How to increase penis at home

To increase the manhood, you can not only surgically. Problems with penis size existed in our ancestors long before the development of official medicine. Now many people choose the traditional methods of increase of a member, considering them to be time-tested.

the penis enlargement at home

The article discusses various ways to achieve the desired result. Some of them look quite strange, but popular. Traditional medicine allows to make dick bigger forever. It can offer different solutions to intimate problems. Enlargement of the penis folk remedies really!

An exotic tool that increases penis

There are antiquated method of penis enlargement that is associated with earthworms. They need to dig up, kill, to dry and mix with finely chopped nettles. To this mass is added to a liter of lamb fat and honey, all mixed and stored 10 days in a dry, dark place.

Before sleep you need to handle the penis with this ointment, and strictly in the growing period of the month.

How to increase penis traditional methods? Come to the aid of Taoist wisdom.

Increase member of the national way by Taoist monks

Is taken as 0.7 gram of grass saline and 0.4 gram of algae. They are found in our region is rare, but can easily be ordered on the Internet. They are dried and ground in a special mortar. The resulting powder is mixed with a liver white dog that was killed in the first phase of the moon.

This ointment is applied on the penis three consecutive nights and washed off in the morning well water. Before such procedure is performed prolonged meditation. If you do not attain enlightenment, the ancient method won't work. Psychologists say that such self-hypnosis in some cases does work. In most spiritual practices depends on our belief in success.

Magical folk remedies for penis enlargement

Dozens of men have experienced many but not found the answer to the question about how to enlarge the penis.Popular way is to do magic. Fans of occult theories argue that aid in solving the problem of the size of the penis can provide a higher power.

There are special charms and combinations of runes, invented for this purpose. It is difficult to determine the extent of their effectiveness. The conspiracies that work only when you genuinely believe in them. In addition to esoteric practices professionals offer a penis enlargement with the use of hypnosis. Here, too, the treatment is more psychological than real healing effect.

If you don't believe in magic, not going to say at night, strange conspiracies and to draw on the head with intricate runes, there are other options on how to increase the penis folk remedies. They do not provide for the intervention of the gods, and require common household items, without financial difficulties will acquire anyone.

How to increase the member with vaseline

Another strange recipe originated in Russian prisons. Prisoners also concerned about the size of their genitals, and someone smart invented the penis enlargement vaseline. Pleasant in it a little, but the apparent simplicity provided such a painful practice considerable popularity and freedom. Exotic ingredients are required, and severe physical discomfort men for the sake of the long-awaited result are willing to tolerate.

Injection of vaseline in member

Member carefully pulls at the base, and the syringe is pumped from ten to twenty CC of vaseline(the specific number depends on what result you want to achieve).


Described a popular method of penis enlargement requires careful preparation, constant attention and utmost care.

To do these manipulations should people with particular medical experience. Uneven spreading of vaseline with sensitive flesh leads to serious injuries of a physical nature. The procedure is performed in conditions of absolute sterility and prior thorough disinfection.

After the introduction of the vaseline gently treat the skin with a solution of potassium permanganate. Accuracy is the secret of zoom using the vaseline. Strict observation of the instructions eliminates danger and greatly increases the chances of success.

Medicine considers dangerous penis enlargement by injecting vaseline into it.

Occupational therapists have identified a number of reasons:

  • Introduction under the skin of any foreign body contributes to the tumor, is removed only by surgery. If it is not removed in time, the man threatened impotence or amputation;
  • Along with vaseline in the blood often fall to infections. It can also be corrected by surgery, but there is significant risk of erectile dysfunction and full erectile dysfunction;
  • Vaseline many cause severe allergies, the consequences of which then have to treat with expensive drugs.
magic for penis enlargement

Such serious complications raise questions about the reasonableness of the use of paraffin in such non-standard purposes.

The effects of injection of vaseline in member

No one wants an exotic recipe for increase of a member led to his amputation.Most men don't trust the method of vaseline, which was invented by prisoners and came to us from prison .

Penis enlargement folk remedies has a wide range of techniques, characterized by surprising diversity. For every man will find something suitable.

You can increase the member with a vacuum cleaner?

There are special vacuum pumps that help to increase manhood. They are popular and effective, although quite expensive. You can buy them in various sex shops, but the same principle works conventional vacuum cleaner, which is in the house everyone. Some of this unusual procedure brings pleasure.

So inflate your penis every day. It will quickly get stronger and will become much larger. Many women are excited by such a spectacle, so don't hesitate to ask the partner to help.

Increase the member with a vacuum cleaner, but it requires extreme care and careful adjustment of the power unit. Too strong suction of the flesh of the hose can result in self-harm. Unsuccessful attempts lead to injuries, inflammation and bleeding.

Sane man would abandon a dangerous path and will find more "soft" people's method of increase.

Recipe for penis enlargement by hanging loads

The technique of stretching the flesh by putting on her weight for several millennia practiced in the Indian tribe Sadhu. The ancient Hindus from childhood hung from the penis, various goods, increasing their weight. This practice is not age dependent and can be actively used Mature men.

Suspension of cargo to the penis

A significant disadvantage of this method is that can tear ligaments. This will lead to a complete loss of erectile function. It is recommended not to risk and not to follow the example of the Indians. There are other popular ways to increase penile.

