The penis enlargement at home

Men who want to increase penis size, are faced with a choice between transactions that come from ancient times the techniques developed in the last decades of drugs and devices. However, the majority of men are only interested in a penis enlargement at home, so surgical intervention in the review, exclude, and consider only those methods that can, without violating the normal mode of life and remaining healthy, increase your penis at home, if desired or necessary, keeping in secret sessions increase size of the penis.

The penis enlargement at home by using the extender

the penis enlargement at home

The extender is a special device to enlarge the penis, which fixes the body in the stretched condition. To wear the extender every day, 6-8 hours with breaks, three meals a day. Subject to specified time wearing the extender gives effect six months later. The increase is achieved, up to 30% of the original length. In thickness penis during wearing of the device also increases because of the load of training is distributed across the surface of the body.

The principle of operation of the extender. The extender works in the same way as the rings of growth unprecedented long neck girls from exotic tribes. The principle is this: the part of the body clock is in the stretched condition, begins to increase in size. This is due to the protective reaction of the body on a cellular level to prevent tissue damage, the cells tend to increased division, filling the stretched space.

The penis enlargement at home pump or hydro pump

Pump — a device acting on the penis using vacuum. Penis under the influence of the air "inflated" from the inside, filled with blood and eventually grows in size for the conditions of stretching.

Pumps differ on air and hydro pump.

Air pumps are deprecated because of the danger: rarefied air causes injury in the form of bruises and hematomas. The occupation with the air pump is limited.

Hydro pump is used instead of air water which does not harm the penis. Use hydro pump much longer than air. This gives more chances of penis enlargement forever, not for time, as the main condition for obtaining results of sufficient duration of training. However, one pump for penis enlargement at home is not enough. This device is used as an additional means to massage or a special device and works more on length than on volume.

Penis growth at home through massage

Jelking, massage for penis enlargement has gained popularity thanks to the Internet. It works hand technique, proven for a long time. In Arab countries, boys of the nobility were involved in massage since a young age: growing organism is more sensitive to physical exercise, and the effect will be better. But adults get the result, make an effort. The disadvantage of this massage every day need hours. In this sense, massage is inferior to the device — the principle is the same, but the extender unleashes and frees up time for other things.

On specialized Internet forums are discussed in gels, creams, Supplements, hormones for penis enlargement and even baking soda. But yet never was officially registered the penis enhancement men associated with the application of external products, vitamins or tablets.

how to make dick bigger at home

With the exception of hormonal development in children. In this case, the endocrinologist appoints injections of male hormones, including and in the penis, causing the growth of the body. An adult male hormones, and is not prescribed by a doctor, only harm.

Creams, gels, and other external tools causing a short-term increase in the size of the penis, is associated with an increased content of blood.

So, penis enlargement at home is possible, and it is not disputed; among these methods, both free and paid, that give in combined form larger fast effect. To be patient and proceed to the massage course lasts at least a year, or buy the extender and get the results already in six months – each makes an independent decision.