Surgery to increase penis length

The value of the size of the penis for every man of great importance, because the stronger sex is quite meticulous about his sex organ. According to statistics, about one third of the male population of the planet suffers from small penis size, although in General the length and thickness of the penis they meet the generally accepted standards. But such men have a phobia, everyone wants to add a couple inches to their true worth. Those whom nature has deprived dimensions of dignity, and who really needs to increase, it is possible to correct the situation by surgery.


surgery to increase the member

Surgery to increase penis length.

The operation has many advantages over these familiar ways of penis enlargement, as medications or various pumps and other devices:

  • One of the most important advantages is that the intervention is performed by highly qualified professionals, so the likelihood of complications and adverse reactions are minimal.
  • The undoubted advantage is the fact that the results of the intervention will be visible immediately and not after an undetermined time.
  • If we talk about the price equivalent to the cost of such an operation slightly different from the cost of specific cosmetic products, medicines or devices.
  • On average, after surgery, the penis length can increase by 3-5 cm

Usually the operation is performed only on strict indications, although private clinics can carry out such plasticity of each patient, is able to pay for the procedure.


Except for those who do want to increase the length of their penis, surgery is performed on a number of specific indications:

  • Standard size of penis in erection is considered to be 12-16 inches, if penis is smaller, it shows the operation.
  • Also the length of the penis smaller than normal in pathological conditions like hypospadias, Peyronie's disease and cavernous fibrosis.
  • Shows the operation in case of reduction of a member due to traumatic factors.
  • Heredity or the aging process in the male body can also be an indication for surgery.

In addition, the indications for surgical penis enlargement can be a syndromes and other pathologies.


Such operations are not done just so, the patient may need to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon, a specialty which are interference of this kind. For the identification of possible contraindications for surgery and use of anesthesia, a man needs to go through a simple preoperative diagnostic tests that is prescribed by a doctor and show, to do or not to do the surgery.

The patient is assigned a standard procedure like:

  • Biochemistry and common blood tests;
  • The study of the function of the blood;
  • Analysis and RH group;
  • Diagnosis for hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis;
  • Common laboratory tests of urine;
  • Electrocardiogram;
  • Consultation with the anesthesiologist.

On the day before surgery, the patient needs to shave the vegetation in the groin. 12 hours before the procedure, you need to refuse food, and in the day of the surgery, from all drinks, even water.

The operation

The operation is performed with the use of anesthesia General type and is about 0.5-1 hour. During the operation, the surgeon cuts into the ligament, which hung penis. In normal condition this ligament holds the inside of the male body.

Surgery can be performed in two ways:

  • Through the pubis;
  • Through the scrotum.

The surgeon makes an incision in the right region (the scrotum or pubis), then carefully cuts the ligament (ligament) parallel to the body of the penis. The doctor then removes the member and captures it in a new anatomical position. It is a standard operation. But it is possible to conduct the intervention and a more advanced method that involves moving fatty tissue of the patient.

This operation is virtually identical to the standard intervention, the only difference is that when a new commit was freed the space under the ligament is filled by fatty tissue. Due to this eliminated the risk of formation of adhesive processes and provides a painless healing of postoperative seams.

how to increase the member

Fat tissue are completely painless distributed in a new place and rehabilitation is much faster and without complications. The seam heals quickly because the inguinal region is perfectly filled with blood, and after a couple of weeks becomes almost invisible. Another day a patient will spend in the hospital, all this time, it will monitor experts.

First, the device is put on only for a couple of hours a day, gradually increasing the length. Gradually increase the duration of wearing up to 8 hours. The duration of wearing it in General can take 3-6 months. Detailed rules for the use of the product the patient will tell the doctor, because they may vary somewhat according to the individual clinical picture. After surgery the patient requires pelvic rest for at least three weeks.

The consequences

On male sexuality, the operation is not affected, except that on pelvic rest for three weeks can cause inconvenience. In addition, we cannot exclude the common risks typical of any surgical intervention. These include operational trauma and infection. Immediately after the intervention in the affected areas will be swollen, which in a few days on their own.

Likely consequences include a lack of effect. This is possible with a very short ligament that supports the penis or in violation while wearing the extender. Also after the operation lost a special angle, i.e. in an excited state the penis is directed downward and not up and forward.

To minimize complications and to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to seriously consider the choice of a specialist and clinics. The higher the qualification, the greater the chances of success of the operation and no complications.


Doctors consider the surgery a highly effective method of increasing penis length after surgery there is a long-lasting effect. The operation the penis lengthens, the effect is achieved due to the proper course of the rehabilitation period and compliance with all medical recommendations.

According to patient surveys, about 98% of cases achieved a stable result and the penis increases by 4-5 cm. the result is improved quality of sexual life, and psychological confidence men is beneficial to the potency and strength of erections.

To do the operation or not, to decide first of all to the patient. Statistics shows that in most cases, surgery is well tolerated, has no complications and provides high effect.