How to make dick bigger at home

In order to avoid after all the exercises and techniques of unpleasant effects that occur during the incorrect execution, we reccomend you to examine all instructions:

how to increase penis


To get started you need a piece of soft tissue about 30 centimeters, which you have to place in warm water and then remove it. Wrap is not tight around his penis (the condition it's in, it doesn't matter) and hold it there for about three minutes. After that, the piece of tissue is removed and again dipped in warm water. Such manipulations do three times.

When finished this step, wipe it and wait when the cock dry. This procedure is needed for that would be while using warm compress will have a good blood flow and improved blood circulation in the penis, and the skin became very elastic for that to be the time the exercise was made possible grab the skin on the penis.

The technique of stretching

When you finished the procedure compress, then proceed to stretching techniques, which are described below. In order to make the muscles stronger penis, taking it in your hand to compress and decompress it. Experts believe that these manipulations greatly distended penis and your future lady will expect a prolonged erection. These exercises can be done as a member in the resting state and the excited body, because the result is the same.

1. Option

The most popular technique, because most of our clients chose it so we recommend it to you. During its execution, you can either sit or lie down.

  1. Your penis in a calm state. Take in your right hand and severely squeeze the head, but so did the blood.
  2. Then slowly pull it away until until you begin to experience pain. In this state, hold it for about 5 minutes, but by the coming of 1 min will increase stretching. And remember: all exercises should be done very easily and in no cases do not bring you discomfort.
  3. how to increase penis stretching
  4. Now rest for about 1 minute. And then with light circular movements massage your penis 30 times and finish. Thus, you will restore normal blood circulation after this procedure.
  5. Go back to the exercise that is described in paragraph 2 and repeat it 4 times, but now get him first up and then down and then to one side, then the other. After five minutes of active exercise, go back to step 3.
  6. Finally you have completed as many as 5 extensions in different directions, now you have to pull it out in front, straight in front of him. Now hold it in your hand for 1 minute. Squeeze 10 times, but not so that it hurts.

The results of manual manipulations do not differ from those that are technical and innovative devices. What would all the manipulation that went well all you need to do so that would avoid pressure on the dorsal nerve, which is located on the top of your dick. Of course, not excluded the option that you yourself can come up with a correct method of stretching of penis that you understand all the sensations. Just remember that strong grip the genitals will lead to poor circulation and eventually to impotence.

These exercises will bring the first positive results after 2 weeks, but the desired result you will achieve only through a long 3-4 months.

2. Option

  1. When a member in a calm state, take one hand gently by the head and squeeze it. Do not forget that all exercises should be pleasant and in no cases should not disturb the circulation.
  2. Pull forward a little, but remember the voltage should not be painful. In this state, hold it for 30 seconds to 60, it all depends on how comfortable you to accomplish. Take a short break.
  3. Exercises described in paragraph two, repeat for 20 minutes for one session. But between the rest 20 min.

3. Option

This method is used for many years. All manipulations are conducted in a calm state and in the excited. Technique is written exactly as it was described to us. Enter the air through the nose and a little delay and if swallow. Here you feel the air come in your stomach and then kick him in the penis. Find the point of Hu Yun with his left hand, which is located between the scrotum and the anus, through these manipulations, the penis will hard as a rock. Then restore normal breathing, but the finger don't take.

how to increase penis ways

While the left hand at the point you pull the penis right in the ass forward 36 times very lightly. At this time, the thumb to caress the head while the penis does not become firm. Holding his right hand, the penis will go down by 3 cm in the bottom that you'd been hit by the energy of the air. Then pull it to the right and start to rotate the hand to the right and to the left for 36 times, then turn left and repeat the same rotation. When these circular movement is completed, knock them on right thigh, then left.