You can increase the penis with soda?

There are many methods of penis enlargement which are known modern men of progress in medicine and pharmacology gives a large variety of options. However, there are old recipes that were used by many peoples in ancient times. Herbal teas, tinctures, plant extracts from roots, stems and leaves help the residents of ancient China, and the harsh Scandinavian knights. One of the most simple methods, recommended in folk medicine – the plain baking soda, which is in every house and used for different purposes: disinfection of wounds before bleaching linen. How reasonable such a decision? Whether you can increase the member using soda? Listen to the experts.

Popular methods of penis enlargement

how to increase the member

Problem of small reproductive organ is relevant to many of men: about 60% of men are dissatisfied with the status quo. I must admit that almost half of the cases concerns are unfounded. Psychologists attribute the undue complexes with imposed stereotypes, to stories of acquaintances and friends, many of which are fiction. People who do not hurt to add in length or width, not so much. Besides, women prefer average size – a huge phallus brings pain and discomfort. To increase the size of the genitals there are many traditional and surgical solutions.

  • Regular exercises – jelcing. Exercises that involve the muscles of the groin and pelvis, has beneficial effects not only on sexual but also on the heart muscle, respiratory system, blood vessels. In addition, the constant gymnastics is a powerful tool for the prevention of prostatitis.
  • Masturbation – effective option to reset the accumulated energy, to stretch the soft tissue web of love, to train the muscles that as the body of an athlete, would look nice and aesthetically pleasing. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise it may develop psychological dependence creates fear of a classic sex.
  • Mechanical devices are very popular since they generate immediate, though short-term effect. Extender – trainer with weights, the wearing of which extends cavernous tissue. But the most popular vacuum pump, to quickly increase the body.
  • Gels, ointments, creams, pills – an effective but dangerous decision: a based on the hormonal actions, so before applying you should consult with your doctor. With the exception of natural products, one of which we describe in the final Chapter.
  • Surgical intervention is the method which is used in extreme cases where there are strong medical indications. Lipofilling, operation, pumping a substance, tissue transplantation, implantation of cartilage – effective ways, but, like any operation associated with certain risks and unwanted consequences.

As harmless sodium bicarbonate?

One of the cheapest and most common foods in the kitchen he helps with the healing of scratches, removing stains, disinfecting areas, cooking baking. A quarter teaspoon is enough to get rid of heartburn. The substance is widely used in industry and agriculture, so use it in such a sensitive area should be very carefully. The effect of baking soda to a member may be detrimental to his health, if you do not know the measures. However, doctors admit that at the right dosage it can have a beneficial effect on the urogenital tract and on human health in General. What specifically affects the product?

  • The main advantage of the blood thinners. Due to this, she enters more intensively in special structures, forcing the penis to strain and be in shape.
  • Disinfection of fabrics. If circumstances are such that the affinity will not happen at home – the use of sodium carbonate will put obstacles in the way of infection.
  • Ingestion in small amounts to cleanse the body of toxins. It improves the General condition and helps to feel confident in bed.

ATTENTION!Proven effect of applying a white substance to increase the penis no! So if you use it, and the result is not visible – in any case do not increase your dose: it can cause burns to tender skin.

How to use sour salt

the penis enlargement baking soda

The composition of sodium carbonate contains nothing that can actually help man to extend penis. So hope for miraculous penis growth soda at least naive. Moreover, apply it regularly and in large doses, as stated in some of the recommendations danger: small crystals scratch the skin and mucosa, causing irritation and allergies. In addition, some people have an individual intolerance to the product. Cheap substance acts only as the agent for the prevention and treatment of colds and infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases. Supporters of dietary supplements offer 3 basic ways to use the product.

  • The use of an aqueous solution really neutralizes acidity – heartburn, well known to many fans of fast food. For starters, try to limit consumption of fatty, spicy, fried foods. But a large number of salts of carbonic acid and sodium disrupts the acid-alkaline balance, which could lead to failures in metabolism.
  • Baths warm solution used to treat sore throats, laryngitis, stomatitis, thrush. However, the actual result is not set, the doctors are inclined to believe that the Placebo effect: the patient hopes for the best, self-hypnosis helps, disease retreats.
  • Rubbing mixed with honey gives nothing in terms of growth of magnitude of the genitals. Honey is a wonderful tool to soften the skin, as well as valuable product to increase testosterone production. But this method can not affect the size of the rod of love.

If you do decide

Your sense of adventure alive in many people: the thirst for new discoveries produces adrenaline, stimulates the exploits. Perhaps someone really believes in the magic of penis enlargement with the help of baking soda, one wants to mess with pills and devices used for fear or not wanting to deal with the case, which is not to say aloud. The substance can be used together with hydraulic pump, not forgetting the oil or cream so can avoid skin damage. Not superfluous to ensure that you do not have allergic to baking soda – apply the solution on my elbow, sniff, make sure that nausea and dizziness is not. You can begin to take baths, or massage, not forgetting some of the rules.

  • Before any manipulation of the genitals is necessary to take a warm, slightly hot shower to warm up the tissues. A light massage will make the muscles need tone, prepare for exercises.
  • For use in the intimate areas only need a small substance without additives, flavorings, additives. What is good in cooking, not suitable for use in areas with delicate skin.
  • Apply refined vegetable oil for penis massage, massage. The excess can be removed with a sanitary napkin. Then put the phallus in the soda solution at the rate of 1 teaspoon of powder per Cup of boiled water.
  • If you choose honey mask, cover the phallus with honey and keep for 15 minutes, then rinse with water, apply a moisturizer. Some people have used ground coffee, but the effectiveness of this method has not been proven.
  • Avoid getting the powder on the head and mucous surfaces – this may cause itching, redness, dermatitis. To RUB it gently, without effort to avoid injuries to the skin.

CAUTION!Use only high-quality products. Cheap powder with large fractions can injure the delicate skin. Buy natural honey can cause severe allergic reaction, angioedema and other unpleasant consequences.

Alternative methods

The use of sodium salts in cosmetic, preventive, restorative purposes is the topic of another article, but to increase the member using soda unrealistic, it will confirm any smart doctor. However, if you don't want to use the massagers, refuse Masturbation, fear of hormone-dependent tablets, which are sold in pharmacies – there are the classical methods of increase potency and size of manhood. All diseases of the nerves – this truth we must not forget, therefore, less worry, do not give vent to the depression. Get moving: a sedentary job and lack of exercise reduces a man's strength and inhibits the development of the body. Give up Smoking and alcohol. For confidence in bed are important to the correct mode.

methods of penis enlargement
  • Find a way to eat little but often, 4-5 times a day. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, especially parsley and cilantro. Possible include in a diet of seafood – shrimp, oysters, mussels. Essential vitamins and minerals will give nuts, honey, cheese, dairy products.
  • Regular exercise are necessary for everyone. Even a half-hour morning exercises will help to stabilize blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, prevent plaque in blood vessels. Jogging, swimming, Cycling – a great tool to enhance immunity and hardening.
  • Love yourself, follow the regime of work and rest, get enough sleep. Daily night sleep should be at least 8 hours, preferably with the window open. This will speed up the metabolism, strengthen the immune system, will make work correctly the endocrine system.