It is possible to increase the member without surgery

The size of the penis in men, painful theme. If they for some reason perceive their "dignity" is too small (thin, sluggish – options), almost no one can convince them otherwise. The magnitude of the penis is not a parameter that can be achieved in the result of any effort, such as stucco muscles, which are acquired through grueling workouts. The male sexual organ – the result of a combination of factors of heredity and how during the pre-Natal formation of the body was high levels of testosterone. However, men in all ages will not cease to be interested, and you can increase the penis?

The size of the penis as the reason for the experience

penis enlargement.

The statistics to which he listens fairly small number of men with complexes about the size of the penis shows that the boundaries of the normal values of the penis may be different. So, stand out penises:

  • small (erect – from 9.5 up to 10-12 cm);
  • normal (12-14 cm);
  • large (more than 14 cm).

Although in the above-mentioned limits of any penis size is normal, in modern society, almost none of the men able to judge its authority impartially. It is considered that the attractiveness of a man is the greater, the greater the length and thickness of the penis. There is a perception that larger organs not only attractive and impressive looks (which is noticeable even in clothing), but also brings much more pleasure to women.

As for the opinion of doctors, they think that penile enlargement may be recommended if all its size is 9.5 cm, and it represents for its owner a real problem. In other cases, the increase is not necessary, since it is impossible to "drive" in the framework of the standards setting that meets the individual characteristics of the structure of each person.

Theoretically: do I need and is it possible to increase penis

Thinking, you can increase the member and studying methods of performing this action, one must understand the basic procedures to increase penis size, you do not have reverse. That is why before finally deciding on this event, is to consult with the urologist, and psychologist.

Statistics clearly States that even if penis enlargement was conducted, in the vast majority of cases men are unhappy with the result. It is obvious that acquired the inches of the penis do not affect the ability to communicate with women and to give them physical pleasure. Moreover, the acquisition of more big and thick penis requires considerable patience, big time physical endurance, including with respect to compliance with a healthy lifestyle. In principle, thanks to modern medicine the penis could increase, however, not every man has enough desire and patience to give, for example, from any of alcohol and Smoking that the procedure is not caused very great harm to health.

If to speak directly about the measures to increase the penis, they are divided into two categories: those that increase is indeed possible, and those that only promise the desired effect. To the first belong:

how to increase the member
  • the use of vacuum devices;
  • the use of devices that perform external stretching of the tissues;
  • surgery.

The use of so-called vacuum devices (pumps) is a non-surgical method of exposure, the meaning of which is "training" the tissues of the penis, gradually leads to their stretching. Pump, in fact, the simplest mechanism: the cylinder, in which is placed requires an increase in the body, and a vacuum pump which regulates the pressure level in the cylinder. With a pump from the space around the penis is removed from the air, creates a rarefied atmosphere that promotes blood flow to the tissues of the male organ and stimulate their increase in size.

Extenders or stretching devices external are for regular, ideally daily training, thanks to which the length of the penis without surgery will increase by 1.5-3 cm for 4-6 months. If you use the extenders after surgery to increase the penis, the result will be even more noticeable.

Surgery is the most radical way to achieve several goals:

  • to increase the thickness of the male sexual organ;
  • to increase the length of penis;
  • to hold the combined increase in the length and thickness of the penis;
  • to correct the deformity of the body with simultaneous correction of dimensions;
  • fix erectile dysfunction with simultaneous correction of sizes.

Implemented all of the above thanks to rapid intervention in the ligaments, fixing the corpora cavernosa of the penis in the pubic area. After dissection of the so-called support may be one of the following options:

  • the implantation of the prosthesis (pre-run cross-sectional view of the tunica);
  • implantation of the extension;
  • operation (separation from each other of the cavernous bodies and placed between their ends and the head of the implant);
  • microsurgical transplantation;
  • subcutaneous administration of a certain number of own fat tissue of the patient or of the flap of the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • an operation with longitudinal incisions of the tunica with the placement of inserts from the own patient's vein or other materials.

Results that doctors can achieve in the course of performing surgical operations to increase penis size, is 2.5-3 cm in length. It was such an increase is considered to be the standard, and the successful ending of the operation. As for increasing thickness, the results depend on the patient's wishes and capabilities of the surgeon, and the main condition is the uniform thickening, preserving the contours of the trunk and without the formation of bulges of transplant.

devices for penis enlargement

The second category of funds to increase penis size – various creams, ointments, tablets and folk remedies. Many men think about a similar need, but are afraid of surgery, are you searching for information on the Internet, read reviews, and in most cases contain a lie. The truth is that to achieve lengthening of the penis in such ways is impossible. The best that can transferred (if in fact there are useful components) – to strengthen and prolong erection that does not change the quantitative indicators of the penis, but improve its "performance". And the fact that some of the ingredients means stimulate blood flow to the genitals, causing an erection looks better and more significant so it effect, though useful, but temporary.