How to increase the member of the folk remedies: the best methods of medicine

Under pressure from the public and the media most men often ponder over the decision of the question which excites minds of humanity for many centuries: how to increase your member and to make intimate life more colorful? Modern science has made some advances in this field, but not everyone can buy expensive drug or other medication in the course are folk remedies to increase penis. Indeed, traditional medicine can help to solve this urgent problem? Is it possible to use non-traditional means without harm to health? Talk about this in more detail.

The essence of unconventional therapy

means for penis enlargement

Significantly increase penis length and give the member a few centimeters, the volume will not work either with the help of folk remedies or when using medication. But the acute need for this metamorphosis occurs only in the case if genitals, i.e. the penis is really small – no more than 8 inches in length in erect state.

Nevertheless, the increase of the penis by a few millimeters in length, and the amount is still possible. And help man in the solution of this question is the methods and means of alternative therapy. The whole point of the popular methods and tools is to improve the blood circulation and strengthening blood inflow to the penis. Complete filling of the corpus cavernosum makes the penis more voluminous and elastic.

As evidenced by the opinions of men, almost all of the tools and techniques of alternative medicine that can be applied at home, have a prolonged action. That is, to obtain the desired effect of practicing the method elected or applied recipe follows over a long period of time.


Recipes and traditional methods of penis enlargement using herbs based on regular use of decoctions and infusions, which contribute to improving metabolism and blood circulation. Reviews of men say that such folk recipes featured exotic plants. But there are less exotic recipes of folk remedies, for example:

  • A decoction of roots, flowers and leaves normal wild hawthorn. Stimulates blood circulation and the flow of bodies in the genital organs. According to the recipe a tablespoon of minced raw brew a couple of cups of boiling water and drink throughout the day as a tea. To apply this method for at least one month
  • A decoction of rose hips. The rose hips with vitamin C, stimulates circulation. To prepare traditional remedies follows in analogy with the previous recipe.
  • The best way to increase penis ginseng root, in addition, it is well stimulates the potency and increases libido. The recipe is a traditional drink based on the root prepared as follows: a piece of root, pour three liters of ethanol, then infused for ten days. Make a tincture, according to the recipe, you need 50 grams three times a day.

Massage and acupuncture


The best method of penis enlargement folk remedies is a method of self-massage of the penis based on the stretching of the penis and the impact on the active points. This procedure takes place in two main stages: training and massage. To achieve a positive effect, it is recommended to do massage regularly, at least once during the day.

The preparation method includes warm compresses, which will help to improve blood flow to the penis and also make it more soft and supple the skin of the penis. Compresses be sure, conducting massages without training may cause microtrauma, dryness and irritation of the skin member. A compress to do so: soak in warm water with a small piece of soft cloth made of natural fibers or gauze. To impose the material at hand to penis, wrapped it several times depending on the length of the web. Wait a few minutes and again repeat the procedure.

Massage increases penis size, it is necessary to do so:

  • It is hard to pinch the head of your cock with your right hand and slightly pull the penis to the side. Pull should, until, until a feeling of slight discomfort. Stay in this position for five minutes.
  • After completing the exercises to be a bit to stretch your penis lightly to restore the circulation process.
  • Repeat the exercise several times, each time changing the direction of stretching of the penis: right, left, up, down, right away.

In order to get real results from conducting the self-massage, you must practice it for at least three months. This is a very effective tool for penis enlargement. To enhance the result, during the massage you can use essential oil of geranium, rose or sandalwood. In addition, the use of oil will make the procedure less uncomfortable.

Meditation and yoga

Prevalent opinion and optimistic reviews that enlarging the penis can also exclusively using very exotic folk method, namely self-hypnosis. The results of this method, as shown by the reviews, is quite questionable. But provided a lot of practice to get a good effect from this method is still possible.

The method of self-hypnosis based meditation practices, in which a person is their own genitals, i.e. penis, in another state, shall we say, more significant. For this method it is necessary to clearly draw a picture in the imagination of the anatomical changes, paying attention to the smallest of details.

Over what period of time should you practice autosuggestion, which contributes to penis enlargement is the decision of men. Likely to achieve visible results. But, as mentioned above, practical reviews men already tested this method, not credible.

All the folk remedies and recipes designed to enhance the penis is based on the stimulation of blood flow to the penis. Thus, a slight increase of a member it is also possible in that case that person will be able to give up bad habits, exercise regularly and use restorative treatments, such as douches. Also useful cold sponging and establishing the power mode.

massage for penis enlargement

Regardless of what selected methods or means for increasing the penis, to carry out the procedure necessary for a long enough period of time. Means of alternative medicine sufficiently effective only under the condition of application within a few weeks. In addition, any man not be amiss to pre-consult with your doctor.