Penis size in teenagers

In addition to increasing the size of the genitals, there are other important hormonal changes:

  • the increased hair growth in the groin area and on the face;
  • rounding the scrotum;
  • the change in the length and thickness of the penis;
  • the formation of the foreskin.

Development in this form is an important process. Parents should monitor such changes.

Standards of thickness and length of a member of a teenager

penis enlargement teenager

Penis size men in adulthood may be different. At a young age the length and width of the penis is approximately the same in all children. The average data of the member during erection equal to the following parameters (length, diameter, data is specified in centimeters):

  • 12 years 10-11 and 7.5;
  • 13-14 years old – 12-14, 8,5-10,5;
  • 15-16 – 15-17, 11-12.

At seventeen Teens can be noted that the body becomes shorter by 0.5-1.2 cm due to the fact that the diameter is increased. Many experts believe that in the age of 17-19 years, you can still affect the dimensions of the penis.

What affects the size of the penis in adolescents

The sizes are influenced by various factors:

  1. Genetics is laid still in the womb. If the child's father is not a sexual giant, and the boy should not expect a significant apparatus in your pants.
  2. Ecology – the statistics show that children living near factories that emit harmful chemical components, the size of the penis is smaller than 0.5-3 cm, than boys who live in the South and other environmentally friendly areas.
  3. Trauma to the groin – it may not manifest itself until the child goes to kindergarten, everything becomes visible during puberty.
  4. Diseases of the endocrine system – the teenager in this case it is necessary to choose the proper treatment to avoid future problems in the field of men's health.
  5. Growth high boys penis can be longer, but the diameter is smaller. Adolescents who are not above 163 sexual organ is thick and short.
  6. Healthy eating – the diet of the young representative of the stronger sex needs to be complete. The lack of a product will affect the physical development of the child and his reproductive organs.
  7. Bad habits – unfortunately, the abuse-Smoking and alcohol will certainly affect the growth of the penis. If a boy starts Smoking at 14, at 17 he could see that the penis is smaller than average size of 0.7-2.5 cm.

Experts believe that parents have an obligation to follow the development of the body of a teenager. Little boys should regularly led to the surgeon who promptly detect pathology.

The sooner the problem is found, the higher the probability that in the future the guy will not face such problems, as dysfunction of a member or of a sexual nature.

How to make dick bigger Teens: popular ways

Pharmaceutical companies are actively promoting the means to increase the penis by 2-4 cm Diameter can also be adjusted. Of course, these drugs have a temporary effect.

In natural conditions the penis grows only up to 21 years. This fact, if not further affect on drugs or not to do the exercises, then you cannot hope that the shorts appear the device of a star of adult cinema. The representatives of this profession like to use gels, and various sprays that increase blood circulation in the groin area and due to this there is an increase penis. At a young age, such experiments are prohibited.

Adolescents you can increase the sexual organ with the following procedures:

  • pump operating by pressure difference;
  • extenders are popular devices that appeared in ancient times. Of course, at the time, it looked simple, but the point remains – due to violent stretching is lengthening;
  • physical exercise – there are exercises that allow you to adjust the dimensions of genitals;
  • Masturbation method is controversial, as sexologists believe that in adolescence, self-gratification can result in the problems in the future. This method is suitable for men who regularly have sexual contact with women.

To increase the member in adolescence by using these methods it is possible 0.5-3 cm, Sometimes this distance is not enough men to feel the real supermen in the bedroom.

The extender and pump

The teenager does not need much to think about small penis size. Of course, if the penis is smaller than average size, it is necessary to go to a specialist. With seventeen you can do some techniques that will allow you to feel confident in the post with the lady.

Extender – a device that increases the body due to stretching of tissues. If you regularly wear, you can trigger the proliferation of skin cells, it contributes to the stretching in length and width.

Pumps give a temporary result. But experts say that prolonged use will cause increase in length and width.

  • In adolescence skin is prone to rapid regeneration, due to this, she easily stretched.
  • If at 18 you start to use the pump, the member will be more than a 2-3 cm to Use the device carefully, injuries occur in every fifth case.

Massages and exercises

Sexual organ of a teenager can be increased through training. Regular stretching of the penis will lead to a lengthening of 3-5 cm. If you daily massage your dick during an erection, the result will be noticeable after a month. The movement is done from the bottom up – you need hard hold his hand from base to head. Experts say that this action is a bit painful.

Jelcing is an ancient technology that allows you to increase the length of the penis. Pulling the penis with the help of loads must be done daily for 40-65 minutes. If given less time, the result will be.

  • The exercise is done on the member that is in an excited state.
  • If you overload the body, then problems can arise with the rupture of tissues or blood vessels. At a young age injuries happen due to inexperience and excessive tension.

But what about operations?

Surgical private hospitals increasingly advertise a fast method of penis enhancement. Of course, Teens should choose safe methods for correcting on – the extender and massage.

Surgical intervention will not make the guys who do not suffer from pathologies and apparent defects, require complicated manipulation with a scalpel. Even at the request of parents such operations are not carried out by only one patient. The doctor will in detail tell, what is the norm there and how much centimeters in normal sex on the teenager.

how to increase the member

Even children can be advised to take vitamins and follow the diet. Bad habits – a sure way to poor health and reduce member. Parents should support the child to avoid serious problems. You need to go to a specialist, if not growing a penis and the presence of the following symptoms:

  • the guy has narrow shoulders, wide pelvis;
  • the boy had no erection;
  • the teenager suffers from obesity;
  • testicles small size.

