How to enlarge penis in width

If the size of the penis men are smaller than average, it could easily cause a lack of confidence, cause stress and even depression. Moreover, the myth that with a little manhood are impossible to satisfy a woman only reinforces a deeply psychological problem in a person becoming a source of serious complexes.

That's why over 60% of men ever wondered how to increase penis size at home and what it needs to do.

The main features of the action of the means

how to increase the member

Men should remember that any hard rules for the length of the genital organs does not exist, and in many respects this indicator is determined by the genetic characteristics of the organism. In this case, if the length of the penis when excited, less than 8 cm, it is considered a deviation from the norm.

Most of the tools to change the length of the member to enhance blood flow to the genitals, whereby it will appear larger. Also some of them increase the erection and contribute to the production of testosterone, which positively affects the reproductive function of man.

An overview of the most popular tools and techniques

Before you increase the size of his dick, the man recommended to check out the most frequently used methods, which are:

  • Vacuum pump. This device creates a vacuum which increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in penis increase. Use of a vacuum pump is very simple. To do this, place the penis into the cylinder and then to pump the air out.
  • The use of special rings. It should be put on the base of the penis when he's nervous. The method will significantly increase the member and to extend the time of intercourse. The only drawback of this method is that after removal of the ring member be the same. It is also worth remembering that the ring can be worn no longer than 30 minutes, otherwise one can have serious consequences.
  • Penis enlargement with the help of baking soda. It is an ancient method that will help to strengthen the growth of the penis. When executed correctly it is absolutely harmless.

To increase the size of his dick and not to harm yourself, doctors do not recommend to apply some methods, which can cause severe complications in humans. Thus it is better to achieve a smaller effect than to put your health at risk.

Taking dietary Supplements, and other tools not checked actions may cause hormonal failure in humans and also cause a number of disorders in the reproductive system. That is why uncontrolled treatment with oral remedies without a prescription is considered undesirable for practice.

Suspension of goods

To increase manhood promises method with hanging loads. The main drawback of this method is that it may damage the sheath of the penis that cause swelling, scarring and curvature of penis during erection. These consequences are irreversible, so the suspension loads is a bad idea for penis enlargement.

Increasing the size of the penis: surgical intervention, the effectiveness of massage and the best exercises

Most effective at the same time safe ways to change the size of the penis is massage, specific exercises.

As auxiliary methods to increase penis size you can use various folk remedies, decoctions or infusions.

To perform massage on the genitals you must first apply massage oil. This will moisturize the skin and prevent its damage during the procedure.

Start the massage with the pulling head of the penis. After that one should stay for a few minutes.

Next you need to massage the body along its length. Repeat this procedure preferably every day, trying not to injure, but to stretch it.

The method of massage is regular kneading and pulling member. The duration of the procedure should gradually increase, reaching 30 minutes. It should be remembered that massage the body should be so as not to achieve orgasm. If the person feels that coming discharge, it is necessary to intentionally delay this moment.

Penis enlargement will occur as a result of stress on the body. To operate people should be very careful not to lead to injury.


Using exercises to enlarge the penis is one of the most useful techniques.

To do this, apply the following exercises:

  • Lubricate the penis with oil, to clasp it between your thumb and forefinger at the base. Slowly stretch the skin.
  • Gradually return to the base of the penis, and then down to the head, strengthening the grip.
  • Grab the penis at the base of the head. Stretch it to the point until you feel discomfort.

Also a good idea to help change the member exercises Kegel.

Administration of decoctions and infusions

To increase penis size at home a person can through the use of special herbs. The best recipe for this is:

  • Ginseng. He is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, arousing passion in men. I subscribed to it 30 drops daily. The course of treatment should be long.
  • Dubrovnik. Best used in the form of infusion: 5 tablespoons of herbs to take a Cup of boiling water. Ready means to drink for 2-3 hours.
  • St. John's wort. It affects the circulation in the pelvis, and enhances potency. To use St. John's wort should be in the form of infusion: a tablespoon of herbs to take 2 cups of boiling water.
  • Aloe. Spoon juice of this plant mixed with honey. Taken three times a day.
  • Sea-buckthorn berries. In low-potency sea buckthorn juice should be mixed with the mummy and take a spoonful a day.

The use of baking soda

penis enlargement.

Soda contains bicarbonate of calcium, which affects the blood thinners. Increase of a member there is because the blood in this condition flows into the organs of the reproductive system.

