Penis enlargement.

Normal penis size in flaccid state ranges from 11 to 19 inches. Penis at least 10 inches in length considered small, and less than 5 cm – micro penis (this is the anatomic pathology). In case of deviations from the norm that interferes with normal life, the man recommended plastic surgery. Before surgery can resort and the man with the normal size of manhood – although it is not necessary, but the ban for this no, and it is all about the owner of the penis. In this article we will explain how is performed, how much the augmentation of a member, what are the reviews left by men who decided on surgical resize.

increase the head of the penis

The sizing of penis surgery

Now mostly performed surgery to increase penis method of operation. In this case, the penis, in fact, does not change in size, but visually it seems as long as there is a redistribution of inches visible. For the first time this operation was carried out in 1990.

The penis enlargement surgically is as follows:

  • Surgeon crosses the cords in the basis of the penis.
  • Frees up the cavernous body to the place of occurrence in them of the arteries.
  • Records of the corpus cavernosum in a modified position at the level of remote communication.
  • After removing the surgical sutures and recession of the swelling of the penis will appear longer 3-5 cm.

There are several types of a surgical operation, depending on the place of autopsy. What type will be chosen depends on the morphological features of the male penis – determined after a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

It is also necessary to remember that a few months after surgery the penis will have to fix bandages, or plastic device that the ligaments remember new position. The photo shows one of the options expander that can be worn by the combined method of penis enlargement.

"Does it hurt to extend a member through surgery, or there will be consequences?" – ask a lot of men. Read the reviews and make sure that surgical procedure is not pleasant. The operation itself is, as already mentioned, goes under anesthesia, but after that my husband will have to suffer the pain (it lasts a couple of days), and then the discomfort due to the uncomfortable, unfamiliar state. Ideally, the healing process takes at least two to three weeks. After removing the clamps or expander is also possible mild discomfort, then everything comes back to normal.

The price of the surgery at different hospitals varies from 200 to 1200 dollars.

The introduction of the prosthesis in the body

Another kind of surgery for penis enhancement – the premises of the prosthesis using transverse incision of the tunica. Penis enlargement is due to the fact that special space placed the denture is certainly greater length. This leads to stretching of the skin on the penis. To enhance the effect, besides the augmentation of the penis is the mechanical stretching of the penile tissues (using expander).

As implant can be applied in various "details". For example, many hospitals now use a silicone implant, which increases the length of the penis by 5 inches. The implant is inserted through a small incision in the groin. The entire procedure takes place under local anesthesia. At introduction is around 13 thousand dollars.

how to increase penis

There are downsides to the introduction of the silicone implant – it can after surgery to settle down. To avoid this, you can order surgical increase, which is an artificial implant is injected fat. Adipose tissue is considered the most natural and safe form of filler of the penis. It is 100% compatible with the human tissues, reduces the risk of inflammation to a minimum. After the introduction of moves (fat implant is stable), plus it looks the most natural. The price of such operations – from 890 dollars.

The penis enlargement surgical method with the help of a certain amount of adipose tissue has another advantage – the recovery after surgery takes about 5-6 days, and the results are immediately visible. According to doctors, the operation allows you to increase the size of penis up to 40% – and this can be as a surgery for thickening of the penis, and surgery to change length.

The downside is that part of fat cells through a year or two dissolved, and the skin due to the stretching and the resulting voids begins to deteriorate. It's not very nice – will have to do additional cosmetic surgery for the injection of new fat or remove sagging skin.

Change the size of the penis in a special way

Surgery for penis enlargement, this method is a difficult procedure, but allows to achieve very noticeable changes in the size of a man's penis. Penile enlargement by surgery is performed under General anesthesia. The procedure is the following:

  • The surgeon performs a radical separation of the body into component parts – a doctor surgically separates the corpora cavernosa along the entire length of hanging part of a man's penis.
  • Between the body and the head are placed the pieces of rib cartilage men is introduced or an artificial graft.
  • Elements of the penis the result is extended to the desired size (maximum up to 7 cm).

Costs to conduct this augmentation, only carefully weighing the pros and cons, – to return to the previous state of the penis after surgery will be impossible. It is also worth to prepare for a long recovery period. For example, a full erection after the operation will return only after 2-3 months. Price (excluding cost of implant) – from $ 2000.

Lipofilling of manhood

Lipofilling member men is a non-invasive microsurgical procedure in which no need open incisions. This augmentation of the penis is a phased implementation of subcutaneous injections of a patient's own tissue. To increase the length doesn't apply with it is only possible to adjust the diameter of the penis (5-15 mm). The material needed for the procedure is extracted from where it is excess fat in the male body in the suprapubic area, thighs, stomach, buttocks.

Since it's not exactly surgery the thickening of the member, but rather a cosmetic procedure, and recovery is quick. In the hospital the person is only a day and then discharged, but to refrain from sexual intercourse the patient will have a period of 4-5 weeks.

Disadvantage of the procedure is that, as with fat implantation, the result will not be eternal. To get into the penis during this procedure, the fabric has a tendency to resorption. To have every two or three years to repeat the injection. The price of the procedure in different clinics varies from 300 to 700 dollars.

Transplantation of muscle from the abdomen

penis enlargement.

There is another type of operation with which it is possible to enlarge the penis is the transplantation of muscle flap. As the source material is part of the straight abdominal muscles men with the adjacent fragments of the vascular system. During surgery the muscle is hung to the side of the penis, where it is fixed to its natural fabrics.

To sum up. In this article, we have listed the main methods of how to increase the member a surgical way. Many men think about it, but they should remember that the augmentation can be successful, and complications can arise, so you need to weigh the pros and cons before you go on the table of the surgeon. In half of cases, surgery is not required, and the size of her husband normal (the desire to lengthen or increase the thickness of only a whim). Still doctors in their reviews are unanimous: the operation should be done only for medical reasons – but to make a final decision about the operating penis enlargement is still the man.