Vacuum pump for penis enlargement: types and how to choose

The vacuum pump is a device of cylindrical shape, pump for penis enlargement which is used not only to increase the male sexual organ, but also for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

It is used when the standard methods to achieve elasticity of the penis is not effective. The function of this apparatus is to increase the length options and thicknesses. Vacuum massage is widely distributed in traditional medicine. The method shows high indicators of efficiency of treatment of sexual dysfunction in men.

The principle of operation

Vacuum pump, increases the penis, applying pressure method. Around the penis creates pressure that improves blood circulation. The cavernous body fills with blood. The process is similar to a natural erection. The penis becomes hard and firm for a short time. Even with incomplete erections, can have sex because the stimulation of the natural way allows the member to "stand".

The device is used as massage tools. The pressure in the flask the cavernous bodies dilate, improving blood circulation and increasing the size. Member after the pump (see photo below) looks spectacular.

It is forbidden to exceed the pressure during operation. If used improperly a probable hemorrhage in the cavernous body, the appearance of hematomas

What are they

Vacuum pumps for penis enlargement have the same design — transparent flask, plastic coated with a ruler.

The kit includes a nozzle seal that creates a vacuum, and pear, which allows you to increase the pressure in the flask. Improved models are equipped with additional components: a control button, a pressure gauge / release valve.

  1. Hand pump. The air from the device is removed by means of a piston or pears. The main advantage is availability, but achieve the effect energy consuming.
  2. Automatic pump. The pressure in the flask is reduced built-in electric pump. Automatic vacuum pump is battery operated. The penis enhancement takes place without effort, and the current pressure is displayed on the built-in pressure gauge. The most convenient model with adjustable suction power.
  3. pump for penis enlargement manual
  4. Water pumps. This innovative option, which uses water instead of air. The bulb ends of the cuff with the pump. The result of the application better, contraindications less.

How to choose a vacuum pump for penis

The instrument chosen based on the size of the penis and the goal. Prior to the acquisition subject to the following rules:

  • the length of the bulb pick up at least 2-3 cm more than the penis during erection;
  • the minimum diameter of 1-2 cm more than your own erect penis;
  • for beginners recommend the pear-shaped type of pumping air from the working vessel.

When buying vacuum pumps take into account the material from which made the seal to provide a complete hermetic seal. The pump must be resistant to damage. Often choose a transparent flask — it allows you to monitor the progress of the exercise.

Advantages and disadvantages

The fixture increases and treats. After regular use, increase the volume of manhood, maintaining erections during sexual intercourse. Sex becomes longer due to decreased sensitivity of the penis. The organ increases in length and in width.

The device is useful for men who are diagnosed with curvature of the penis. A vacuum pump keeps the penis in an upright position, reducing its curvature.

Among the disadvantages of the device note the appearance of spots on the surface of the penis due to rupture of capillaries, numbness, reduced strength of ejaculation and erection. Such effects are relevant in improper operation of the device.

After six months of regular use, the shape of the body will become permanent. If you also take medicines that increase the production of the male hormone, the result will be more solid.

Statistics show that men, following the instructions, watched the increase in length of a member after use of a vacuum pump at 1-3 cm for 6-12 months. Thick dignity is increased by 1-2 cm.

pump for penis enlargement automatic

The effect depends on age, the younger the person, the better the result.

Usage instructions

The first time it is recommended to use the pump no more than 5 minutes, helping to prevent side effects. If used incorrectly there is a risk of erectile dysfunction and swelling of.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the pump:

  1. From the working vessel pump out the air, increasing blood flow to the organ. Before placing a member in a flask it is smeared with grease.
  2. At one time the vacuum pump used for no longer than 20 minutes.
  3. To run air into the device and reducing the pressure in the automatic models press the air valve, which is placed near the pear. In other devices there is a hole which the exercises closed with your finger.
  4. After reaching the highest hardness of the penis, at its base is put on a special ring. This element contributes to clamping the penis to make it long held erect state.

If the kit has the pump, before the process take a hot bath to relax the scrotum region. After 8 minutes, administered on the flask. Rounded bezel ring firmly applied to the scrotum, reducing pressure on this area. The instrument is placed evenly around the circumference of the penis. After you start pumping air.

To create a vacuum is recommended to make a few pumping movements. By applying special valve, drained the excess water. On pump tap 6-8 times to excess liquid came out.

As soon as the water a person is resting for 5 minutes. If the pressure dropped, the vacuum pump to its previous level.

Massage vacuum device leads to tissue injury if improperly performed.

The main problems faced by men:

  1. Stagnation of lymph in the area of the foreskin. Around the head is formed tumidum ring. If such trouble arose when the proper use the device for a while refuse to exercise.
  2. Edema occur when a large influx of lymph due to too low pressure or prolonged discharge.
  3. Watching the deterioration of an erection.
  4. The Browning of the tissues. Skin darkens due to the load.
  5. Hemorrhage. Problem see due to the large dilution. The effect may be irreversible.
  6. Of blood clots.

Care instrument

Before use wash warm soapy water. Components are treated with an antibacterial agent.

After application, the pump is again washed with the solution and wipe dry.For moisturizing you can't buy oil that contain petrolatum. It is also forbidden to use cream or vegetable oil.

pump for penis enlargement water


Duration of exposure to the vacuum is determined by cell elongation. When used properly, penis pumps get the pulse effect, with growth having a negative pressure. This man feels no pain.

The vacuum should not cause pain. A single action must not exceed 18 seconds. Maximal treatment time per day is 45 minutes.

Vacuum penis enlarger pump it is forbidden to use people with such diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the foreskin;
  • urethritis;
  • disorders of the liver and kidneys;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • the tendency to form blood clots.

To pump brought only benefits, you need to consult with your doctor.

In the presence of at least one contraindications, find an alternative way of influencing the body.

To achieve the result it is better to combine several methods of penis enlargement. In addition to the pump it is recommended to use:

  • Creams,gels or sprays;
  • Pills or dietary Supplements;
  • Baths with baking soda;
  • Exercises or jelqing;
  • To eat foods contribute to the growth of the body.

In extreme cases, surgery or use hormones.

Device for penis enlargement buy in specialized stores.

Vacuum pump – a device capable of making men's lives a little easier. With this invention increase the length and volume of the penis, cope with the problem of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. In the selection and implementation of recommendations to reduce the risk of side effects.