Effective ways of increase of a member: procedures

According to statistics, every third man dissatisfied with the size of their penis.Fortunately, in today's world there are a huge number of home methods to increase male. penis.

Some of them appeared recently, and some have been known since ancient times.

In this article we examine the most effective methods to increase manhood and their characteristics.

The structure of the penis and the effect of various methods

penis enlargement

Penis has a rather complex structure. The penis is divided into three zones: its basis (root), trunk (body) and head. The barrel consists of two cavernous and spongy one body. This zone is subjected to increase in different methods.

Dapibus sheath that surrounds a pair of cavernous bodies, which has excellent elongation. It is this property to enlarge the penis from 1 to 5 cm is quite real. One of the most popular methods of penis enlargement are:

  1. Massage stretches the tissue, extending the body, increases the weight of the tissues of the penis, improve the ability of the penis to gain more blood.
  2. Exercises improve blood circulation in the tissues, stretch the body in length and increase coverage.
  3. The extender pushes the inner part of the penis, stimulates the growth of penile tissues.
  4. Pump it has an instant effect on increasing in length and thickness by 10% immediately after application. After a couple of hours the effect disappears. Using the pump on a regular basis allows you to achieve good growth in diameter of the member.
  5. Traditional medicines such as herbs, are due to the phytohormones contained in their composition. Lotions and ointments increase the size of your penis by improving circulation.
  6. Various ointments, creams, gels and sprays have the same principle. Funds accelerate blood circulation, lengthen and make the penis thicker for a long time.

The effectiveness of procedures

The name of the method Efficiency
Wet jelqing Three months of therapy penis increases by an average of 4 cm by pulling and stretching the penis.
Dry Jelq The course of the procedure from 2 months to a year. During this time, the size of the member increases by 3-5 cm Increase, as well as the wet jelq is due to the pulling and stretching of the penis.
The Method Of Dao This type of massage is aimed at increasing the head. The first results can be noticed after 1-2 months of regular exercise.
Exercise: compression Technology is aimed at thickening member. Doing antiquated exercises to achieve penis diameter not less than 3 cm.
Stretching Exercise stretches the ligaments, extending the penis by 3-6 cm per year of constant training.
Kegel Exercises Increase the length of the penis by forcing an erection. Course – from 3 months to a year. The maximum effect that can be obtained 4 see
Appliances: extender One of the most effective methods of penis enlargement. For the year classes can achieve results of up to 7 cm, the Device stretches the penis, improves blood circulation in tissues.
Pump A course of lessons from six months or more. Effect – up to 5 cm Due to the vacuum, which acts on the penis increases the thickness and length of body.
Folk remedies: baking soda The efficiency of the process is less pronounced than previous methods, but at 2-3 cm for a couple of months penis increase is quite real.
Grass Thanks to the plant hormones contained in some herbs to increase penis size a couple of inches for 1-2 months is possible.
Ointments, gels The purchase money promise fast effect penis enlargement. Only 1 month sexual organ should increase in length by 2-4 cm
penis enlargement ways

What is the means to increase penis without surgery?

Surgery for penis enlargement in 95% of cases gives a positive result. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex decided on surgery. Some people don't the budget allows, someone the operation is prohibited for medical reasons, and someone just can not be solved. In the modern world of home methods to increase penis size set:

Various ointments, creams, gels and sprays.

Internet pages are full of proposals of this nature.

Ointment is one of the easiest ways of penis enlargement, however not all tools give the result.

Before purchase it is necessary to examine the composition of the product and the reviews on the product so as not to run into anything.

To apply the tools of this kind need one or twice a day, applying in a circular motion on the penis.

The rate of usage from one month to three.

Massages and a variety of exercise equipment.

This method of penis enlargement is the most popular as it does not require cash outlay and can be carried out at any time. The disadvantage of this method is a long wait for the result.The course of treatment from six months to a year.

jelqing is by far the best method of penis enlargement.

The essence consists in stretching the penis from base to head.

No less effective is the stretching of the body.

Help! Technique is simple: stretching of the penis alone in different directions within a certain time.

The misconceptions of the massage and exercise can lead to serious injury of the penis.


Extender – effective and convenient device for penis enlargement.

The principle is simple: stretching on for a long time.

Pump works differently. The vacuum created in it increases blood flow to the penis due to which there is an increase.

The rate of use of instruments to obtain a consistent result six months or more.

Promotes the growth of traditional medicine?

Different generation men have turned to traditional medicine to increase the size of their genitals. Use these tools now. The method, tested by time, that surely speaks of its effectiveness. The use of soda – the easiest and cheapest way to add some cm to your penis. Besides, there are three ways of application:

  1. Drink diluted with soda solution. A mixture of half teaspoon of baking soda and 150 ml of water you need to drink in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 weeks. At the expiration of this time not only the penis needs to increase by a few cm, but also significantly improve the erection.
  2. Wetting the penis with a solution of soda. The essence of the method: clean and dry body dipped in a solution (1 teaspoon of baking soda to 200 ml of water). Flush cock then no need. Procedure done 2 times a day for at least a month.
  3. Rubbing ointment made of honey and baking soda. Preparing a mixture of equal parts of honey and baking soda. The ointment should be applied to the entire length of the penis before going to sleep for 15-30 minutes.

Grass is an equally effective method of penis enlargement. They can be used as brewed in teas, and as part of various biologically active additives. To of herbs that positively affects the growth of the penis include:

  • Ginseng. Contraindications are heart disease, benign and malignant tumors.
  • Ginko biloba. Contraindications: seizures.
  • The Maca. Contraindications to the use of no, however, in any the slightest deterioration of health reception immediately should stop.

Before applying any medicinal supplements better to consult a doctor.

Great results from national resources can be expected. However, to add to the size of the penis 2-3 cm it is possible, moreover, that often do not require any financial investment or costs are minimal.

Don't be discouraged if after a few weeks of classes will not be visible result. The first visual change is usually noticeable only after 3 months of regular work on the penis enlargement.

As you can see, ways to increase penis huge set. The best results can be achieved by applying several methods simultaneously. Six months of regular classes and the penis will become a subject of Your pride.