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Short intercourse – a problem which prevents full sexual satisfaction in both partners. When the call duration less than 2-3 minutes, a woman is not able to obtain orgasm, and men the intensity of the sensation can be significantly reduced.

In addition, it will negatively affect her emotional state, leads to the development of many complexes.

Description of pathology

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Short is considered a intercourse that lasts less than 2-3 minutes. In the most severe cases ejaculation occurs before the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

The normal duration of intercourse is 3-7 minutes, it is determined by the individual characteristics of males, the degree of excitation, its age and condition. Most often it is the woman notice that sexual intercourse has become shorter. Partner this is easily determined by the lack of proper sexual satisfaction.

Fact: short intercourse when excessive excitation potential to occur in healthy men is not considered a pathology.

Duration of copulation is determined by the period of retention. When you re-act the duration increases, during a long stay is significantly reduced. Some couples have a 2-3-minute sex is the norm in these cases over a specified time period reach orgasm for both partners.


The most common cause of shortening the duration of coitus is the psychological factor. Less common problem occurs in connection with the occurrence of any disease in the body.

The most common causes of short sexual intercourse in men:

  • stress – emotional tension's stopping tune in a sexual way;
  • intimate life with a new partner;
  • lack of confidence in their own abilities, shame;
  • the lack of experience of first sexual intercourse in a man's life is very short;
  • the age of 20;
  • strong sexual arousal and an active sex;
  • long content;
  • the increased sensitivity of the glans penis;
  • inflammation of the genitourinary system;
  • violation of potency;
  • short frenulum;
  • osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • disseminated sclerosis;
  • genital injuries.

Recovery the duration of the sex occurs after complete removal of the causes of pathology. Some chronic diseases are almost impossible to treat, or are of a lifelong nature, resulting in prolong sexual intercourse is possible only with the help of special medications.

In the presence of psychological factors to treat sexual intercourse short man must have an appropriate professional. Sometimes a fairly serious conversation with a partner in providing adequate support and attention from her pathology can resolve on their own. In the absence of such treatment by the psychologist. Besides attending the sessions, the man appointed by sedatives and other drugs.

Important: psychological causes eventually lead to too short a sexual act or violation of potency, therefore, their correction should begin immediately.

Diagnostic measures

To determine the causes of pathology requires a comprehensive diagnosis, drafted with the participation of the sexologist, urologist, and neurologist. The list of required procedures:

  • a survey of men – identify possible reasons short intercourse, symptoms of related diseases;
  • palpation of the prostate and scrotum – revealing inflammation, varicose veins, improper position of the testicles, etc.;
  • An ultrasound of the genital organs – detailed evaluation of the testes, prostate, VAS deferens and seminal vesicles;
  • analysis of prostate secretion – a study of its functions;
  • smear from the urethra – identify possible infectious organisms, the nature of the microflora.
  • an x-ray or MRI of the spine to exclude osteochondrosis;
  • MRI or CT of the brain – a study on the presence of neurological disorders;
  • bacteriological urine culture – identification of causative agents of inflammatory processes.
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Important: to come to the appointment with the doctor is necessary together with your partner – this will allow you to more accurately determine why a man short intercourse, and finding the right solution to the problem.

The tips in the psychological problems

These recommendations are relevant to men who have complexes, entailing a short message. They help to increase the duration of intercourse, to remove emotional stress.

For this you need to follow the following recommendations:

  • the use of multiple condom helps to reduce sensitivity of the penis, prolong the intercourse;
  • a distraction for a partner for further caresses that briefly interrupts sexual intercourse helps with excessive sexual excitement;
  • Masturbation a few hours before sex are the most effective in adolescence and in the absence of experience;
  • the use of a technique "Start-stop" — in the sense of emergency ejaculation, remove the penis and hold his hand for a few seconds to relieve tension, then continue with intercourse.
  • alternating deep and shallow strokes;
  • the adoption of sedatives for several hours before sex should when excessive excitement, partially reduces the level of excitation.

Before sexual intercourse you can ask the woman to do light massage – it will set the right mood, eliminate the extra experience, brought together by partners.

For massage you can use essential oils with relaxing or enhances the action – sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rose, lavender, Jasmine, neroli, nutmeg.

Medical facilities

To increase the duration of sex, there are several types of medications. Man they should take a few hours before intimacy.

Drugs that help prolong even a very short sexual intercourse:

  • means for increasing the duration of the connection;
  • local anesthetics that reduce the sensitivity of the penis head;
  • cooling lubricant – use any similar means with the corresponding effect.

Tip: tools to improve the potency should not be taken for a long period of time – it can disrupt the natural erectile function.

Popular recipes

Traditional medicines can be used as a primary or adjunctive treatment short of sexual intercourse in combination with medications or different methods. Before use it is necessary to study the instructions to the drug is taken on interaction with other substances.

Folk remedies for the prolongation of sexual intercourse:

  • a decoction of oak bark for making hip bath – improves local blood circulation;
  • infusion of peppermint has a soothing effect, when applied externally reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis;
  • wheat oil affects the hormonal balance, improving the quality and duration of sex;
  • raspberries and currants – slow down the process of excitation;
  • bee products have a positive effect on potency.

Allowed to take multiple remedies – this will enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Additional recommendations

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In order to prolong intimacy, man must observe the following rules:

  • the introduction of the penis only after full initiation of women, in a wet vagina – this will increase the likelihood of quickly reaching orgasm with a partner will reduce the irritation of the glans penis;
  • replacement of frictions on the pressing movements of the body, stimulating erogenous zones of your partner allows you to relax and relieve excessive tension, then sexual intercourse continues with a new force;
  • a small amount of alcohol relieves stress, relaxes and adjusts to intimacy.

These rules can be used and, if desired, prolong sexual intercourse in the absence of pathology.


Preventative measures is important not only to increase the duration of sex, but also to improve the quality of intimate life. They help prevent many diseases and disorders of the reproductive organs, support the immune system.

Prevention short of intercourse:

  • balanced nutrition in the human diet must contain a large number of products with protein – nuts, meats, fish;
  • the adherence of the day – improves mood, normalizes potency;
  • regular sexual life;
  • use barrier methods of contraception – especially important with a new partner to prevent Contracting sexual infections.
  • proper rest to improve the quality of sexual life is necessary to regularly relax, removing accumulated tension;
  • playing sports relieves stress, improves physical health;
  • building a trusting relationship with a partner.

Important: compliance with these rules is important during treatment of diseases.


Short intercourse often causes the man a great deal of psychological discomfort. To eliminate this pathology it is necessary to establish a partner relationship of trust, to use special techniques during sex.

If psychological problems do not change, it is necessary to pass a comprehensive examination for the presence of disease.