How long does is the surgery for penis enlargement?

According to opinion polls and of the investigations have established the fact that most of the male population is unhappy with the size of their male member. This is due to the imposed by society stereotypes and erroneous opinions, and that the larger the penis, the more male virility and dominance. Based on this, men used to practice numerous techniques of penis enlargement.

The only effective method in this case is a surgical operation to enlarge a man's penis. Despite the complexity of the surgery, only this method gives 100% results that last a lifetime. Not every man, of course, to decide on such a step with the operation, few people know where to spend it, and how much is surgery for penis enlargement.

Where do such operations?

the cost of surgery to increase the member

Before you decide on surgery, the person needs to know detailed information about where to conduct such an operation, there is evidence and permissions, and how much is this service in clinics. First, the patient needs to see a doctor, who decides the feasibility of penis enlargement by surgery, as well as the absence of contraindications to it. It can be trusted for a special doctor at any local clinic.

Today, it operations can engage surgeons in the private clinics of plastic surgery and doctors in urban hospitals. Depending on the type of operation and type of clinic is also determined by the price of the service. For example, private clinics indicated in the price list prices are significantly higher than urban hospitals.

What is the procedure?

Plastic surgery for penis enlargement can be performed in different ways, it all depends on the patient's wishes and testimony of a doctor who examines men and evaluates the appropriateness of such a step. It is established that the operation is valid if the penis length less than 12 cm.

There are several types of operations.

This operation involves taking fat cells from the places of excessive accumulation, then they are placed inside the penis. In rare cases, but it happens, fat cells may eventually dissolve.

Sometimes, to transplant you take muscle flaps, but this technique is higher percentage risks. This type of surgery may promise to man is not more than 1 cm

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

Surgery to increase the head of the penis and of the penis, which promises 3-4 cm excess, but requires the complicated specifics of the. Man is immersed in the General anesthesia, and then from the abdominal wall into the cavity of the transplanted penis muscle.

Before such an operation, a diagnosis of:

  • consultation and examination by a urologist;
  • surrender of the biochemical and General blood and urine;
  • analyses on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections;
  • further consultation with a specialist anaesthetist.

10 hours before such an operation it is important not to eat anything or drink. To muscle transplantation there are a number of contraindications, namely:

  • of mental health;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • poor blood clotting.

Surgery to increase the member

what is the procedure

Before surgery, the patient is immersed in General anesthesia (rarely, make spinal anesthesia the intolerance of the first embodiment). The surgeon carries out the dissection of the suspensory ligament member that is mounted on the bones of the pelvis.

By increasing this connection increases the length of the penis. After opening the doctor can pull out a hidden section of the penis, after which the incision is sutured.

Installation of the prosthesis

Complicated and time-consuming task for an expert, which is performed under General anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision, revealing the spongy bodies of the penis men, after which there is inserted a tool.

Modern medical practice offers several types of implants:

  • inflatable prosthesis;
  • plastic implant;
  • hard denture (it'll be less and less).

This is the most heavy and long, but she garnish the best results for increasing penis length.

Is it dangerous?

In fact, any surgical intervention in the human body entails certain risks and dangers. The same can be said about surgery for penis enlargement, which can lead to complications. First, the man may not like the aesthetic appearance of the penis after suffering interference. Secondly, such operations can cause a number of complications, for example:

  • bruising and bleeding;
  • fever;
  • scars and not aesthetic appearance;
  • infection through open wounds;
  • temporary, long or full sexual the failure of men;
  • psycho-emotional disorders and injuries;
  • necrosis or resorption of tissues;
  • the low sensitivity of penis or lack thereof;
  • the thrombus in the region of the member;
  • unusual angle during erection.

Before the operation, the specialist is obliged to familiarize the patient with the risk of occurrence of such complications and warned her husband in advance. Only then can you assess how suitable the operation.

How much is it?

The cost of surgery for penis enlargement can be radically different depending on the pricing policy and the type of clinic. Typically, a private clinic may entail large costs, but to provide the patient the best conditions for the operation and rehabilitation afterwards. But on average, for the operation need to pay 200-1200 thousand dollars.

surgery to increase the member

The prosthesis may require other, more significant cost — 5,000 dollars, depending on the kind of implant, the choice of clinic and its location. Denture costs the man 2-12 thousand dollars. Increase use lipofilling will require costs in the amount of 4,500, while the cost of muscle transplantation is 2000-4000 thousand dollars.