Penile enlargement exercises at home

Is the statement that even with a small sexual organ, you can be great in bed. However, the confidence man is not added, and popular among women is unlikely to be. Therefore it is better to admit a problem and start to solve it.

Today, there are many different pills, creams, sprays, gels for penis enlargement. But spending money on it is pointless, because all this is mostly just a marketing ploy manufacturers, and any benefit they will bring. Therefore, the best and safest method of penis enlargement are exercises at home. Plus these exercises lies in the fact that it is not necessary to spend money.

It is worth noting that modern medical tests proven benefit and high effectiveness of these exercises.

How do such training

how to increase the member

There are a variety of workouts for lengthening or thickening the penis. Used as hands, and auxiliary equipment such as, weights, thanks to which you can extract the penis.

"It's important! Beginners should not exercise more than 10-15 minutes. Further, the duration can be increased to an hour a day, but a sharp transition to do."

The most favorable time for charging is morning or evening. The main thing is regularity and patience. Do not expect instant results, everything comes with time.

Preparation for training

Any exercise should start with warming up. In this case, in the truest sense of the word. Water treatment — a necessary element of training. Better suited to a warm bath or shower, but will just wet a piece of cloth in warm water.


To increase the length

Exercise should be done fairly quickly, because the member does not need to cool down. It should not be fully excited, so you should think about something not exciting.

You need to take the head or just below and pull it in front of him and hold that position for 15 seconds. Then a little rest. Further, the penis need to pull to the right side, hold 15 seconds, then relax a little bit, and then everything the same but to the left. And so the circle 10-15 minutes.

"Tip: don't have to stretch the penis, otherwise you can get injured. Should feel tension, not pain. During the relaxation massage can be a member for blood flow, which increases the effectiveness of the exercise."

To increase the thickness

Training member must run at partial erections and only after the lubricating gel lubricant (grease). The sexual organ must be warm after a bath, shower or wiping with a piece of damp cloth.

You must take the penis at the root with thumb and forefinger to form a circle of those fingers. Thus the need to massage the penis from root to tip for 10-15 minutes. Return to the starting position, then relax a little bit and accomplish the same thing using your other hand.

You can see the result if you perform the exercise every day for several months.

For foreskin

The member must be fully aroused, lubricated it is not necessary.

You need one hand to hold the base of the penis and the other to pull the skin towards the head. The skin must be stretched tight enough and keep in this position to reduce an erection. Relax, then again to bring in the excited state and repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.

This exercise must be done daily to create a beautiful and thick foreskin.

Bending of the penis

To enlarge the penis, it is necessary to perform this exercise. However, you should do it very carefully because you can damage the penis.

Bent penis during erection 50%. It is necessary to clasp his hand and pull in different directions. Enough exercise for 7-10 minutes.

"It's important! If pain is felt during exercise, it should stop."


Here you will need the simulator with which the member is pinched at the base. It is necessary to achieve a full erection, and then for a few minutes (2-3 minutes) you pinch the body.

This exercise improves blood circulation, increases sensitivity and speeds up the erection. It is best to perform the exercise in combination with other.

Kegel Exercise

Training can help to enlarge the penis in length or width, but will improve erectile function. Good for the muscles of member.

You need to stretch the perineal muscles, hold this position for 10 seconds, then relax, take a few breaths, and again stretch the muscles. This exercise is to perform 2-3 times a day.

In order to understand where these muscles during urination, you should hold the spray. A muscle that is strained is the one which is involved in the training.

"It's important! You can perform the exercise with a full bladder, before it it is necessary to go to the bathroom."


This exercise has a beneficial effect on male potency, since the penis is well supplied with blood.

You need to twist the dick 360 degrees in the clockwise and counterclockwise for 30 seconds. It is necessary to repeat 5 times.

Massage the penis

penis enlargement.

Massage is a type of workout penis. It improves erectile function and blood flow to the penis.

It is necessary to achieve a full erection. To continue to do the motions as if masturbating. Before the end of the process you need to compress the member, near the head with your fingers, forming a ring. To be in this position for 5-7 minutes. Should not be much to compress the body, because it can be traumatic.

Recommendations after a workout.

  1. Not to have sex for 2-3 hours, because the body must rest;
  2. Try to get rid of bad habits, because they do not allow progress in training;
  3. To avoid stressful situations;
  4. To eat right;
  5. Lead an active lifestyle;
  6. Apply a small outboard devices, such as weights. They stretch the muscle tissue.