If you carefully follow health and not be afraid to go to the doctors, it is possible to correct many defects that become apparent in adolescence. Small penis in adolescence is not a reason to panic, it is possible that it's genetics or this is not the time to impress friends dimensions "friend" and tales of sexual exploits.

When you start to change the dimensions?

Hormonal changes in boys begins at an early age — 11 or 12 years old. In this period there is the most active growth of reproductive organ. Also at this age, formed sexual characteristics guys. In addition, in the 13 years boys:

  • increases the size of the testicles, which leads to enlargement of the scrotum;
  • blonde hair appear in the pubic area and the face;
  • changing the size of the genitals;
  • on the penis elongates foreskin.

It is very important that parents carefully oversaw these changes. This will help in the future to notice hormonal disorders related to poor production of testosterone — the main male hormone.

The level of testosterone depends on the formation of sexual characteristics. If their development is disrupted, then the teenager in the future there will be serious problems with sexual life.

Standard sizes

Before thinking about an increase of the phallus in adolescence, you should familiarize yourself with the normal size genitals.

It is no secret that the width and the length of the penis depends on the level of testosterone in the body of a teenager and his inheritance. It is therefore logical that the amount of reproductive organ from different guys different. However, despite this, at the age of 14 and 17 years, all sizes can be averaged. This will help to understand which length and thickness are the norm for guys that age.

In teenagers the average length of the phallus is 13-14 cm in 16-17 years it is reduced by 1-2 cm due to the increase in the thickness of the body. This process is natural, and therefore he shouldn't be surprised. Some parents fear that in 15 years do not change the length of the penis is in unexcited state. Do not be afraid, as this is normal. In this age aktiviziruyutsya lengthening the phallus in erection. This phenomenon is due to the expansion of cavernous bodies which are responsible for the size of the body at the moment of excitation.

Sometimes adolescents at the time of puberty, the penis is not just changing your dimensions, but curves. In most cases, such a change slightly, and therefore half the guys penis remains straight. Major changes of form are observed only in 3-5% of children.

How to increase dick teen?

If it turned out that the penis at 18 is smaller than the average size, have to deal with his increased. There are various methods of lengthening the penis of children. To choose the most effective way, you should learn each of them.


For increasing the genitals of boys is often used effective and time-tested technique — jelcing. For many decades, the exercise used by inhabitants of Africa and India for increasing the dimensions of the phallus. Jelcing consists of a set of simple massage exercises to increase blood vessels and regulation of blood circulation.

To massage has brought about a positive result, you will have to adhere to the recommendations for its use and to use a special moisturizing lubricant. Today there are two basic ways of "milking" for lengthening the phallus.

The First Method

Before penis enlargement young men in this way, it is necessary to do warm-up cavernous bodies to improve the elasticity of the skin of the body. The easiest method of heating — the use of grains or salt. One of these ingredients is heated in the pan and poured into a small canvas bag. Then it is applied to the penis for half an hour and thus warms the body.

After a full warm-up of the genitals, brought it to a state of partial arousal. When the organ is excited, it is treated with a lubricant and gently grasping at the base. When the exercise arm gradually moves from the base body to the end. In one session there are about 10 of these movements.

Method two

The second method is used not so often, as it is less effective and does not allow much to extend the authority. Using the technique, the penis fully grasping hand. Compressed in the hand is gradually drawn on the left or right. This is not much to squeeze it, not to accidentally damage the skin.

Doctors claim that regular use of this technique will increase the reproductive organ students on 1-2 see


massage for a member

The most secure methods of lengthening that can be used in the fourteen years or less, include creams, gels and ointments. Even today there are disputes about the effectiveness of such tools. Many argue that such measures do not renew the penis after prolonged use. However, most of these means help to increase the volume of the phallus.

There are three types of drugs that are used to change the dimensions:

  • Short-time — apply before intercourse, as the member grows only 2-3 hours.
  • Long-term effect after application is retained for life and therefore use them at any time.
  • Accessory — used in conjunction with more effective drugs.

Funds short-term not suitable for teenagers and so parents often buy AIDS and the drugs long-term actions. Thanks to them increases blood flow by expanding blood vessels.

Before using one of these tools, it is recommended to consult a physician in order not to harm the health of a teenager.

Vacuum pump

Not always massage and gels help to prolong the sexual organ of the child and therefore it is necessary to look for other methods to increase its. Often, this is done using a special device designed for such purposes.

The most effective device doctors believe penis pumps. These devices are popular among older men, as they help to get rid of impotence and restore virility. Regular use of pumps will lengthen the penis by 1-2 cm due to the increase in blood flow.

Before using the vacuum pump should be familiar with the peculiarities of its use. First, the entire surface of the processed body cream to moisturize dry skin. Then the phallus is brought to a partially erect state and is placed in the container pump. After placing the body in the cylinder, it is pumped oxygen. Removal of air increases the pressure in the reproductive organs and increases blood flow. By improving circulation able to obtain a penis of large size.

You cannot use the pump for more than 15 minutes, as this will damage the blood vessels of the body.