The best means to increase the penis

The size of the penis is a vital topic for all men. Many of them are dissatisfied with the natural abilities and often wonder how to change the situation. Radical measures, not all are willing, but traditional medicine has the best means to increase manhood.

how to increase the member

The most effective methods

There are five effective ways to make a huge penis:

  1. Vacuum pump – is put on a special bulb, which create a negative pressure. Because of this sexual organ increases in size. If you use this method every day, in a year you can notice obvious results. But it suffers from erection quality.
  2. Tensile load – it is attached to the genitals and leave it for a few hours. The penis length increases and thickness decreases. In addition, the wrong suspension may lead to deformation and infringements of sensitivity.
  3. Surgery is an effective method, but only subject to its professional execution. After the intervention of the penis leaves scars that don't look aesthetically pleasing. But if the operation is done poorly, the erection can be forgotten.
  4. Medications take effect only at the time. Most of the preparations contain a vitamin complex and substances that improve blood flow. But to increase the sexual organ for a long time in this way will not work.
  5. Physical exercise to improve blood circulation and normalize the amount of hormones in the blood. Enhanced blood flow to the penis ensures its increase.

Popular recipes

Alternative medicine offers few effective remedies:

  • thyme – grind, brew and infuse. Ready means to drink for four months, morning and evening;
  • finely chop the garlic, pour the alcohol, mix thoroughly and leave for ten days in a dry place, and then to drink for twenty-five drops for three months;
  • the infusion made from ginseng, hawthorn and Ginkgo leaves is rubbed into the penis;
  • seeds of wormwood – cover with cold water and boil for about ten minutes, then drain, cool and make inside;
  • butter, milk and chopped asparagus to the mix, add seeds of carrots and turnips, and send the resulting paste on medium heat until thick.
penis enlargement.

This is the most popular folk remedy used to increase male genitals. But the possibilities of herbal medicine is virtually limitless, so you can choose a more effective decoction of medicinal herbs.

The advantages of folk recipes.

Increase male organ with the help of herbs has several benefits:

  1. Herbal teas are affordable and are sold in any drugstore. If desired, the ingredients can be assembled in the field or in the meadow.
  2. Safety – pharmaceuticals can cause side effects. Herbal medicine is absolutely harmless for men's health.
  3. Long-term effect of regular treatment with herbs gives a stable result. He comes not immediately, but persists for a long time.

If you have patience and some effort, you can be sure to achieve the desired result.


  1. The first results can be seen only after a few months, and not all men are willing to wait.
  2. Prerequisites you need to prepare: to collect, process, dry and then cook them all the infusion. This requires time and effort.

How to solve the problem with vaseline

This method is quite simple, but brings discomfort. Member at the base of the chip, syringe gain vaseline and injected under the skin of the penis. This method requires careful preparation and caution and should be performed by a person with medical experience.

After the procedure the skin should be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. If you strictly follow all the instructions, the result will pleasantly surprise you. But it is very important to do everything carefully – the unequal distribution of vaseline causing serious injury. Doctors believe this method of penis enlargement is dangerous for several reasons:

  1. A foreign body trapped under the skin, provokes the formation of a tumor, to remove which it is possible only by surgery, if this is not done in time, the man threatened impotence or amputation.
  2. Along with the vaseline into the blood can get various infections which also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  3. Vaseline can cause severe allergies, which have to treat with expensive drugs.

How to enlarge penis with improvised means

Popular methods of penis enlargement do not always include use of medicinal herbs and liquid components, sometimes to achieve the goal using other means. In a sex shop sell special products that contain specific substances. Once in the tissue of the penis, they cause its increase. You can also use inexpensive and time-tested methods. One of them is baking soda. The procedure is performed in the following way:

  1. Take a hot shower to steam the skin, dry towel to wipe.
  2. Throughout the length of the lubricated penis with vegetable oil on top and apply a small amount of baking soda.
  3. In a few minutes with a soft sponge to massage the male organ.
means for penis enlargement

As a result of all these steps, the penis needs to increase by a few millimeters. The effect lasts only a few hours. If during the procedure the discomfort, additionally, you can use emollient cream.