The effects of exercise

Any exercises have their pros and cons. Select them.


  1. According to our experiments, 4 month daily workout allowed participants to increase his penis 1.8 cm;
  2. Improves erectile function;
  3. You do not need any monetary investment.


  1. Training takes a lot of time, because the exercise you need to perform not one, but in the complex;
  2. Improper technique can cause damage of the penis;
  3. The result will not be instantaneous, it will take months.


To exercise brought only benefits and tangible results, you just need to follow all recommendations and instructions.

Exercises for penis enlargement

The dimensions of manhood is the main indicator of the quality of sexual life. This affects the potency, and if it is still possible to increase with pills, the penis enlargement with medication is not possible. Knowing about such male problems, doctors found her solution – penis enlargement through exercise. Exercises for penis enlargement and video tutorials can be viewed in the network, it needs to make a request "exercises to increase penis video".

How are such trainings?

The increase in on can be carried out both in length and in thickness. Apply to the special devices and weights, which by means of its weight will pull the penis.

The ideal option for penis enlargement at home exercises is manual penis enlargement. with the help of two or three fingers. There are many different versions, they are divided by difficulty levels, to do exercises should begin on the principle of from easy to hard.

You should start with 15 minutes, then the time You allot for classes, you need to gradually increase to 30 minutes a day. It is believed that the most favorable time to practice such exercises for penis enlargement at home is morning and evening. If You decide to go to the level of more difficult exercises that increase the penis, then it should be done gradually and not abruptly.

Ideal before exercise of this kind is a consultation with the doctor, he will in detail tell about how to enlarge penis at home. The main thing you need to know, assuming for such training is the fact that the key to their execution is the regularity. Of course, do not expect lightning fast results, in order to increase his dignity at least a couple of centimeters, will have to try hard.

He has an individual program of increase of a member, it will tell you exactly what exercises you can increase the member. This will give a good result.

Preparation for exercises to increase penis length

  1. The penis enlargement at home – this is a very difficult class, preparation for lessons of this kind need to be carried out every time, this will help to make sessions more productive.
  2. Before starting work, take a shower and properly wash, pay special attention to the crotch area.
  3. After a shower, wipe dry with a towel.
  4. Should special tool-oil, therefore, in advance, pay a visit to the pharmacy and buy her too.
  5. Be sure to choose a place where you will engage in exercises for penis enlargement. Pre-try to do all the selected combinations in different poses, standing, sitting, lying, half-sitting, half-lying, and choose the option in which You will feel most comfortable.
  6. Like arms, legs or other muscles before you start training, the penis need to be warmed up. For this you can do warm compresses. The easiest way to do this is to heat an iron a towel or other thick cloth and apply it to the perineum. Repeat this procedure several times. If the hand is warmer, then use it.

After the training is finished, you can begin to perform exercises to include for the first time video exercises how to increase cock.

Exercises to increase penis

methods of penis enlargement

What exercises enlarge the penis? What exercises for penis enlargement to do more efficiently, you can read the reviews on specialized sites. If You don't know how to increase the member with exercises, classes and special exercises will help You.

Exercises to increase penis and videos with their detailed description is what You need, especially if You're a beginner.

Exercises to increase penis there are many, choose something for yourself each must individually depending on what results he wants to achieve and what to achieve.

Despite what exercise increase of a member will be different. Penis enlargement at home – this is the most popular way to solve the problem.

Exercises for penis enlargement: principle and rules for the implementation

A very effective method of sexual self-assertion men are special exercises for penis enlargement. They allow not only to change the length of the male organ and to improve erection. Success is guaranteed, provided daily lessons according to the schedule.

While we should not forget about safety precautions when carrying out such manipulations. Such simple actions can add additional inches to the size and self esteem for any man that needs this.

How do such training

Workout of a particular species can contribute to increases in both the length and diameter of the penis. Used in the data manipulations of the hand, a special device, the weights that my weight will pull the penis. At home men rarely use any devices, most exercises are performed 2-3 fingers of hands.

To begin any manipulation is with short workouts (10-15 minutes), after to increase the period (up to half an hour a day).

The most favorable time for the exercises is the morning and evening. The sharp transition to a more difficult level of classes is prohibited.

Before you can use exercises to increase penis length, it is important to consult with your doctor. He will assist in the selection of manipulations that can be applied in a particular case, whether lessons Kegel or manual selection of therapy. The main thing is to adhere in the process of training — the regularity and caution, especially in the area of the head. It is important to understand that the result will not be instant, need long-term, painstaking work.