The real increase of the penis permanently through surgery

The penis stops growing until around 20 years. Most men are happy with the dimensions which they were endowed by nature, the other part of males looking for ways to increase genitals. In the course can go all kinds of medicines (their main disadvantage — many side effects), new-fangled technology (extenders, pumps, etc.), hand massages, stretching, etc. But only part of men resort to plastic surgeon who offers the patient an operation to increase a member.

The penis enlargement by surgery: all the "pros" and "cons"

surgery to increase the member

To understand the principle of augmentation of the male member, you should refer to the information about the anatomical structure of the body. So, the penis is supported by the pelvic division and attaches to it a special bunch. Sense surgery surgery to change the size of the ligament, which allows to increase the dimensions of the penis.

It would seem that this technique allows to solve numerous problems arising due to the small size of manhood (physical and psychological). However, you should consider some risk factors such manipulations:

  1. The possibility of injury to the patient or introduction of infection into his body during surgery.
  2. If the ligament is too short, carried out the intervention will not bring the expected effect.
  3. Not supported by the ligament of the penis is different. In addition, the termination leads to the fact that during erection, the member will be directed down, not forward or up, as is usual.
  4. Specialist are not able to completely predict the results of manipulation, since much depends on the patient and compliance with the rules of the rehabilitation period.

Indications for surgery

Since the augmentation of a member refers to plastic procedures, strict and categorical testimony to its conduct does not exist. However, to implement the increase in the genitals in some cases it is necessary, at this testimony can be divided into two subgroups: medical and aesthetic.

Medical indications:

  1. Small penis (so-called hidden penis).
  2. Cavernous fibrosis.
  3. Peyronie's Disease. For this pathology there is a deformity of the phallus, reduces its value.

The testimony of an aesthetic nature:

  1. The human desire for self-esteem.
  2. The desire to strengthen your attractiveness.
  3. Bad appearance of the penis.

The lower limit of the dimensions of the reproductive organ of men — 12 cm (including erection). The lower value can be regarded as a reason for surgery.


There are several contraindications to the process of increasing the genitals, among which are:

  • mental illness;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the clotting of blood.

The symptoms of these pathologies may be exacerbated after surgery to increase the penis.

Preparations for the operation

Before surgery the patient must undergo examination, is the following:

  • consultation of the urologist;
  • blood tests (clinical and biochemical, syphilis, hepatitis, HIV);
  • ECG;
  • consultation of the anesthesiologist.

Before the surgery in about 8-10 hours should abandon eating and drinking and to remove vegetation from the groin.

The progress of the operation

There are two types of augmentation of the penis. One of them is classic holding, and the other involves the addition of elements of adipose tissue. However, according to experts, the extension on the second type is much less the first. Most often the blood flow in the tissues is slow, resulting in various infectious complications.

devices for penis enlargement

Additionally, the operation is divided according to the type of access. In this respect, a plastic surgeon much easier to remove the ligament above the pubic bone. However, much more painless and less dangerous is the interference conducted through the scrotum. Surgery to increase penis with the help of such access may take longer, involves a much larger incision leaves visible scar in the pubic area. In addition, such interference injure tissue and fatty tissue makes it difficult to follow-up the wearing auxiliary device. The price of the operation carried out through the scrotum above, but the risk of complications is minimal, as well as the appearance of surgical scars.

It is considered that the removed ligament, which fixes the inner hidden part of the penis, does not lead directly to an increase in the reproductive organ. The member remains in place, a split ligament is only required to further improve the result by using a special device — extender. Thus, the operation is of a purely auxiliary in nature and involves the indispensable use of the extender in the future. It should also be noted that the result depends on the immediate initial length of the penis. In other words, the operation helps to increase the size of phallus, adjustable extender, allowing it to affect the inner part of the penis.


The day after the operation on the operated body impose a special device. Unlike the extender, it always applies to the complete stitches out in 12-14 days.

The first three weeks after surgery to increase the penis man should observe the following recommendations:

  1. Abstaining from sex, sports and intense physical activity.
  2. Indispensable carrying a special cargo — this method does not allow the member to return to its original position.
  3. After the formation of the scar (about 1-2 months), drawing the phallus continues with extender and lasts up to six months.

The period of use of the extender increases gradually. The first tangible and visually the results can be observed six months after surgery.

Recommendations for the use of the extender

Extender after the operation is worn on the penis to avoid pain and discomfort. An additional feature of this device is the provision of the necessary tension of the muscles and ligaments of the penis. At the incision of the ligament, forming new sections, consisting of connective tissue. The future size depends on the implementation of recommendations in the period after surgery, including on the systematic wearing of the extender.

In order for the device to work correctly and get the maximum effect, you should consider some tips for its use:

  1. The extender is on the penis only in the daytime, at night it should be removed.
  2. The first time the device is worn for 1.5-2 hours. on the day. Gradually increases to 5-6 hours.
  3. Extender to wear until the new pair is not formed and will not take its place instead of the dissected ligaments. Usually it takes from 3 to 7 months.

Possible complications

A qualified person who performed the operation to enlarge the penis, their professional actions, negates all the risks of possible problems after the surgery.

In extremely rare individual cases after surgery, there are complications:

  • bleeding;
  • deformation of the penis (it can also stand up straight under unusual angle or climb partially);
  • suppuration of stitch, imposed after the surgery;
  • infection of the testicles;
  • the development of scarring and adhesions;
  • unstable erection;
  • disturbed sensitivity of the scrotum or penis.

Most experts in the field of urology consider the transaction completely safe procedure. However, the absence of potential problems observed during the operation and during the rehabilitation period.

The benefits of surgical correction of the penis

The main advantages of augmentation of the penis include:

  1. Long-lasting effect.
  2. A relatively quick rehabilitation.
  3. The possibility of increasing the penis not only in length but also in thickness.
  4. The possibility of associated eliminating abnormalities or defects of the member (either acquired or congenital).
  5. No adverse effects on reproductive function and quality of male potency.
  6. The short duration of the operation.