Increase the member without surgery

Who need surgery to increase the member? Men are the stronger half of humanity, but they have a big weakness, inherent only to them. Dignity, whether it has sufficient value to pride? The lack of knowledge of anatomy often leads to concern about the dimensions of the penis. Gives children a sense of insecurity, leading even to drastic measures, often not justified.

To do the surgery for penis enlargement is a necessity or a whim? What methods are used? What can be done without surgery? About it our article.

Penis size

penis enlargement.

Most men are concerned about the length of his penis. Not all go to the doctor for clarification. Many wrongly believe that they have little authority.

Failures in family life, roughly thrown his wife's words on the man's ability in bed can contribute to the development of special phobias (morbid dissatisfaction with his penis).

To avoid such excesses, it is necessary to know the average and how to measure it. Better to do it in erection. Although it is at rest on the surface of the penis.

Have as much to pull it off. Measure from the pubis to the tip of the head, typically is 10-19 cm Medium is considered to be 16 see

There is such a thing as a small penis, when in erection it reaches 8 see It already requires medical intervention. Congenital abnormality small penis, a very rare anomaly, which is treated from an early age.

We often heard the phrase that in the Soviet Union there is no sex. This led to the fact that many men are non-sexual culture that leads to failure in bed, of dissatisfaction with the parameters of his dick.

The famous Casanova didn't have the big size body, but could please any woman and get pleasure yourself.

Increase the member without surgery

One doctor said that if everything was as easy as the commercials say, then each of the men's penises were a great size.

Only here what for?

In real life woman's vagina is about 10-15 cm, the average size of a penis is perfect for them. Large dimensions can cause damage to internal organs partner is not bringing any pleasure to both.

Before making a penis enlargement by surgery, you can use these methods:

Vacuum pump. A special apparatus in which is placed the member and under pressure, as the pump pulls on. At the base is worn the ring that holds blood in the penis.

Increasing, he becomes excited, after the procedure, all returned to their seats. This device is often detrimental to the body, complications can arise:

  • Under strong pressure you can damage the urethra and the seed channel;
  • Due to compression of blood vessels blood circulation of the penis;
  • Exterior damage in the form of abrasions and bruises;
  • If the ring is a long time to remove, develops necrosis.

Exercise equipment to increase on – jelking. Benefits include special exercises for stretching the penis (milking motion).

A method that increases the penis, are not expensive, can afford anyone. The disadvantage is that the exercises should be perform daily for half an hour, the phallus should not be in erection.


There is one more special device to increase the member, which must be worn during the day. It works on the principle of load that the weight member extends. It should be noted that he threatens injury. Can damage blood vessels or channels.

Pills and gels for penis enlargement. All of these tools are based on the enhanced blood flow to the genitals, it promotes not only growth, but also leads to more sustained erections, which should positively affect sexual intercourse.

The size of the penis does not grow, but sexual satisfaction is improving. In addition, the gels make the body more supple and sensitive, which also affects their sexual relationships.

increase the member without surgery

You should not always look for the cause of their failures in the size of the organ. Most often the problem lies in weak erection, mental dependence, or simply wrong behavior in bed with a woman.

Types of surgical intervention

Recently, the penis enlargement by surgery has become very popular. There are several methods to modify the penis. Among those wishing to make a plastic member, many men who need this surgery is not needed.

The reason for their painful relationship to "small" penis, lies not in size but in the perception itself. Does not require surgical care but also psychological.

There are such treatments:

  1. Without the surgery, when is performed under local anesthesia incision, and long you need to wear a special device – the extender. This is done to lengthen the penis.
  2. Surgical (thickening) – the operation to inject into the penis a muscle or adipose tissue.
  3. Combined – the consistent implementation of the two methods.

Plastic surgery to increase the organ is considered to be the most effective. Cherished dream of men to lengthen penis a few inches can be done, but you need to go through the pain and long rehabilitation.

Surgical intervention is a painful process. In addition, you need to keep in mind that is only done when indicated.

Most deterred by the price, and the process leads many to think twice before deciding to go under the knife.


Doctors believe that on a small (11-14 cm) must not interfere with the man to live a normal life, if there are no problems with erection.

When the body has dimensions less than 7 cm, then there is no possibility to lead a normal sexual life. In these cases, the person needs medical assistance.

Indications for surgery penis enlargement:

  • Mechanical damage to the organ.
  • Malformations (hypospadias, epispadia).
  • A congenital anomaly (a small penis).
  • Changes associated with age (obesity).

The technique of the

How increases after the surgery? This question always interested in the future of the patient. Doctors may promise an increase of 3 to 5 cm

This will depend on the anatomical features of the organ. Before surgery, the patient show videos and the rehabilitation period.

People should clearly know what he is, to make an informed decision. Even increasing body length, the patient is satisfied. The reason is purely psychological.

The operation goes in two directions:

  1. Length.
  2. Volume.

An operation is an increase in body length. During surgery, the surgeon cuts the ligaments that are located in the perineum and hold the member.

Due to their growth on. After the cut, a man for 6-8 months should wear the extender. It allows to increase up to 5 cm of fat grafting – the volume of the penis. Carry out this operation by moving adipose tissue or muscle in the inner space of the penis.

The disadvantage of transplantation is that it has the ability to move. Muscle is not always take root, can lead to serious complications. To increase the volume in this way is only 1 cm

Transplantation – growth of the penis through muscle press. It's a complicated procedure and is performed under General anesthesia. Scars on the abdomen. Long-term rehabilitation.

methods of penis enlargement

The prosthetic implantation of an artificial prosthesis. This is a complex surgery where the implant member is inserted. It is necessary to hold the jewelry work to the vessel has been restored.

Need a doctor of high qualification. The price of such transactions is also very large. As a result, the penis increases by 5 cm.

Despite various techniques, the operation is a risky business, not always you will get the result. Resort to plastic in exceptional cases.