How to increase penis with the help of baking soda

The question of penis enlargement baking soda is raised by many men. In pursuit of their dignity, they are willing to do incredible things. The view that soda promotes the growth of tissues as such – is quite controversial and requires further study. This applies not only to genitals, but also any other part of the body. That is why the situation on how to increase the member, using baking soda can be called not very intelligent. Consider a phased the question.

Where did the idea of penis enlargement with the help of soda?

the penis enlargement with the help of soda

That penis enlargement with the help of baking soda reality started to think people who had read about the positive impact of sodium bicarbonate on the body in General and the urogenital system in particular.

After all, it is known that regular baking soda can be used as a good way to overcome prostatitis or even a partial increase potency. Of course, do not expect a very pronounced result, however, this effect is the place to be.

However, how to increase penis baking soda, unknown to anyone. If you ask about such an ordinary doctor, in most cases, he will be puzzled or even laugh. To understand is not true such theories should more thoroughly investigate what this baking soda.

The effect on the human body

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural alkaline, which can affect acid-alkaline balance of the body. Depending on how a person takes this tool will vary its effects on the body.

An interesting historical fact is that soda used during the second world war for the relief of the special coma. It makes an acidosis (increased acidity) in the blood that helped to save lives.

At the moment the most common applications of sodium bicarbonate remain:

  • Weight loss with the help of baths with baking soda.
  • Improving the quality of the skin.
  • Cleansing the body of radioactive isotopes.
  • Therapy of inflammatory processes (prostatitis, cystitis and other).
  • Reducing the acidity of the stomach.

Despite the fairly wide range of applications known for the white powder, they should not be abused. In case of overdose and too long-term intake of soda can cause undesirable consequences that you will then be treated separately.

You can increase the member using baking soda?

Given the scope of bicarbonate of sodium and the mechanism of its effects on the body (control of the acid-alkaline balance) becomes apparent by the fact that the direct effect of soda on the dimensions of manhood does not exist.

Minerals included in the composition of the white powder simply do not have the properties that could at least stimulate cell division, not to mention the growth of entire body parts.

Baking soda for penis enlargement are not suitable. She will not be able to satisfy the desire of her husband. Despite what the recipe will choose the representative of the stronger sex for the corresponding action to the penis, it will be ineffective.

Fortunately, the price of the product is low, so you can avoid wasting money.

Soda and potency

soda for penis enlargement

When a person asks a question about how you can increase the member of the baking soda, the only thing to advise him is to apply it as a stimulant potency.

Immediately I must say that this practice is not beneficial because it implies the reception of the respective white powder. Too much time this "treatment" increases the risk of progression of gastritis with its transformation in peptic ulcer disease.

However, the use of soda to stimulate potency with partial penis enlargement (due to the normalization of erection and nothing more) is possible in the following situations:

  1. Infection of the prostate gland. Prostatitis leads to a decrease in sexual activity men. Such a development caused by the deterioration of the affected area are products of microorganisms. To improve the health and eliminate the source of inflammation, you can use sodium bicarbonate, which is a natural alkali. It neutralizes toxins and accelerates the healing process.
  2. Disturbances in the metabolism. Very often the metabolic disorders are accompanied by changes in pH to the acid side. This leads to a progression of the characteristic symptoms with a decrease in sexual activity and the inability of the member to adequately fill with blood. The use of baking soda may help in this situation and improves the quality of sexual life.

The above mechanisms and the impact on the genitourinary system is very small. Therefore, you should never rely on soda as a remedy for overcoming erectile dysfunction or increasing penis size. What soda can help in a number of diseases – the truth. However, this does not apply to impotence in bed or too small size of a member.

How to increase penis?

Despite the fact that soda is ineffective for solving issues of the intimate sphere, many men continue to look for ways to increase their dignity.

Although it is scientifically proven that not only size, thickness matters, representatives of the male, as before, worried about insufficient number of centimeters.

In any case, the modern pharmaceutical market offers its customers a big choice of good drugs that promise to add a couple of inches of the penis. How effective they are is hard to say, because none of them were investigated according to scientific requirements.

how to increase the member

The majority of consumers have to be the word of a manufacturer or a number of online reviews that are often paid and not true. Despite this, it is still worthwhile to mention a few really interesting tools.