Leave hanging loads undeveloped tribes and nationalities. Use more modern means that will benefit your health, not harm that requires immediate intervention of qualified doctors.

Traditional methods of penis enlargement with the use of gymnastics

With active physical exercises can pump up almost any part of the body. The member not a muscle, but a complex of certain exercises can give the desired result.

Gymnastics consists of three stages:

  • Stretching. The member must with the greatest possible care to try to stretch to the maximum length. You can lubricate it with lube, but you can't get an erection;
  • Milking. The penis is wrapped with a wet handkerchief, towel or gauze, pre-moistened with warm water. Through the cloth head are massaged with thumb and forefinger from bottom to top. This is one of the nice examples of how to increase the penis of people's way.

In the process of milking, often coming. You determine the duration of the procedure. It is recommended to stop at the slightest onset of discomfort. You can not "milk" the sexual organ, not brushing it and not having a good slip in his hands. Regularly repeat the procedure for five consecutive days, rest two days and start again;

Milking the penis

how to increase the member
  • Breathing exercises. Take a deep breath, and then just take a deep breath, but not lungs, and stomach. Need to redo it fifty times, and then take the member with the scrotum in the right hand and 81 times the pubis to RUB clockwise circular motions.

Then the penis is squeezed between the palms and pounded for a long time, but you can't prevent the orgasm. The desired effect will come in a few months. Proper breathing combined with a thorough massage is a pleasant and effective formula for increasing penis.

The results from such a nice gymnastics member come in a few months. The age matters. The earlier you start "charging", the better it will affect the body. There is no absolute guarantee of a positive result, but these exercises will not be harmed if they do within reasonable limits.

Traditional methods of penis enlargement herbs

Magic and mantra doubt and suspension of cargo reasonably causes fear for health. Use herbs for penis enlargement. They can do no harm, and the benefits of herbal medicine proven by centuries. It improves blood circulation to the pelvic area, which positively affects sexual function.

The male-enhancement with herbs has several advantages:

  • Herbal for a penny are sold in every pharmacy. And rural residents are free to gather the necessary ingredients at the nearest meadow or field;
  • Traditional medicine considers the the penis enlargement herbs are harmless. Side effects come from any fancy creams or famous viagra, but not herbal medicine – the most secure ways that you can increase the member of the folk remedies;
  • Regular herbal treatment provides a stable and long-term effect. He comes not once, but lasts for a long time. Diligence and patience will definitely fail to achieve the desired.

The penis enlargement with the use of herbal medicine has some negative sides that you need to remember.

  1. Expect the first results will have to a few months. Not every husband has such a stock of patience;
  2. The ingredients you need to collect, dry, process, and prepare medicinal teas. Lazy that option just will not work;
  3. Herbs for penis enlargement for those who do not have bad habits, eat right, do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

There are different options of how to increase the penis of people's way, using the gifts of nature

Natural recipes allow you to increase the member

  • Grind 100 grams of thyme and cover with boiling water. The cooled infusion is need four months to drink before Breakfast and dinner. Missed at least one day? Will have to start from the beginning;
  • 200 grams of garlic crushed through a meat grinder or by hand in a mortar. The resulting mass is poured 200 grams of rubbing alcohol. Everything is stirred, closes and 10 days kept in a dry place. Twice a day, drink 25 drops for three consecutive months;
  • A teaspoon of seeds mugwort, pour cold water and boil for 10 minutes. The beverage is filtered, cooled and drunk three times a day half a Cup;
  • A liter of whole milk mixed with a pound of butter and a pound of chopped asparagus. Add 90 grams of carrot seeds and turnip greens. The mass was stirred and simmer on medium heat until thick. Importantly, the milk does not run away. Drink this mixture and 80 grams per day;
  • Massage member weekly infusion of hawthorn, Korean ginseng and Ginkgo.

Are listed only the most popular options how to make dick bigger herbs. The possibility of herbal medicine, this does not exhaust, and you can try to find a more effective mixture or decoction.

Traditional methods of penis enlargement do not always involve the use of rare and hard-to-reach components. Sometimes a special cream, soap, ointment, or even soda.

How to increase your member means at hand

Regular cream is not suitable. How to make dick bigger soap? Only buy special products in a sex shop. It contains special enzymes and active substances, which are constantly entering the tissue of the penis cause its gradual lengthening. This article does not provide advertising of any product.

If there is time, desire and means to visit expensive shops, you can find cheap and proven methods that suggest how to increase the member-fashioned way.

To popular techniques is the method that tells how to increase the member with an asterisk.

  • In what proportions, and how many days in a row and we should use it?
  • It is reasonable to apply the balm asterisk for penis enlargement?

Clear instructions on how to increase the member with an asterisk no, but we know that this balm is used for the purposes described in approximately the same proportions as the baking soda. Method with baking soda is considered in detail in the next section.

The findings and results

the technique of penis enlargement

Thousands of men suffer from penis size and are willing to do anything to change that. They are ready to use the most dangerous and illogical methods to increase a member. Medicine penis enlargement without medical care considered dangerous. Doctors recommend to choose the surgical way.