How to increase penis at home

Plastic surgery aimed at correction of the size of the penis are relatively very popular. The main way correction of physiological parameters — surgical. Other conservative techniques are used as a subsidiary. They play no role outside of radical intervention.

The possibility of correction of the length of the member is solved individually. Will it be possible to achieve clinically significant results how to increase penis size depends on the source data: age, characteristics of the ligamentous apparatus in the individual patient, hormonal status. A lot of options. Since the question how to make dick bigger at home today is very relevant, we consider all known ways.

The average size and standards of the volume of the member, the dependence on age

the penis enlargement at home

The male organ grows to 20 years, accepts the final parameter to 21 years, plus or minus, based on the date of completion of puberty. Then the growth ends. Physiologically normal diameter does not depend on the age of the patient further. Possible minor differences closer to the break, the extinction of sexual desire. However, the error does not exceed 2-3 mm.

Therefore, we can say that penis size has no relation to past years. The teenager penis length to adjust contraindicated, so young people are not taken into account.Considered normal length on men 10.5 cm or more. Anything less than 7 cm is characterized as a small penis and refers to pathological conditions. This is the only absolute indication for surgery. Others are optional. At the discretion of men.

Psychological factors affecting the size of the penis

To correctly take measurements only in a clinical setting. It is important to consider length, thickness, width. Is only erect penis (full erections, when the limit is filling with blood cavernous bodies). The psychological factor also must be considered.

During emotional stress there is a reflex voltage connection. Body is pulled into the pubic region. Visually, it becomes less than real. The same is observed in people with excess body weight. Therefore, before taking the decision to intervene should objectively consider physiological parameters. Only then you can think of the methods how to increase penis.

Indications for penis enlargement: when it is necessary to solve the problem

The reason given for only one small penis, congenital anomaly, when the size is less than 7.5 inches. In all other cases, the reason is the desire of her husband. The question of appropriateness is decided by the doctor, perhaps the patient is exaggerating the extent of the problem. Methods of correction, a conservative method, selection of products is also left to the andrologist (urologist-andrologist).

Count on incredible results in any case: the maximum fails to add 1-2 cm, even with surgery. There are contraindications: not assigned correction in adolescence, during the acute infective diseases, cancer processes.

How to make dick bigger at home without surgery

The issue of increasing male penis without surgical intervention is extremely controversial. The only real way change the natural characteristics of the body — the operation. Everything else is fiction or delusion, a conscious distortion of the truth of charlatans from the medical fields. Home way you can extend the period of rehabilitation. With this purpose, extenders and that is not right, after removal of sutures. Let's consider in more detail the known methods, which cause disputes:

  1. Folk remedies. The changes in physiological parameters — fashioned way- is nonsense. Folk remedies based on special ingredients, herbs, homeopathy, and other non-standard components can change characteristics of the body. However, such statements are widely distributed on the Internet, even periodicals with national treatment of such sin. Not make sense also the use of drugs, like hormonal ointments, other pharmaceutical agents. So the question is, how to enlarge penis with baking soda, herbs and other similar incorrect. It's impossible. Worth repeating — the only possible and real way — operation. With soda popular way to achieve anything.
  2. Nozzle. Technically, this is not a method of correction of physiological indicators. Characteristics remain the same: what was the diameter so much and remains. The nozzle is likely to be tools through which it is possible to achieve temporary gains. Such methods are controversial. Nozzles of such devices, with the difference that they put on cock before sex and removed after the act. Technique helps prolong a little on without drastic measures, surgical intervention. However, the sensitivity is reduced significantly. Is to resort to the use of nozzles or not is a matter of choice of a husband.
  3. Pump. Using the pump, increase the body will fail. This is another myth. The machine's action is based on the ability to cause a sharp inflow of blood to the penis. So the only result is rapid achievement of sustainable erection. And then, provided that the representative of the stronger sex enough for sexual activity potency and libido. The use of pumps is not recommended. There is often a side effect like thrombosis of the veins of the penis that may lead to tissue necrosis. There is a real risk of losing "dignity."
  4. Jelcing. Misunderstood method of achieving an entirely different result than permanent penis enlargement. The essence lies in the active effects on the body. Provides for the bringing member in the persistent erection, then grasp it at the root, rough, strong movement from the root to the head. Through this way, you can enhance local blood flow, not more. Besides it is dangerous. Excessive exposure can lead to fracture, rupture of the spongy body. This injury requires surgical correction without warranty of even a partial recovery of the work of the authority.
  5. Extender. A special apparatus for long wear. The principle of operation is based allegedly on the ability of the penile tissues to stretch, remaining in that position forever. This is a gross misconception. Extender to use makes no sense. Because elongation of the fabric actually possess. Otherwise, when filled with blood, the volume of the member would not have changed. But this has its limits, otherwise the volume would change endlessly, and, therefore, limits the size of the authority would be limited to only the number of received blood. This is not an effective way. Also threat. When extended wear is inevitable comes ischemia. Insufficient blood flow affects the quality of erections.
  6. Massage. Passive effect has been said. Structurally it is included in exercises as a method of correction. But, as it turned out, the benefits of massage also not much. Because he manages to achieve a quality erection and normalize the trophism of the tissues, but not to correct physiological characteristics. Massage is performed from the root of the penis to the head, lightly. The excess pressure is unacceptable, bears the risk of damage.
  7. Stretching load. Another variation on the type of use of the extender. Only a lot more dangerous. Nothing will, but harm is almost impossible to avoid. Because there is permanent or long-lasting tensile fabrics. Occurs compression of the vessels supplying the structures and tissues, inadequate amounts of oxygen, nutrients leads first to the erectile dysfunction. Then, when a critical failure, and necrosis. Partial or total gangrene. Then the alternatives of amputation or resection (partial removal) remains. Affect on men so aggressive is unacceptable.
  8. Ointments, gels, creams. Application of creams, ointments, gel, pills has no meaning after the end of puberty. In addition, the drugs have a strict list of indications. Hormonal ointments, gels and creams used for early diagnosed small penis to normalize the elasticity of muscle tissue. Assigned in combination with hormonal tablets on the basis of testosterone and its metabolites to affect a fundamental process in the development of the reproductive system. The medicines determined by your doctor based on the situation. A separate application is unacceptable. At least the result will be. Often the same except for the lack of result, there has been a lot of side effects. Remedies from the pharmacy are also available in spray form, select the type of the drug is also best left to the discretion of the physician. The use of asterisks, treatment with iodine and other drugs makes no sense. The correction is possible only until the end of puberty and hormonal drugs.
  9. Exercises. As folk remedies, large values they have. At least, outside of surgical intervention. Exercises make it possible to consolidate the achieved results after surgical treatment. However, the goal here is not so much to change the volume of the body how to improve blood circulation at the local level, recover quickly, reduce the time of rehabilitation to reduce the likelihood of negative consequences, complications. Among the possible exercises:
  • Tension of the anal sphincter. Movement same as during the forced stop the process of urination. 10 times in one approach. Ha 4-5 times a day at intervals few hours.
  • Also effective are passive, manual methods (effects hands). It is necessary to massage the body with slow moves in a straight line from root to tip. Within a few minutes. Much pressure on your body is not necessary.

Repeat exercises you need a week or two. The exercise can be formally attributed to manual stimulation. But Masturbation as this effect is impossible to achieve. It is a myth.

How to increase penis surgery

home remedies for penis enlargement

The only possible way to increase the penis - surgical. The essence of the operation consists in the partial undercutting of the internal ligaments that hold the penis. That is, formally, the effect on tissue of the penis not. Do not expect incredible results. Based on individual characteristics, it is possible to increase the size 1-3 cm, not more. Later possible complications like chronic pain syndrome, the problems with erection.

No need to count on the painless rehabilitation. The recovery passes hard, about 2-3 months, give or take. Throughout rehabilitation, prohibited sexual contact, intense physical activity. Today is the best way of changing the length of the member. The only possible one.

Food, possible impact on penis enhancement

Food factor does not affect the size of reproductive organ, therefore, it makes sense a diet as such has not. This is another mistake of men. But changing the diet after the surgery will be a good help in the quick recovery. The help menu suggests with vitamins: more vegetables, protein (chicken breast, white meat). Low fast carbs, sugar, salt (7 grams) so as not to provoke fluid retention and overload the digestive tract.

Side effects

In the case named "mythical" ways to speak about the consequences. It is called problems with potency, acute circulatory disorder, necrosis. As for the "chemicals" (drugs), allergic reactions, burning, a reduction in local skin sensitivity, pain.

Operation has certain risks. Rehabilitation is accompanied by a lot of discomfort, long-term basis, requires the consent of the patient. Among the consequences is expressed by pain, reduced sensitivity. It may cause inflammation. The suppuration. So you need to map their own "want" and the willingness to implement the recommendations of the doctor to endure the discomfort.

The penis enlargement is possible only surgically. This is the only technique. At home is only rehabilitation. Everything else is a myth, a misconception or a deliberate lie. The exception is a disease that manifests itself in the teenage years. In such a situation it makes sense to prescribe steroids topically and orally.