There are two ways to use soda for this purpose:

  • Lubricate the member with vegetable oil. After apply baking soda on the skin. Carefully RUB it.
  • Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it in 1 liter of water. Apply the solution to the trays. Duration of treatment should not exceed 20 minutes.

Surgery to increase

Today to increase manhood by performing different operations. The most effective are plastic bridles, dissection the suprapubic region of the ligaments that hold the penis, and also the imposition of special implants that make the body thicker.

Moreover, in recent years have increasingly practiced a special operation, which is based on the introduction into the body of the penis your own body fat.

Before performing surgical intervention is recommended for the man to think well, as this is a serious procedure that can cause a number of negative consequences in the form of swelling, pain, and sexual dysfunction.

The diameter and volume of the member has always played a key role in the intimate life. Insufficient most often develops various complexes and makes it difficult to build relationships with the opposite sex. Modern medicine has developed techniques to increase the member, while maintaining its normal functioning, and erectile function.

Factors influencing the diameter and volume of the member

There are reasons that affect the size of the member:

  • congenital anomalies;
  • narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis, paraphimosis);
  • curvature;
  • transferred urologic disease;
  • injuries to the groin area and a foreign body member.

The volume and length also influence endocrine pathology and anomalies psycho-physical development, in which there is underdevelopment of the genital organs and hormonal imbalance.

The reasons of increase of the member

If the penis size does not affect its functioning and erectile function the factor that makes us think about such an operation, there is the psychological suffering and feelings of inferiority. Since the authority of the representative of the stronger sex does not meet generally accepted criteria of the norm, it causes deep anxiety and problems in his personal life.

When the above points don't bother man, he has no problems in his personal life, he might decide to increase on to enhance their feelings and sensations of your partner during sexual intercourse.

How to increase the diameter of your penis?

How to increase the volume of the member and its diameter, is a complex issue for any person who thinks about such intervention.

Surgical technique is cutting the ligaments that support the penis. In view of the intersection of the ligaments, the tension member becomes higher, and it "pulled" in length by 1 to 4 cm To get more traction, the patient is recommended to separately impose on a member of a special device called extender. It additionally pulls the member by 1-2 cm this device need to carry 2 to 6 hours a day for six months.

The increase occurs through the operation. With the help of a thick syringe adipose tissue is evacuated from trouble spots (belly, thighs) and is injected into the penis. The use of fat makes the procedure more effective, as there is no rejection of the fat tissue. Distributed in muscular space that lends extra volume.

The man is arranged so that during the life of the regular change in the search for ideal beauty and self-esteem. Girls and women lose weight, get fat, curls and straighten hair and cut them to build up, visit beauty salons and go under the surgeon's scalpel. And men do not shy away from such procedures, but the strong of this world there is another concern. A lot of trouble delivers a small penis size. Therefore, owners of more modest advantages are overcome by the thought: to do the surgery, use pills, or spend a penis enlargement at home? Strange, but that last option is quite affordable and effective. Ways to grow penis without going under the surgeon's knife, there, the main thing is to use techniques not harmful to health, therefore, you should first figure out whether you need to experiment on yourself at home.

There is a rule of the size of a member

In fact, strictly observed, in principle, can not exist. It is considered that the member of length less than 8 cm — a deviation from the norm. Like it or not, that's up to the man. Because in real life everything depends on the opinion of the owner of such a body and preferences the second half. Moreover, doctors have long debunked the myth that only huge Dildo can satisfy a woman. It is proved that the dimensions of the penis does not affect it.

exercises for penis enlargement

If the desire is to take the measurements from your "friend" still there, then it should be done properly. The penis must be maximally excited, and the ambient air temperature is below room. Measurements are made from the pubis to the glans along the back of the member held at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the body. Circumference better to define a soft line.

For centuries men took the sexual organs with the purpose to capture optimal data. In fact, it turns out that these settings are individual and due to heredity. But officially registered indicators exist. Today we know:

  1. Micro members, up to 8 cm — owns only 1% of men.
  2. A small members — 8-12 cm is detected in 2%.
  3. A normal on — 12 cm — 55% of men.
  4. Skittles is more than 15 cm refer to the size of above average.
  5. A phallus with a length of 20 cm or more are considered significant.

The men, who after measuring it seemed that the sexual organ is too small, you should read this article and decide whether it is necessary to double the size of the penis at home?

Ways to increase on

Centuries-old search gave modern men and dozens of technology recipes reaching ideal that do not require special skills and the help of doctors. Cost any home method is just as much the owner of a modest penis will spend on additional devices or supplements.