelqing will need to grease (lubricant), so as not to cause damage and inflammation of the delicate skin. To enlarge the penis, it is advisable to massage every day for at least 10 minutes.

To increase the manhood can be a variety of exercises. Many of the exercises for penis enlargement at home effective almost safe. Classes with the load or pump is better not to practice as there is a chance of serious injury. To better master the technique of trainings on the following websites urologists to see a video of how to increase the penis. On the Internet you can find and read books on this topical subject. One of the great authors – Aaron – wrote a wonderful book about what kind of exercises to enlarge the penis at home. The impossible is possible. People exercises constantly, over time, will increase your phallus, raise self-esteem, will give their half of the pleasant moments of sexual intercourse.

Baking soda for increasing potency

Baking soda have for any cook. It is used as detergent for washing, bleaching linen, cleaning stoves, sinks, tubs, furniture with a smooth surface. The powder is actively used in cooking as a leavening agent in the manufacture of baking. There is a wide variety of recipes with a solution of sodium bicarbonate to relieve the inflammation in sore throat, heartburn, severe itching after insect bites. In the field of traditional medicine baking soda for potency in recipes as an antiseptic and antimicrobial action, which positively affects the functional capacity of the prostate. Sodium bicarbonate can be used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Useful properties of baking soda

How baking soda affects the potency? Connoisseurs of folk medicine there are several types of effects of sodium bicarbonate on the reproductive system of men.

The main ones are:

  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • antimicrobial (kills microorganisms that caused inflammation in the tissue of the prostate);
  • immunostimulatory property (increases resistance);
  • antitumor (alkaline solutions promote destruction of tumor cells);
  • stimulation of metabolism (promotes the excretion of metabolic products);
  • enhances blood supply and blood circulation in the small pelvis (fixes erectile dysfunction).

Ways to use sodium bicarbonate

Recently, the soda became increasingly used in the field of traditional medicine. To increase the potency of sodium bicarbonate can be applied in several ways.

These include three main methods:

  • alkaline bath with sodium bicarbonate;
  • into a solution;
  • microclysters.

The soda treatment has the advantage, because it has no serious side effects. In rare cases may occur allergic reaction. The result from therapeutic measures should be expected no earlier than three weeks. Before you use sodium bicarbonate you need to visit a urologist for further diagnosis.

Alkaline baths with baking soda

This method men use most often, as it has a number of beneficial effects. Baths have local and General effects on the body.

Effects from the use of this method:

  • relaxing;
  • tonic;
  • stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • protection against ascending infection of the genitourinary system men, the destruction of microorganisms.

Taking a bath in the evening before bed. For the preparation of the alkaline solution 1 package of baking soda diluted in 3 liters of hot boiled water. It should be thoroughly mixed so that all crystals of a substance is fully dissolved. Ready solution is poured into a dialed tub. The water temperature should be slightly above body temperature. The procedure lasts 30 minutes. To avoid irritation of the skin from the effects of soda is to take a shower with cool water.


penis enlargement.

Men often stick to a wrong diet, thereby reducing reproductive functions and development of neoplastic processes. This may result in fried, salted, smoked and spicy food too. The abuse of alcohol leads to a decrease in potency.

Microclysters are used to eliminate constipation and reduce inflammation in the prostate region. Water for the enema should be purified or boiled. One tablespoon of baking soda diluted in 1 liter of water. The temperature of the solution should correspond to body temperature for a comfortable procedure. The powder should be dissolved to crystals not irritate the lining of the rectum. If you have any discomfort or signs of inflammation treatment need to cancel and contact your doctor.