How to increase the member with soda

Every man wants to have stunning impression in bed and satisfy your partner a hundred percent. However, it is believed that the bigger the penis is, the better. Not all men, by nature of considerable size to their advantage. Therefore, many ask the question of its increase. To date, this issue can be solved by surgery, but this method is rather painful for the patient and requires a long rehabilitation period. In the Internet you can find quite a lot of ways that relate to the issue of penis enlargement. On TV, and just on the advertising banners on the street also not uncommon to see an advertisement with the offer of various methods to increase manhood.

the penis enlargement baking soda

Very often men complex about it completely out of the blue. First check whether your unit is less than that of the average European. Of course, the man himself decides, satisfied with his penis size or he would like bigger and thicker. It should be noted that the length of the penis in erection is less than 8 cm is normal, and in this case there is reason to think. Furthermore, the size of the penis does not affect the degree of satisfaction of the partner, this has been proven by doctors and survey of the female sex.

In this article you will learn how to increase male sexual dignity with soda.

Methods of increasing penile

Typically, the size of a man's penis is proportional to the size of the body, so the instances of imbalance are rare. However, this problem may occur on the basis of personal inferiority, and the partner had the temerity to tell her husband about the inadequate size of his manhood. Penis enlargement pharmacies sell a variety of lotions, dietary supplements , the action of which is to best supply the penis with blood, which contributes to better erections. Also as alternative, you could consider:

  1. Massage of the penis aimed to increase;
  2. Suspension of cargo to the manhood to stretch;
  3. Pump, which is based on the vacuum;
  4. Specialized nozzles and extenders;
  5. Creams local actions that have a cumulative effect.

The penis enlargement baking soda

Traditional medicine has not remained indifferent to this disease, one of the most affordable is to increase member using soda, costs about 20 rubles on the shelves. The solution can be obtain by mixing baking soda with boiled water and taken orally. However, this recipe penis enlargement is not suitable for everyone. The use of alkali is contraindicated in individuals with a male:

  1. Cancer;
  2. Diabetes mellitus;
  3. Gastritis and its consequences;
  4. Normal acidity of the stomach;
  5. Hypersensitivity and microtrauma of the penis.

The soda is alkali (sodium bicarbonate), injected into the body of this product can have harmful influence on the state of the whole organism. If the husband is observed in at least one of the above pathologies, the use of alkali to solve the problem for him is strictly forbidden.

How soda affects the increase of the member? The essence of the algorithm alkali is to improve the blood, which facilitates its receipt to manhood, and did not provoke thrombosis. Lug must be combined with exercises aimed at solving problems. It should be noted that soda may not increase the member once and for all, the effect of the increase (about 5 mm) is observed up to a maximum of 3 hours. Ways to use soda men enough, the article will describe the most popular:

  1. Half a teaspoon of baking soda diluted in a glass of water with a volume of 250 ml, stir thoroughly and drink after Breakfast. The course is about one month. For some men this recipe brings of the result is not enough, so they are in a glass of water, diluted half and a whole teaspoon of baking soda.
  2. One of the possible variants of the use of alkali is to gradually increase the dosage, you should start with 1/2 tsp.

How to use soda

how to make dick bigger soda

The above recipes use soda as the drink inside. Penis growth by using the baking soda can also be achieved through external application:

  1. The elasticity of manhood provides the solution at the rate of one teaspoon of powder per Cup of liquid. The resulting liquid mix thoroughly and immerse the penis, hold 10 minutes. The procedure is done an hour before the sexual intercourse;
  2. Sodium bicarbonate and men can be used as a scrub for the penis. Soda should be applied to wet the penis and RUB in with soft massaging movements. This method promotes blood flow to the penis, which positively affects the increase in the size of the penis men. The use of baking soda as a scrub is a cumulative effect, so the visible result from the first time to fail, the procedure should be carried out about 2-3 months. In some cases, men achieve this method of increasing up to 2 cm;
  3. There is also a formula for increasing member when soda used in combination with a vacuum pump. Penis oil, then apply the baking soda. After simple steps, wear a pump and use it according to instructions. After the procedure it is recommended to lubricate the member with oil or a fatty cream to prevent irritation;
  4. For those men who have decided to kill two birds with one stone, namely, the increase of member of soda and increase its sensitivity, there is also a recipe with baking soda. For this you need to take honey and soda in equal parts, mix and apply on manhood and massage it for 4 minutes.

Of course, each person decides which method to use, which suits him best, but in an alternative embodiment, the first you can use a folk remedy – penis enlargement baking soda. The methods described above, is fairly simple to use and do not require any financial investment.

If traditional remedies are not credible and the result should get this second, you can buy in the pharmacy a specialized spray that solves the problem in a jiffy.

Side effects

Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline, and kills bacteria as pathogenic and needed by the body that are penis. Penis growth soda can be a consequence of the deterioration of the immune system and the formation of pathogenic microflora, resulting in possible development of diseases such as thrush, balanoposthitis, and all this, in addition, may be accompanied by painful inflammation in the body. Also side effects of use of baking soda is:

  1. Irritation and soreness on the penis
  2. Cracks and sores on the penis
  3. Allergic reaction.
baths with baking soda

Penile enlargement is quite a common theme for the male half of humanity. Increase member soda method is quite simple and accessible, however, its effectiveness is confirmed only by men reviews on specialized forums. Before proceeding into action, the man needs to decide why he needs a long penis, because the quality of sex is not affected, this issue was held by not a few medical studies and surveys from women. You need to understand, and maybe it's psychological trauma, or maybe just a personal shyness. It is not the size, but the ability to control your manhood. Think about your health, which is necessary to protect and maintain, not to abuse different drugs.