How to increase the member: review of methods

When I began to examine ways to increase a member, it seemed to me that a huge number of them, and I didn't know what to choose – many of the methods promised large gains with minimal effort and promises to others, on the contrary, was humble. Understanding details in the question of how to increase the member, I realized a simple thing – penis, like any part of the body can't grow for a week or a moon, and without effort. But about all under the order.

penis enlargement.

On whether to increase the penis basically, I wrote and I repeat: "Yes, you can, regardless of age and initial size. You need only persistence, and daily activities". It is very important to choose the right technique. What are the ways I recommend, and why? To answer a frequent question on the forum how to increase the member, with the arguments "for" and "against" for each.

Pills, ointments, creams


  • creams and vitamins will be a good addition when using the extender or massage


  • there are currently no drugs that can increase the size of a member
  • many drugs that claim to help that are dangerous to health

There are no reliable opinion from people who were helped by pills. Such pills without a doctor's prescription, is likely to cause harm to health. Any hormonal drugs are prescribed by an endocrinologist after carrying out detailed analysis on hormones.

The application of special creams can improve the result of massage the penis, to stimulate the filling of erectile tissue with blood, to improve the condition of the skin and have a stimulating effect, but by themselves, no pills will not help. Not yet invented a drug that can separate from the rest of the body to cause growth of the body. So if you see a is another effective and new tools that will help without any effort – the seller is just trying to play on our belief in miracles.

Thus, pills for penis enlargement effect will not, however, certain drugs can be used as an adjuvant. They work well in combination with mechanical stretch using the extender or massage. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids in combination with exercise accelerates the growth of tissues, as it happens, for example, bodybuilders who seek to increase the size of his body due to the muscle gains. For the athletes taking special supplements with amino acids (amino acids nourish the muscle tissue). Very popular among these athletes uses L-arginine — a building block of protein. With it comes the increased building mass of the body due to the growth of protein tissue. L-arginine can also be used as a building material for fabrics. Therefore, supplements containing this item will benefit when practicing any other method of penis enlargement. Because these classes give the same physical load on the fabric, the effect of which can further stimulate.

Vacuum pump


  • the effect is instantaneous.


  • strong darkening of the skin of the body;
  • the increase is small, is achieved only temporary harder erections;
  • long-term effect causes swelling of the penis and a temporary reduction of erection;
  • one of the most traumatic methods are not recommended for beginners.

The vacuum pump is the most controversial technique, the majority gives no effect. Daily prolonged exposure of the penis in a vacuum causes swelling due to microscopic hemorrhages, becomes less firm erection, darkens skin. Almost all the penis pumps sold on the Internet, to increase not intended. Do not start lessons with the purchase of the pump, otherwise you will quickly get disappointed with the idea, in the worst case harm your health.

Hydro pump

how to increase the member

Technology is not standing still. Not so long ago was invented and took to market the hydro-pump — device that operates using water, not air. Due to the fact that the penis does not fall into the sparse atmosphere, and only comes in contact with water, hydro pump eliminates the problems of air pump: the appearance of redness and bruising due to ruptured blood vessels. Hydro pump will help faster than its vacuum counterpart, mainly in thickness, by stretching from the inside, which provokes accelerated cell division. I would advise you to use it to those who are engaged with the extender to get a safe penis enlargement in thickness.

If you use hydro pump separately, then growth is going to come very slowly, but the pump will need to spend just 20 minutes a day. Great erection and instant swelling of the penis before sex!

Extender, manual massage, hanging

Extender – an apparatus for stretching. Jelcing – special manual massage. Suspension – method in which the penis is stretched with the help of suspended loads.

Why I combined these methods of penis enlargement because they operate on the same principle – long stretch. On this principle work the Ilizarov fixator, which can not only lengthen the soft tissue, but also to change the length and shape of bones. The same principle thousands of years of use in traditional cultures of Africa and Asia for giving specific form to the soft tissues of the ears, lips, nose and even lengthen the neck. The principle of stretching has long been known and gives almost a guaranteed result.

What to choose from the three methods? The growth rate depends mainly on one thing – how much time you can devote to training.

Manual exercises


  • don't need anything other than a cream to lubricate the penis before classes;
  • training does not take much time during the day;


  • to achieve a satisfactory result it is necessary to do 2 years;
  • requires a thorough study of techniques to develop an individual program;
  • darkening of the skin (torn blood vessels), if improperly performed exercises can cause injuries.

