Ways to increase penis: simple and effective

All methods of penis enlargement can be divided into several groups. The first of them will include surgery, which is a radical way to fix the length or thickness of the penis.

penile enlargement

The second group of methods is twofold – it is a surgical procedure plus a different manipulation for penis enlargement. They can be very diverse, and consolidate the results from operations, and add a few inches.

And bezoperatsionnye ways to change the size of the penis in a big way. This category include all fixtures, a variety of multifunctional attributes (attachments, ring for erection), methods and techniques with your own hands.

The question of how to increase the member, is the most relevant at the moment. And practice shows that a variation to increase the manhood much. But which method of penis enlargement the best and most effective? That this need to understand.

The old method

Perhaps the oldest and easiest method of penis enlargement is hanging on a variety of goods. This option already has a huge number of centuries and was practiced by our ancestors.

Probably, if compare with other methods of penis enlargement, it seems wild, not aesthetically beautiful, but the main result, isn't it? Namely reviews and experiences of the men show that suspension really does the job.

Enlarge penis at home using hanging loads can any representative of the stronger sex, regardless of their age. It takes a little skill and a minimum skill.

Consequently, the growth process can be represented in the following actions:

  • On the rope or lace is necessary to consolidate a few loads. Total cargo weight for the first workout should not exceed 500 grams.
  • The run time of the classes varies from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Then, take the patch and fix the rope just above the head of their genitals.
  • To dramatically lower the load is not possible, it is recommended to "lift a member" from the floor, and quite slowly and carefully.

We should say a few words about the process of warming the penis prior to class. It allows to improve soft tissue elasticity, and prepares the penis stretching. And also provides increased blood circulation in the reproductive organ.

Conditional suspension can be divided into two types. The first option requires a peaceful process when a man is hung from the load and is in a fixed position. The second method is a load swing in a clockwise direction, or being in motion.

Important: to complicate the exercise, you only when the penis is used to the load, provided that the weight member is not more than 3 pounds.

Twisting when Jelqing

penile enlargement pump

Jelqing is an Arabic methodology of increase of a member, and it is a real method that will allow you to say goodbye with a little dignity forever. However, to enhance the effect of the classes, it can be done a little differently than in traditional design.

Jelqing can increase a member for a few centimeters. As a rule, one month of daily training, the growth of the reproductive organ is about 2-4 millimeters.

Someone can say that it is too little and will not be visually seen. But the question is to not only increase the manhood, but also to maintain the obtained results for a lifetime. So everything is relative.

For the implementation of training need enlarge penis cream, or plain grease or lubricant. Dry exercise to be performed is not recommended.

The penis enlargement through twisting and Jelka as follows:

  1. To bring yourself up to 30% erection (not more).
  2. Apply on the penis grease, the crown applied do not need.
  3. To take his fingers over the head, start twisting the penis in a clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  4. After reaching the maximum twisting, stop. If a man does everything right, on the penis forming a plurality of folds, and the penis becomes like a twisted rope.
  5. Then there is Jelqing. Take the pizzle grip the ring tightly in his embrace. And pull the ring towards the head. Oil should be enough to hand easily glided over the folds formed on the member.
  6. To repeat from 10 to 40 times.

Men indicate that during implementation, training should be painful. Many believe that only through pain can come to the desired result of the penis.

Twisting is a good home method of penis enlargement has a lot of positive feedback from men.

Rope in extender

To increase the size of the penis using the extender is a special device that pulls the internal ligaments of the penis in length, resulting in the penis becoming more like at rest and during erection.

This simple method is probably known to many representatives of the stronger sex. And a lot of people are not endurance in such a delicate matter, in order to obtain the results increase as soon as possible.

So was invented the advanced method application of the extender, provides the growth of reproductive organ faster than usual wearing.

In principle, all the conditions of the wearing fixtures remain the same, only when fastening features:

  • When fixing the head is to roll to either side of the penis, and then secure the head of the penis.
  • If done correctly, this design manhood will look like the "retorta".

Then the man does as usual, observing the time frame of wearing the extender. However, in this method there is a certain nuance. It is known that when using a simple fixture, remove the design every 2-2.5 hours.

In this exercise, orthopaedic device is removed every hour, then do massage of the penis. Since in this position significantly decreases blood circulation in the penis.

Program pump and Jelka

A vacuum pump is a device that helps men to alter the natural size of a member in a big way. The essence of his work is that it provokes the maximum blood flow in the corpora cavernosa.

Accordingly, the maximum the corpora cavernosa filled with blood, and they are stretched. If you exercise often, then more and more will be arriving the blood, in turn, more and more they will stretch.

As a result, a vacuum pump could increase the member during erection and in a relaxed state. In addition, exercise contribute to the fact that the sexual organ is more direct, improving erectile function.

Training programs:

penile enlargement methods
  1. Morning and evening Jelqing plus one session with a pump (10 minutes) – the first week.
  2. Once Jelqing plus the use of the pump 15 minutes the second week.
  3. Two classes Jelka plus two times of using the penis pump for 15 minutes the third week.
  4. One Jelqing session and three pomping in 10 minutes – fourth week.

This program is recommended to train every day. To some, this method helped to increase the member by four centimeters.

However, you need to engage for six months or more.

Pulsating extraction

Pulsating stretch the penis it is recommended to do just before a shower, or immediately after a workout is Jelqing. The process looks like this: with one hand take the base of the penis, and the other hand (all fingers) and wrap it around under the head.

Then you need to stretch the penis, and this time using the thumbs to bend the member, and, when done correctly, the penis is almost at a right angle. Next you need to pull manhood until it stops with both hands.

And the hand that grips the crown of the reproductive organ that needs to make a sudden leap forward. A second spurt, and so to repeat 30 to 60 times. Efforts should regulate themselves, and for the first time not eliminates the appearance of bruises on the glans penis.