Methods of increase of a member.

In varying degrees, most of the male population are concerned about how to increase the member of the folk remedies? Many experts are skeptical of alternative methods of correction of the dimensions of the penis.

However, the real testimonies of the people prove that with the help of special exercises and equipment to increase the member is still possible. Folk remedies for penis enlargement are qualitatively different from those offered by the manufacturers of different drugs and special stretchers.

the penis enlargement folk remedies

The composition of the special infusions and decoctions contains only natural ingredients that do not harm the organs of detoxification. In today's publication is considered the most safe methods of increase of a phallus, with the help of which you can change the diameter and length of the penis and strengthen the erection.

The experts

It is possible to increase the penis folk remedies? Experts in the field of reproductive medicine and andrology believe that the most effective method of correction of the size of reproductive organ is plastic. However, they do not exclude the possibility of using alternative means with the aim of thickening and lengthening a man's penis.

As it turned out, even with the help of decoctions and infusions based on herbs and some foods can increase the member approximately 2-3 cm in Order to understand why this is so, it is necessary to consider some features of the structure and functioning of male genitals.

The penis consists of muscle tissues, spongy structures (cavernous body) and blood vessels. During puberty in the body of the boy begins to undergo a large amount of male hormones that stimulate the development of reproductive organ. In turn, the testosterone deficiency in of blood affects the growth of tissues, resulting in the parameters of the phallus undergo minor changes. But if an adult for a long time to use growth stimulants, over time this will inevitably lead to elongation and thickening of the penis.

Traditional medicine offers several effective methods of correction of the volume and length of the penis. Manual therapy more aimed at improving blood circulation in the groin area, thus reducing trophic tissues. Acceleration of metabolism and mechanical stretching of the penis entails the formation of new tissue elements within the corpora cavernosa. And this in turn eventually leads to elongation and thickening of the genitals.

Methods of penis enlargement

In the opinion of experienced men, the penis enlargement folk remedies – the easiest and safest method of correction of the size of the penis. The effectiveness of therapy largely depends on the regularity of usage of those or other growth stimulants. The most effective folk methods of penis enlargement include:

  • herbal medicine;
  • hanging loads;
  • manual therapy (massage);
  • vacuum the vacuum;
  • healthy eating.

To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to combine several methods of correction of the penis. It is desirable to listen to the advice of experienced men, and strictly comply with all rules of carrying out of physiotherapeutic procedures.

You should understand that improper exercise can cause poor blood circulation in the penis and damage to the tissues.

As a consequence, this may lead to sexual disorders or decreased sensitivity of the glans of the phallus.


Special exercises enlarge the penis, but only in the case of regular manual therapy. During the exercises, the stretching of the fabric of the tunic that surrounds the corpora cavernosa. Over time, the void is filled with new structural elements, thereby increasing the length and diameter of the barrel member.

penis enlargement.

Before how to enlarge penis with exercise, it is desirable to heat tissue in the groin area to increase their elasticity. You can use bags filled with warm salt or hot compress. Improving blood circulation, you can safely stretch fabrics without fear of damage. During self-massage is recommended to perform the following exercises:

  • grasp the head of a phallus, pull it to the right, pausing in position for 1 minute;
  • similarly pull the penis to the left;
  • grasp the member at the base;
  • slow motion push blood closer to the head of the penis;
  • repeat this exercise at least 10-15 times, and then squeeze the penis to restore blood flow.

To improve the sliding of the fingers along the trunk of the phallus, apply a small amount of massage oil or vaseline.

Exercises for penis enlargement, you need to "listen" to your body. During the massage the member should not result in discomfort and pain. To lengthen the phallus 3-4 cm, do the massage at least 3 times a day for six months.

Herbal medicine

People's medical manual contains no fewer than 100 different receptor preparations of decoctions and infusions, by which it is possible to increase the length and diameter of reproductive organ. As proponents of traditional medicine, the herbs have a beneficial effect on erectile function and stimulate the production in the body of male hormones. Probably to increase the member, using the special tools as raw materials for making decoctions use the following herbs:

  • ginseng root – prevents the synthesis of cortisol, which suppresses the production in the body of male hormones;
  • Tribulus – stimulates the body's special hormones, which promote release of blood testosterone;
  • tarragon – improves the tone of blood vessels, thereby increasing blood supply of the penis during erection;
  • ginger root – decreases the body's level of cholesterol and prevents blockage of the dorsal arteries special plaques;
  • aloe Vera juice – normalizes metabolic processes in tissues, resulting in accelerated process of formation of new structural units of the erectile tissue.

Important! Before using a folk remedy, consult your doctor, as some herbs can cause allergic reactions and nausea.

With the help of folk remedies is possible not only to affect parameters of reproductive organ and increase male fertility. In addition, using folk recipes of biostimulants can affect the strength of erection immediately before intercourse. Herbal increase sexual endurance and stimulate maximum blood filling of the cavernous bodies.

Vacuum vacuum

What is the means to rapidly increase the volume of the phallus? Vacuum therapy is the most reliable and effective method of increasing reproductive organ. Traditionally, thickening of the shaft of the penis using a so-called vacuum pumps. The essence of the work is to create a low pressure around the penis, resulting in tissue literally "drawn" a large amount of blood. Thus there is a stretching of the corpus cavernosum in the member, whereby its diameter is increased by 1-2 cm.

To make a vacuum pump can be improvised. Using the advice as a vacuum pump, you can easily use ordinary glass jars. They "work" on the principle of cupping-glasses, of which this burning of the wick is displaced portion of heated air. This in turn leads to a decrease in atmospheric pressure inside the tank. National method can be used not only during treatment of colds, but also to increase the volume of the penis.

To use the banks for penis enlargement, you need to do the following:

  • wash a jar with a volume of 1 litre soap solution;
  • dip it in the alcohol a small piece of cotton wool;
  • burning wool throw on the bottom of the jar;
  • enter into the hole of the banks the penis;
  • firmly press the Bank to the pubic region.

For a few seconds fleece extinguished and discharged the air in it will cool and begin to shrink. The atmospheric pressure will be lower than in the environment. In this regard, the tissue of the penis will rapidly fill with blood, causing the stretching of the corpora cavernosa. Using traditional methods of penis enlargement, we must not forget about their own safety. To prevent injury of the tissues, incinerate only a small piece of fleece. Otherwise possible occurrence of burns on the surface of the penis.

Suspension of cargo

means for penis enlargement

Suspension of cargo is the most simple and effective method for lengthening the phallus. As a weighting, it is recommended to use a bottle filled with water. Before you lift the load, to heat the tissue of the penis in the way described above. During the exercise, should strictly abide by the following rules:

  • sit on the edge of the bed, slightly spreading her legs;
  • wrap the trunk member in the head with an elastic bandage;
  • secure the bandage stationery rubber band;
  • type in a bottle of plain water;
  • one end of the rope, tie to the neck of the bottle, and the second is the metal clamp;
  • secure the clamp on top of the elastic bandage and slowly stand up; stretch a member not more than 10-15 minutes a day.

According to practical observations, folk remedies of increase of a member is less effective than traditional methods, which are recognized by modern medicine. However, increasing the member of the traditional methods, you risk undermining your health, what can be said about the use of hormones and supplements of questionable quality.