The penis enlargement with the help of folk remedies

Many men are interested in the question of how to increase the member of the folk remedies without any additional effects side effects from taking drugs of chemical origin.

The technique of increasing the size of the male penis when you use folk remedies has a wide popularity and in many cases gives positive results. The variety of recipes allows you to choose the most suitable method and significantly improve the quality of sex with the sexual partner.

Means to increase penis exotic origin

how to increase the member

To make dick bigger at home using folk remedies you can use exotic methods, which are based on the use of extraordinary ingredients.

One of such ways is the cream of earthworms. Its recipe is to use the dry invertebrates combined with finely chopped dried nettle. The resulting mixture pour 1 liter of honey or mutton fat and infused for 10-15 days.

Once the tincture is ready for use, it is applied to the member in preference to sleep during the waxing moon. This aspect is important because many experts believe that in this period, the body works twice as hard.

Folk remedies Taoist monks

Eastern medicine has always differed from the traditional, so many say that penis enlargement is also possible to use the method of Taoist monks, based on spiritual cleansing and using a special combination of active ingredients.

Recipe Eastern effective means consists in mixing algae of the genus saline in the amount of 1 gram. To the resulting milled mass is added to the liver of a dog that needs to be killed in the first lunar phase.

The application is based on applying the received funds to the penis for three days on the growing moon. Rinsing of the mixture, to carry out purified water from the well. The effectiveness of this methodology is to achieve total spiritual harmony after a few sessions of meditation.

The use of magic

Magical ways to increase member, not particularly efficient, as this method should be applied when a firm confidence in its impact. For this case, experts on the occult are recommended to use special charms and application of the theory say runes.

A lot of people confirm the effectiveness of this technique, but do not forget that self-hypnosis plays a big role in the human body and the background of this factor it is possible to obtain the expected results.

As effective means for penis enhancement also use the method of hypnosis. The effectiveness of magical techniques depending on methods and degree of psychological attitude on these procedures.

How to enlarge penis with vaseline

Penis enlargement when you use petrolatum is old enough and risky procedure. After carrying out the selected method, you can get significant results, but the implementation process is accompanied by serious complications.

The procedure should be carried out by an experienced specialist with a medical background in sterile conditions. The process is to drag the penis and intramuscular injection of vaseline in the amount of 10-20 cubes. After the injection of a substance penis gently treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate to destroy the infection.

Doctors distinguish the contraindications for implementation of this method for several reasons:

  • the introduction of foreign substances intramuscularly causes tumor growth that can lead to total impotence and the subsequent amputation of the penis;
  • the risk of infection in the blood during the procedure;
  • allergic reaction that requires a long and prolonged treatment.

The procedure requires compliance with emergency measures and prior consultation with a qualified professional, as the consequences of the process have irreversible complications.

How you can increase the member with a vacuum cleaner

The use of vacuum for penis enlargement began to use once in specialized stores there are special pumps for suction on. After the manipulation, there is a significant change in size, and the process can be fun.

The procedure is simple to use and is sucking the penis vacuum in a continuous mode of operation. The process generally painless, but in the absence of observance of safety measures can be a trauma of the penis and will require further treatment.

To get the desired result, apply the treatment daily. After this course reviews men talking about the real effectiveness of the technique when used correctly.

Methods of penis enlargement when using the suspended cargo

prescriptions for penis enlargement

The technique using suspended cargo has a long history of origin and was used in the ancient Indian tribes. The method is based on the fact that under the influence of gravity, the penis increases in size and weight.

Ratio of safety and effectiveness is better not to use method of suspended loads, as excessive tension can occur, the gap of the sexual relationship, which will lead to a complete loss of impotence and future opportunities to conceive.

If you want to achieve certain results, you need to turn to safer methods and to exclude the possibility of developing serious complications.

Conduct of gymnastic exercises

The use of physical exercises for penis enhancement is the most effective and safe procedure. Gymnastics is the implementation of such manipulation:

  • the stretching process with characteristic movements. To improve efficiency it is recommended to use regular vaseline;
  • the procedure of milking is to wrap the penis with a wet cloth from cotton fabric. Next, you must complete massage of the head member in a clockwise direction several times a day;
  • conduct respiratory exercises based on deep breathing in the stomach 50 times, and subsequently performing massage movements in the pubic region.

The above exercises give a positive result after a few months of regular physiotherapy. In this moderate class will not harm the body and will help accelerate metabolic processes and circulation in the pelvic organs.

The popular method of penis enlargement using herbs

The use of medicinal herbs for penis enlargement has clear advantages in comparison with the application of magic and physical methods:

  • low costs of herbs or the possibility of self-collection;
  • the safety of the chosen method, because in most cases, herbs do not have serious contraindications and side effects;
  • a long and desired result.

At the same time also should pay attention to some of the disadvantages of using herbs:

  • waiting time first results (several months);
  • preparation of decoction requires preparation and submission of the ingredients;
  • application of the methods of herbal treatment is only possible in the absence of bad habits and the proper lifestyle.

Favorite recipes of herbs of natural origin

Traditional medicine involves the use of natural formulas for penis enlargement:

  • the infusion-based thyme. Preparation consists in pouring boiling water over the flowers and extracts the resulting mixture for 6 hours. Ready means must be taken two times daily 100 ml in a single month. To obtain the desired effect of the medication cannot be skipped;
  • the combination of garlic and medical alcohol in equal proportions. Pre-vegetable you need to chop, and then ready means take 30 drops per day for 2 months;
  • a decoction of the seeds of wormwood. For cooking ingredient is filled with cold water and bring to a boil, and then cooled to room temperature. Ready medicine take 125 ml twice a day to get the expected result;
  • the use of ointments from the leaves of hawthorn, Ginkgo, and ginseng in the equal proportions. Ready means rubbing the penis in the morning and evening after your personal hygiene;
  • preparation of a therapeutic agent from one liter of milk 1 kg of butter and asparagus, 100 grams of carrots, turnips. All the ingredients are mixed and cooked over low heat until tender. The resulting mixture is cooled and is used daily in the amount of 80 grams.

The use of available tools for penis enlargement

One of the effective means of penis enlargement is the use of improvised means available consumption. In specialized stores you can buy soap with the content of substances that have a positive effect on increasing potency and lengthening of the penis.

herbs for penis enlargement

Moreover, you can use the techniques time-tested and have a low cost, is considered in the list below.

  1. The combination of baking soda with balm "the red star". To use this technique you must first take a hot bath or shower to steam the skin. Further, in the sexual organ applied to sunflower oil and leave for a few minutes. After you distribute the baking soda with balm throughout the length of the penis.
  2. The special massage. This technique is based on using a special technique of relaxing movements that greatly improve the blood circulation, lengthen the size of penis. When performing exercises it is important to prevent orgasm, as the contraction of the muscle lose their elasticity, and the method will become ineffective.
  3. The use of bee venom. Technique is very painful and has dangerous complications such as allergic reactions to bee stings. Therefore, before a direct application is best to check for possible contraindications and is only after their absence can be started.
  4. Application of the method of acupuncture is to find the biological points on the male body. After its activation there is a significant increase of the dimension indicators of the member. Experts recommend to carry out the procedure every day for quick and desirable results.
  5. Applying special gels and ointments. This method of penis enhancement is quite simple and does not require any serious physical exertion on the penis. To implement the selected procedure you need to find an effective means of traditional or chemical origin, and apply to the member. After absorption of active substances, changes, and an increase of the phallus. The disadvantage of this method is the short exposure time.