Surgery to increase the member

Lengthen and at the same time to increase the volume of the penis men is impossible. The most common surgery for penis enlargement – increase length. Its essence is to cut the ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone. The intersection of ligaments gives the opportunity to raise the inner part to the outside and gradually fix it in the new position.

The increase in member thickness – the problem is much more complex than in length. To date, no effective and relatively safe surgical method to increase the thickness of the penis. The article will discuss in detail all the nuances of both varieties of surgical intervention changing the size of the penis.


surgery to increase the member

Standard surgery to increase penis length is through an incision in the pubic area, but it lasts long: it is necessary to do a large incision. The incision is still noticeable scar, badly injured tissue and subcutaneous fat.

Today a lot of clinics offering penis enlargement surgery, a surgery through the scrotum. It allows to reduce its duration 1-1. 5 hours (as an average lasts for standard operation) to 10-15 minutes. After surgery through the scrotum remains an ugly scar in the pubic area, as in the standard method, and the incision in the scrotum heals almost without leaving a trace.

Disadvantages of surgery:

  • the usual risks of surgery — infection, operative injury;
  • the lack of effect in a short ligament. With a short supporting ligament surgery to increase the member almost no effect;
  • hypermobility of the base. As the bundle continues to support the penis, its base becomes movable, and the body moves down;
  • loss of angle of erection. Also through dissection of the ligament. During erection the penis will not directed forward, upward, and downward;
  • elongation only at rest. The common effect of the surgery — the lack of results in the flaccid state, although the member, and increased by 1-2 cm at rest; and this is why all competent surgeons performed 4-6 month course of treatment with the extender — to improve and consolidate the results of operations.

Surgery to increase penis thickness

Any method of thickening the penis is based on the introduction of any material under the skin. Most often it is the transfer of tissue from other parts of the body.

One of the techniques involves moving complexes of subcutaneous adipose tissue from gluteal folds under the skin of the penis, which allows to increase its diameter to 1-2 cm large Enough volumes achieved by the transfer of muscle tissue. Tissue placed under the skin along the entire length of the penis, as if rotating it.

Most often the penis thickens due to the introduction of adipose tissue (own or donor) to the shaft of the penis. The operation is quite simple, however its cosmetic and practical effect is questionable. More than 50% of adipose tissue is resorbed in the first year after surgery. Fat is absorbed unevenly, so the penis takes the form of a hump. Also possible tissue necrosis with irreversible consequences, up to amputation of the penis. Moreover, the more fat was introduced, the more and stronger side effects.

Also sometimes applied to a method in which the member is wrapped fat-cutaneous or musculo-cutaneous flaps. However, this method applies to complex surgical procedures, can only be a specialist of extra class. Even if a successful outcome is possible necrosis of the flap and in the area of the intake flap (usually back) remain long scars.

In addition to its own tissue of the patient at some clinics used synthetic materials, gels, pastes and other liquids. However, the introduction of foreign bodies and liquids under the skin is dangerous because the high risk of rejection, infection, uncontrolled irregular distribution.

Methods with the application of special gels and other artificial implants today are almost not applied because of the inconsistency risk get a result.

If you are thinking of thickening, you may want to start the test exercises are designed to increase the volume.

Complications after surgery for penile enlargement

penis enlargement.

In the first few days can cause bleeding, wound infection, prolonged swelling of the penis, temporary or permanent reduction of sensitivity of the glans, and pain during erection.

By the late complications of these operations include: resorption or necrosis (necrosis) injected under the skin of the penis tissues, disorders of the penis, reducing sensitivity of the glans, deformity and curvature of the penis. Often introduced tissue dissolve unevenly, the penis can become hills.

Surgery thickening of a member — one of the most dangerous of its kind. Think twice before agreeing to it. For starters, you can try not as traumatic methods of increasing, for example, hydro-pump, which well show yourself. They inflate the penis from the inside with blood pressure, and he looks heavier after the first use of the pump. While the hydro pump no vacuum, as in air pump, and with regular use the results are fixed, allowing to significantly increase the diameter.

You need to carefully discuss all the details with your doctor and remember that a simple and fast decisions in this sensitive area no.