Extender for penis enlargement

The expander is simply an orthopedic device, more commonly known as extender. These things vary according to the fastening system head — it is the mechanical and vacuum. Safer than a fixed appliance, the longer and more comfortable will be set. This is the key to rapid growth.

Extender is a tool that was created specially for the sphere of male plastic. Now to achieve penis enlargement for 3 or even 5 inches, don't need to resort to the admission of dubious quality medicines and to go under the surgeon's knife. The extender is a special device designed to safely increase penis length.

extender for penis enlargement

Important:Feature of the extender is that it fits, without exception, all men. Why worry about the comfort and ease of wear is not necessary. The manufacturer took care of a wide range of models. Thus, every man can choose the suitable extender and solved in a short time their intimacy issues.

Also this device will be suitable in order to correct some shortcomings of your external sexual organ, namely, congenital or acquired curvature. In this case, urologists recommend to use the tool for longer periods of time.


Before to increase the penis extender, you should familiarize yourself with the main types of devices. Are available today different kinds of devices that are suitable for almost everyone.


Popular among children are mechanical models which are attached to the genitals of a special loop. This is the first model of extenders, which are now gradually being replaced by new devices. Doctors do not advise to use these models, as they have a number of drawbacks:

  • With prolonged use there is a feeling of strong tension of the skin.
  • Violates the output of urine from the bladder.
  • Presses the head of the penis during use.
  • Incorrect use damages the foreskin and the rest of the surface of the body.

There are mechanical models and contraindications which is better to see before you make them. The devices operate mechanically is contraindicated in children with a small head, or venous suture.


New and more efficient models of vacuum extenders, resembling a pump. Such an expander to increase penile self-adjusts the air pressure in the tank, where it was placed penis. Pressure control is carried out through the pump built into the device.

The effect of the application of the device visible after pumping the air pump. In low pressure veins in the penis expand and visually noticeable lengthening of a member. Also low blood pressure affect erectile tissues. Their sizes increase, making the penis skin becomes supple and elastic.

Most vacuum devices are very similar and practically does not differ. However, some still have differences. Manufacturers are trying to produce different from each other model and therefore equip them with new functionality and unique appearance.

In the form of a belt

Some suggest to use this model, as it is considered the most effective. When using such a device to achieve a positive result for the month. From other models, this product is characterized by a simplified system of fixation on the penis.

To secure the device with your hands, use a special silicone strap, which is sold in the kit. He carefully fixed the base of the penis. Not worth much to pull the strap so as not to damage the skin and worsen blood flow to the body. Some models contain no silicone and leather straps that provide increased shelf life.

There are different types of extenders. Due to this diversity, every man is given the opportunity to choose the instrument that will ideally fit the shape of a dick. This increases the chances of obtaining a positive result of the therapy.

Mechanical or loop

This model is considered the most popular. The name of the device received due to its mounting member by means of a loop.

Despite the high prevalence, the mechanical expander is gradually disappearing from the market, as it is outdated.

Besides, he has a lot of drawbacks:

  1. Causes damage to the foreskin of rough handling.
  2. Strongly compressed by the head of sexual organ.
  3. Causes problems with urine outflow.
  4. Slipping away.
  5. Leads to expressed feelings of tension.


Vacuum device resembles in appearance the pump. From it pump out all the air in order to achieve a reduced pressure within the device.

For these purposes it is equipped with pump-pear. At low pressure the capillaries in intimate body rapidly begin to expand.

Due to this, increases blood flow. In the vacuum environment increases the parameters of the cavernous bodies. moreover, increased rates of firmness and elasticity of tissues.

how to increase the member

Devices, which work by vacuum, is not significantly different from each other. However, the manufacturers hoping to make their products unique, make it unique shape or be equipped with new functions.

The extender is not a guarantee of a positive result. But positive changes after using it will still be seen.


The extender is one of the best devices to increase the main parameters of the sexual organ in men. It is easy fixing.

To securely place the device, only be sure to secure it with an elastic strap member. This design does not create problems while wearing, as it is very easy.

All because these extenders are made to do with silicon.

Models that have elastic straps that have a long lifespan, as they are difficult to damage. Moreover, in the complex apparatus often are spare fasteners.


During the fixing of the device influences the on 3 elements:

  • Vacuum.
  • Geometric circuit.
  • Adhesion.

Due to the unique design of the device suitable even for men with very small dick.

Offers in Internet about the sale of extenders are many, there are well-known brands, there is a very unknown model. The price for them is also different, they can be quite similar to each other. Below are the most popular means for penis enlargement and brief instructions for their use.

Vacuum extender (massager) is a pump, which with the help of special pears-pump pump out air, creating low pressure. After installing and pumping air capillaries of the penis dilate, providing extra blood flow. The cavernous body of the member increase in size, giving a natural increase in reproductive organ and its elasticity.

Such pump devices look almost identical, except for some "decorating" elements. How many from the massagers use, is it worth buying them and what are the results? All purely individual, as a rule, experts recommend them for patients with a diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction". Carry vacuum extender involves the use of special lubricants, the pressure level is controlled by the manometer.

After using the extender most men think that this type of construction is most convenient. After the fixing member is wide and elastic silicone strap (on the trunk) wearing the extender practically does not cause discomfort, and real results help men gain confidence in themselves.

Due to the fact that in this design the perfect combination of price and quality, these products can be worn for several months without a replacement, plus in any configuration there are spare straps. This type of extenders helps to recover faster after surgery for penis enlargement.

In the photo you can see in detail how the phone looks, what is included in its equipment. Many manufacturers are trying to make a modern photo in a 3D option to a potential consumer was easier to make a choice. The video shows how to wear the extender, right from the dock. To avoid irritation to the delicate skin of the genitals, the extender need to be worn only on the penis in a flaccid view, it should not be any damage, pimples, etc. Should definitely do as the instruction, and not to ignore the application of mitigating pads and special bandages.

But on his staff, and everyone decides on their own, it helps, of course, not all, and often reviews contain narrative about the corruption of the foreskin, the excessive slipping when the tension head and the difficulty of outflow of urine. Of course, all this doesn't work on fast results, and therefore the study of the device on the photos and videos you need to consider all aspects, mentally "try" it for yourself and consult a doctor. Not worth buying it for those who have a small penis and the coronal sulcus were not precisely defined.

Really lengthen the body?

Many people wonder, is it possible to extend the sexual organ with the help of this device.

After a series of studies, experts have proven that the extender allows you to:

  • lengthen the body for 3-5 cm.
  • to increase the volume of 2-3 cm;
  • to increase the size of the head;
  • to straighten a curved phallus;
  • improve libido and strengthen erections;
  • to stretch the foreskin.

Analyzing the possibilities of adjustment, it can be concluded that not only change the size of the genitals in erection, but also improves sex life. Also penis enlargement has a positive effect on self-esteem of the children. They become more confident in their abilities and sexual possibilities.

Manual how to increase

The use of the extender is divided into two periods: adaptation and basic.

Adaptation period can last for about 6 weeks.

You need to start with a little tension to the penis a short wearing gradually bringing the wearing time up to 6 hours per day, stretching the penis normally.


After the adaptation period is passed, you can move on to the main.

At this point, the tension becomes stronger, and the duration of wearing above.

Very often, beginners making a big mistake: immediately put a high level of tension, because I think that this approach can achieve quick results. This is incorrect. You need to start small.