What is the clinic to choose to increase the size of the penis?

Most men seriously concerned with the question – how to increase penis size. To understand this weakness of the stronger sex. However, what should be the indicator of the norm? Some experts claim that penis in flaccid state should have a length of from 12 to 20 inches, the second call the numbers at 13-18 inches.

Factors influencing the length of

how to increase the member

The first reason is the amount of hormones in the body guy. Only when the young man Matures, it is very important. The more testosterone, the penis will be more, sometimes reaches the length of even 30 inches. In the case of a hormonal deficiency, you will become the owner of a 12-cm male organ. The average is 16 to 18 cm.

Sometimes it happens that even during erection the penis is relatively short, its length does not exceed ten centimeters. It can speak not only about a small amount of hormones, but also about the presence of hereditary diseases. Various syndromes one of the diseases that can cause short of penis.

Most men are confident with a small dick they have nothing to do in bed with a woman. They will not be able to give her a pleasant feeling. Fortunately, all the myths and speculation. In fact, to make the partner happy, it is not necessary to have a great body, much more important to be able to guess her desires and gently caress the beloved, expressing thereby his to her location.

Whatever it was, often, guys dream of a big cock and trying to figure out ways of lengthening it.

How to increase penis size?

There are several ways to solve this problem. This may be the operation where the penis tie extra cords, and it becomes more a couple of inches. Also the patient can perform the introduction of the prosthesis into the penis, under the skin. A bad way because the body is always tense. You can, of course, to pay 200-400 $ and get a normal "new" member, the way it was before, but longer. There is also a way to protect themselves from the surgery – just to take medications that increase the level of testosterone. But they will only give knowledgeable doctor.

The traditional way

This technique consists in stretching the penis by use of the extender. The procedure is quite long, sometimes is held during the whole year. Its essence is in setting the penis of a special device. It must be applied every day. One end of the extender touches the pubis, and the other on the tip of the penis. Body should be heated in hot water. Then begins the so-called "milking". Through this process, the member, in the sky, in the truest sense of the word, but not immediately, but gradually, as already mentioned.

A vacuum pump is another option of lengthening the genitals. It is also increases its circumference.