Penile enlargement

As numerous anonymous surveys, the majority of men would like to increase the size of their penis. Many of them just want to improve their visual appeal and to more expressive sex, but in some cases penis enlargement is the only method of treatment. Unsatisfied condition causes stress and prolonged depression in men.

You can increase the penis?

how to increase the member

Genitals of men can be increased in several ways. For example, this can be done through exercises that are based on the technique of capture and stretching of the penis. The member should be tightly clasp the base of the thumb and forefinger, to pull the head, then run your hand from the base to the head of the penis. This simple exercise should be performed several dozen times a day. According to experts, such exercises stops the message between the vessels, cavernous and spongy body of the penis, and due to the movement of the hands blood to the head body by stretching the erectile tissues, which actually leads to an increase of the penis. The authors of these methodologies claimed that after six months of training, the reproductive organ is increased by 5-7 cm.

This method of lengthening the penis is absolutely safe, but, alas, ineffective. After all, to completely pinch the cavernous body, had to exert such pressure that significantly exceeds the pain threshold. In addition, as with any organs, the erectile tissues can not grow after growth (with the exception of the skin and muscles).

Variety of ways of penis enlargement through exercise is a special ring, that is stretchy attachments that pull the base of the penis. They are typically used to increase the duration of erection, but some men use these rings for penis enlargement. Don't forget that if a normal erection of increased blood pressure in the cavernous bodies, but it does not stagnate in them. But the use of the rings can cause congestive processes in the penis and vascular thrombosis, which in turn can lead to serious health problems.

A common way to increase the reproductive organ of men is the use of a vacuum tumbler. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case, namely: blood rushes to special bodies, causing them to stretch. Sometimes erectile dysfunction andrologists do recommend the use of vacuum massagers to improve blood flow to the genitals, but this unit is absolutely useless for penis enlargement. Besides, excessive use may lead to cracks on the glans penis, which are very difficult and long time to heal. And if it is wrong to set the pressure level, this may result in broken capillaries. In this case, because the bleeding will not change the size and color of the penis.

One of the most radical methods for lengthening the penis is the use of local funds, or tablets with a high content of steroid hormones. Clearly, because of the danger of their uncontrolled use of such drugs is strictly forbidden and you can only buy them through online shopping. However, men who seek in any way to enlarge the penis, not be afraid of such "trifles" as stomach ulcers, infertility, depression, psychoses, BPH and malignant tumor caused by excessive use of steroid drugs. Unscrupulous sellers of such funds to assure that the drugs based on testosterone, doctors used to treat micro-penis (stop development of the penis during adolescence because of lack of testosterone). But they forget that an increase in the size of the penis, in addition to hormone levels, affect more genes.

As You know, various "traditional" methods of penis enhancement men doesn't lead to anything good. Currently in medicine there is the only most effective penis enlargement method. It is a combined method, which combines surgical intervention and the use of special devices extender. First is the operation during which release the hidden part of the penis. Basically, the length of such a hidden part of a member is 3 to 5 cm using a simple surgical manipulations of intersection of the cords you can release the hidden part, increasing the penis about 3-5 cm in length.

penis enlargement.

Many believe that this augmentation of the genitals is complete. However, few people know that some time the body will have a natural "opposition" trying to return to their seats. To avoid this it is recommended to use the extender. With it, the sexual organ of men is fixed in position and fixing will need some time, about 3-5 months to six months. It should be noted that wearing the extender during this time does not limit sexual activity. 6 months after surgery, the person may, if desired, to carry out an operation to thickening of the penis. But, as a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex already after the first surgery satisfied with the results. Special attention will be given underwear. Underpants it is advisable to choose free. If the extender is pointing down, narrow pants will tighten it, reducing the tension on the hose. In addition, this linen is just impossible to wear the extender upwards. Pants should be free. If You use the extender at work, in this case it is necessary to give preference to pants.