How to increase penis size

It so happened that the penis always causes genuine interest and conversations on the topic of its functionality, while paid great attention to this issue, as the size of the penis. Most experts believe that the normal penis size in erection is between 12 and 20 cm, others believe that 13-18 cm..

What affects the size of the penis

penis enlargement.

The main effect testosterone levels in puberty the young man. If at this time sex hormones are present in the body in excess, it can be expected that the penis be larger, quite possibly, its length will reach 25-30 cm in erect state. When testosterone levels are somewhat low, the body reaches 12-14 cm In the average penis size is 16-18 cm.. If during erection, the penis does not exceed the length of 10 cm, this indicates a reduced level of testosterone in the body and possible endocrine diseases, received by heredity.

The idea that having a penis within the normal range, that is 12-20 cm, the woman will be hard to give pleasure sexual intimacy is just wrong. In this case, not so size is important, as the ability of a man and his understanding of women's physiology and needs in sexual foreplay.

As for the question of when the increase of the penis, as a rule, this problem turning men, penis size which does not fit into "optimal" range, i.e. less than 12 cm.

Ways to increase

To enlarge the penis in two ways: the surgical correction and conservative way. Surgery or plastic penis can be done as follows:

  1. Operation. The attachment of the ligament is transferred from the articulation of the pubis to the penis, wherein the penis can be lengthened by 1-2 cm Operation is performed for 15 minutes, and the rehabilitation period takes several days.
  2. The implantation of the prosthesis of the penis. To adjust the size of the penis, its tissue are special prostheses. However, with this approach, the penis will remain in a state of tension all the time (some models include the creation of relaxation, but they cost 4 thousand dollars).
  3. In the subcutaneous tissue on implanted polymer grid (the matrix which will gradually grow its own tissue. Thus, the penis thickness in circumference will increase by 1-2 cm.

Use a Danish built device, is able to increase the size of their penis by 0.5-1 cm per year, assuming daily use. One end of the device will rest in the pubic region, and the second in the head of your cock, gradually pulling his "body".

Milking. The member is heated under hot water, and then made a special motion in the direction from the base to the head. Regular exercise gives a gain of 0.5 cm per year.

With vacuum vacuum. The use of a vacuum pump allows to extend in length and increase the diameter of the penis up to 1 cm per year.

There is another way to increase your penis size without surgery, but just as efficiently. To understand the method, you must know that inside the body has a spongy structure. When the excitation, the cells of the sponge fills with blood, increasing and making tense the penis is an erection. But this increase is limited by the sheath of the corpus cavernosum, i.e. the tunica albuginea. This structure has a direct impact on penis size.

devices for penis enlargement

The new way is to use a special apparatus, which saturates the tunica albuginea drugs, making it softer, which facilitates the stretching of the tissues carried out by the vacuum device.

It should be noted that the method is very effective, because it is possible to increase a length of 2 cm, and the circumference - 1.5 cm in just one month.

It must be remembered that the use of any of the methods of penis enlargement is possible only under the supervision of a urologist, in order to avoid possible complications.