How to make dick bigger at home?

The size of the male penis is the eternal topic of conversation among men. Guys care about directly size, many believe that bigger is better. But is it?

The problems of puberty

Most often in puberty in boys starts psychological problems. Comparing himself with other boys starting to get a complex and to seek answers on the topic of the size of their own penis is not always where it should be. It is better if the parents themselves will try to clarify the situation or turn to a professional.

how to make dick bigger at home

On reception at the sexologist young people often ask the question "how long do you grow a dick?" The process of puberty boys begins in the period of their stay in the womb of his mother. But the advantage of not rushing to grow, up to 12-13 years boys life passes without the hormonal burst. According to doctors, the sooner a boy starts becoming a man, the stronger his male Constitution. However, this practically does not affect the value of a member in adult life. With 11 years, the penis begins to grow and to 18 years it reaches 10 cm at rest. The fact that the male organ, like other parts of the body grows as much as he grows. Someone this process ends in 23 years, someone at 25. But the young people, going on a first date and assuming that there will be intimacy with a partner, very worried by the fact that she may not like the size of his body. Such thoughts in most cases, entail a decision to increase the penis.

Great dignity and harmonious inner world?

There just trendy methods came up with a cunning sellers of all kinds of drugs that do not always help. A special method to increase the penis, known as jelking, ensures the increase of the value of approximately 2,5 cm Dr. Stephen T. Chang says that using these classes you can even change the shape of the penis.

As practice shows, women are not much interested in the length of the manhood, the greater pleasure they get from a member having the shape of a mushroom. To achieve gradual change of the structure can be, performing only three exercises. Member to be compressed with one hand to improve blood flow to the sex organ, it performs the movement of "milking". Second — you must firmly squeeze the stem at the base, until it becomes quite solid, and release after. Alternate compress over time improve erection. And last, you need to sit on a chair, legs slightly diluted in hand, and a member of the Pat alternately throughout the meeting. The strike should not cause discomfort. This exercise makes the head more solid and slightly increases it in size.