How to increase a member of the baking soda

The usual and very common problem of many men is the size of their sexual dignity. Basically, this complex can occur out of the blue, just because of the lack of cm to satisfy a partner, or simple inability to use.

Doctors say that the member is less than 8 cm in erection is a serious deviation.

What are the methods of increasing

the penis enlargement baking soda

Some turn to surgery, others choose dietary supplements, some people prefer creams, vacuum pumps, various weights, which can cause irreparable harm to male health, massages, and sometimes use and folk remedies. One of the oldest known ways to increase a member is the use of baking soda.

Method is good because it can be combined with other techniques such as massage. First apply the baking soda and then massage, or Vice versa.

Soda is quite simple and has an unknown chemical composition, as do many creams. Surgery also can not guarantee that after the surgery people will be able to carry out any action, the weights are dangerous because using them, the guy injure the penis, risking mens health.


Sodium bicarbonate has the form of a very fine white powder.

How to increase penis with the help of baking soda.

To start is to understand — whether really it is necessary to increase your member, because scientists have proved that in order to please the partner, do not have to be the owner of a large penis is sufficient to properly operate it.

If, however, people decided on drastic measures, it is better to start with the most simple, inexpensive and relatively natural method. Many professionals often talk about the beneficial properties of baking soda.

How to use

With this powder, probably will be in the house, you can make the bath for the member. This will help him to be more elastic. To prepare the tray, need for a glass of warm water about one teaspoon, means.

In this tray, you need to lower your male organ, hold for fifteen minutes and do it better in about an hour or at least forty minutes before sexual intercourse. Many have noted a slight effect after application. Even if the size is not increased, the elasticity has increased quite markedly.


There is the possibility of penis enlargement with the help of soda in the form of a scrub. I advise you to first wet the penis and gently RUB the solution along the entire length. It is believed that this method allows you to keep the blood in the body much better. But it is necessary to take into account the negative side of this method.

Some men reported the burning and irritation. Use this approach better be careful not to damage the manhood. For particles, though small, but can scratch the delicate skin that will cause only discomfort.

There is also a scrub, but it includes an additional component. This component is honey. Honey and soda mixed in equal proportions and applied on the penis, while rubbing massaging the penis.

After some time, men notice stronger erections and sometimes was observed the result of applying this method. The penis really grew slightly.
Some experts suggest that men drink soda with milk.


Another no less popular method of applying soda is the use of compresses. This option is very similar to the way the bath, but the powder is placed on the material, slightly moistened and applied to the penis. Keep this compress need no more than twenty minutes.

Soda helps the blood to go in male organ a little better, constant use in order to intimate not only improves elasticity, but also increase the penis.

About a couple months of using soda, men sexual organ added at a rate of about one centimeter .

Despite the fact that this is a fairly harmless product, even this powder if used incorrectly can cause allergies. No one knows exactly how it affects the size of the sexual advantages of men, but among the reviews about this method really is positive. They describe the different methods that have increases the effect of the penis.

After you use either method, the penis should be thoroughly washed with warm water without soap.

Such methods contraindications


Penis enlargement with the help of sodium bicarbonate has no contraindications. Do not have to consult with a specialist.

But this should be considered and precautions such as taking soda with an unexpired expiration date, comply with the specified dosage, massages and scrubs to do only with clean hands.

These simple measures will prevent many men from unpleasant consequences.

Do not expect results immediately after the first treatment. Any method needs time to evaluate the results. Because soda is the easiest and most accessible method of increase to achieve any results, you need to regularly use it for two, and sometimes four months.

Such methods cannot give an absolute guarantee that the penis will grow a few inches. It is hard work and requires great patience and determination. Also a way to increase the baking soda may not be suitable for some men with individual intolerance to sodium bicarbonate.

A lot of them. It is important not to worsen the condition of their genitals.

Before you use soda, consider this procedure necessary. If you still need it, then you can begin to experiment. Unlike creams, this product is very cheap, you can buy it in any food store, enough for at least one year of use.

After the first two months of the application of these methods, you can decide whether to continue. Will be visible even if small, but the result.

Men need to feel confident in bed with your partner, know that he is full and then in life he will not have any problems.