Penile enlargement

Many men dissatisfied with their penis: someone it's too thin in the opinion of the owner, someone of insufficient length. Complaints of excessive size are extremely rare, on the contrary, most men want, so that he smote the beloved size and perfect form.

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penis enlargement.

Since ancient times, plastic surgery was a tool changes the appearance of the penis. In particular the following methods were used:

  • classic circumcision;
  • the decoration of the penis incisions;
  • implantation of foreign bodies to give thrills and unusual species.

In our time, tattooing the penis can only be solved extreme. But the work with long and thick come often: it is an urgent problem, which is fairly easy to solve with the help of plastics.

Operation lengthening the penis

Ways to lengthen the penis quite a lot, but the most painless and easiest operation. What is it, and why this type of plastic is the optimal solution? The property of the human body is such that some organs have the ability to "grow", if there is a withdrawal of part of the fabric. This property has, for example, leather, which is used by plastic surgeons.

Bone stretching allows you to restore limbs and a simple operation of cutting of the sublingual frenulum extends to the tongue, allowing it to reach the sky, it makes a long-awaited sound of "p". In the case of lengthening of the penis: the surgeon just removes a bunch, which is then restored, but in a more "extended format".

To understand the operation, refer to the anatomical details. Part of the penis in men is hidden in the pubic area, she supported the bond, which will be operated. It is called the "suspensory ligament of the penis."

A bunch of overlaps between the pubic periosteum and the fascia Buka penis. Beech fascia is tissue that connects three of the body member, and a smooth transition in this very bundle. It is necessary only to remove a bundle as released from three to five inches of penis length to this hidden! But this is only the first part of the issue.

How is the operation done to increase the penis

As we said, the process of stretching the penis has been used since the ancient. They knew about the properties of the ligaments to stretch and contract about long-term exposure. So, some women after decades of walking in heels already can't wear shoes with flat soles: they are bundles was reduced in the requirements of high fashion. Conversely: if the chords long stretch, they are easily influenced, and remain in the stretched condition.

To achieve this effect with the suspensory ligament of the penis, men wear – wore – a special device extender. The wear time is about six months: the so-called "conservative treatment". It should be applied after the operation, but only a fraction of the time. This is to ensure that the ligament has not returned to its original position. With the same purpose, when the elongation of the penis in the region of the ligament transplant a bit of adipose tissue: it fills the cavity, and penis remains extended.

By that time, as the scars will go away fatty tissue naturally dissipate and everything will return to normal. Even the seams will not be noticeable because plastic surgery there is a method hidden seams in such transactions.

Functions of the urinary system will remain at the same level, the same applies to an erection regardless of the length of the penis, it will work still, and the operation will only make the process more harmony.

how to increase the member

Pain after surgery is quick: on the second day was not needed, even some painkillers. In difficult cases, but this is very rare, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. In most cases when adherence to the dressings every two or three days the stitches are removed after two weeks. After the stitches are removed You will not notice almost any change, really basic – found.

Now a few months will have to wear the extender. Although the time of wearing, compared to the conservative method, is reduced in 2-3 times, a certain discipline is required.

Go slow to go fast

The first month will have to wear it for one or two hours a day, gradually increasing the time up to 6-8 hours. Required to regularly see a doctor, and in any case not to force yourself, giving to extender maximum tension: feelings should not cause pain, just a feeling of stretching.

What happens while wearing extender?

Weakened surgery ligament takes the form which she suggests the tension. It is restored by increasing the tissue, but becomes longer "releasing" the hidden part of the penis outwards. This process is lengthy and painstaking, but – irrevocable: can not be afraid that after the cessation of wearing the extender all will return to their former size. Properties of ligaments, as we have already considered, are such that, taking the form of a bunch can change it only after a long intervention.

Surgeons quite often have to deal with patients who want to get the result "here and now". Not taking into account any regenerative abilities of the body, nor age, nor a natural reaction of the tissues at surgery. For example, despite the fact that customers are warning about the emergence in the first day or two after surgery, swelling, some get scared and panic, forgetting that just as the body reacted as a child on any scratch, burn or splinter.

The same goes for haste in the postoperative period: I want to pull a bunch faster and maximum. This is not recommended. The reason is very simple: the rapid stretching of the penis is directly related to the reduction of its thickness. And it's not even that You can safely reduce the diameter of the penis a few millimeters: disturbed blood supply and, as is known, the blood supply ensures a good erection. So, repeating the words of comrade Saahova from the film "Caucasian captive", "No, no need to hurry!"

Thickening of the penis - lipofilling

Since we're talking about the thickness of the penis, then here's the good news: by using the operation called "lipofilling", a member can be increased. What is its essence? Under the skin of the penis is injected your own fat tissue of the patient, for example, with a layer on the stomach. This is the most natural. Adipose tissue is organic, it does not come off. A small percentage of fat (about 30%) eventually dissipates, but 70% remains.

So your penis after surgery will become thicker by 0.5-1.5 cm. This is quite enough to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance, and for the effective stimulation of the female partner. The effect lasts a long time, practically my whole life. The operation itself is quick, virtually painless, and complications are virtually absent, which makes it very attractive to patients.

surgery to increase the member

In General, and surgery and lipofilling, has long been included in the clip the most popular and safe operations of plastic surgery. Without affecting health, they bring a lot of pleasant sensations, self-confidence and, perhaps, we can say, open wide the door to the world of sensual pleasures.