If you massage your penis is stretched manually, no more than 40-50 minutes a day. To retrieve the first result will take about six months, and for a large, a few inches need to be engaged for 2-3 years. With age, tissue elasticity is reduced, this method of penis enlargement is more suitable for young (up to 22-23 years) people who have no opportunity to buy the extender. Despite the fact that all the exercises are posted on the Internet for free, you will have to test them all and draw some of them program that will suit you individually. Jelcing is a marathon, not a sprint, if you want to increase penis quickly, this method is not for you.

If you opt for the massage, I advise you to stock up on good warm-up cream. He quickly warms the male organ before a workout, tones up and improves blood circulation, helping tissues to recover faster, but many exercises, for example, wet massage" the cream is necessary, without it there is damage to the skin.

Suspension of cargo


  • device for hanging can be assembled from scrap materials.


  • growth will take a long time, several years;
  • device inconvenient to use;
  • one of the most traumatic methods, can also cause failure to grow, beginners are not recommended.

Suspension involves stretching the penis for an hour or two daily. It's more than massage, however, you have to stand with hanging the penis weight. It's quite tiring to move around the house difficult. To achieve the goal you need at least 2 years. I want to warn against this method beginners often see penis enlargement begin with the hangers, and hang a huge weight, 5-7 kg a lot of weight will not cause rapid growth, more important is the time of stretching, not a big load. Extra load causes internal injury to the penis, and its protein coat so it hardens from the constant microtrauma that then enlarging the penis fails in any way.



  • the fastest result of all the techniques: penis enlargement in length and 4 cm in a volume of 1 cm;
  • a simple method of application does not require a long study, anyone can use, without grueling workouts and chemicals;
  • if there is no disease, does not require consultation with a doctor;
  • serious manufacturers of extenders guarantee the safety of the classroom


  • cheap low-quality machine can cause severe pain when wearing;
  • really comfortable vacuum models are quite expensive.
means for penis enlargement

The extender – in fact, more modern version of the hanging. The role of cargo perform a spring-loaded rod, the tension is governed by the length of the rods. The device is worn 6-8 hours a day. Such a long daily stretch gives quick results, the first achievements can be seen after a few weeks of use. I suggest an extender as the best method for the beginner – no need to learn the techniques of penis enlargement exercise work – less risk to do something wrong, the thrust of the apparatus is limited to a safe level, there is the risk of serious injury. Like many, I started with a massage, but quickly realized that waiting a few years, it is easier to engage in more effective method.



  • more quickly achieve results


  • the surgery is dangerous for its complications;
  • requires long period of rehabilitation (about 4 months), during which you will wear the extender.

A few words about the operation to penis enlargement. Operation without an apparatus ineffective. By itself, the operation does not increase the penis, the surgery only removes the supporting ligament of the penis, so it's easier to pull with the help of the extender, which should be worn for 4-6 months after surgery. Whether to do the operation, you decide it is expensive, and fantastic results will not be considered to be a good 1-1,5 see

Which method of penis enlargement to choose

The easiest, fastest and safest method is to use the extender. Jelcing should choose people who can allocate sufficient time for training and learning methods.

Vacuum pump and suspension is not recommended for the start of classes, can lead to injuries.

Hydro pump gives good lasting effect, can be used separately, but the growth is more noticeable and faster if you apply it in addition of the extender. She works mainly on the gradual increase of the penis in thickness.

Creams and tablets can contribute to the class but the individual taking any medications will have no effect.

What is the result of methods of increase of a member

It depends on the age, elasticity of the tissues and individual propensities to growth. Impossible to tell in advance what will be the result after 1, 2 or 3 months of training. It is believed that to increase the member on 2-3 inches is a good maximum to 4 cm, But even the minimum gains are highly motivating for further studies, the difference in the inch and a half is very noticeable, both visually and in terms of the feeling during sex. And well-chosen program of studies with extender or massage will strengthen the erection, not to mention the fact that increased confidence in their abilities. The penis enlargement natural techniques stretching is real, available to everyone, will allow you to get rid of your inhibitions and improve your sex life. The time, effort and money will not be wasted and will make you feel like a new person.