How can you increase the size of the penis?

Surgery to increase male genitalia with each year becoming more popular.

But not every young person can afford to do an expensive procedure, so the methods of penis enlargement have to search the Internet and other sources.

how to increase penis size

The factors that are pushing to increase penis size at home or clinic, the most common dissatisfaction of the partner, psychological causes.

Actually increase?

Discuss whether to increase the member of the house. First and foremost, you need to determine your size if penis size 14 to 18 centimeters and a diameter in the range of 3-4 centimeters, then the problem is psychological in nature, and do not worry.

Learn how you can increase the member at home in case, when it was firmly decided to add a couple of centimeters:

  1. Surgery (a risky way and also quite expensive, so when possible, it is better to choose one of bezoperatsionnye methods).
  2. Extender (a special device for penis enlargement).
  3. Pump (using the vacuum stretches the tissue).
  4. Spray or cream for penis enlargement at home (temporarily increases the penis).
  5. Massage and fingering (very similar methods and based on the warm-up and tension fabric structures).
If the result desired in the shortest possible time, it is recommended to combine several methods, how to enlarge penis at home. Any combination of combination of all methods that do not use drugs and cream.

How to increase at home?

Many men are very skeptical about the fact that you can almost improvised means to make a member more of the house. To refute this opinion, it should be a closer consider each of the methods how to enlarge penis at home.

And then every young man, selecting appropriate ways to penis enlargement at home will operate independently following the guidelines.


how to increase penis size ways

This is a special ancient technique that was used in the middle East.

A more famous name – tech milking.

That is, it is a common massage technique that warms the tissues and makes them susceptible to stretching.

Manual influence on the manhood, when done correctly, gives a significant results and knows how to make dick bigger with home remedies at home.

To perform the manipulation in the first place need to buy lube (preferably with a warming effect) and only then take action.

There are several methods how to increase penis size at home.

Starting Jelqing, the male organ should not be in a fully erect state. For example, the erection should be no more than 60%.

The male sexual organ consists of cavernous tissue, which when enhanced blood circulation is becoming susceptible to stretching.

After a couple of months of intense training the penis during erection increases significantly.

Exercise for stretching the tissues of the penis

  1. Before how to enlarge penis at home should heat up the member. This is done to improve tissue elasticity. To do this, a little heat salt and put it in a bag made of cloth, then applied to the sex organ.
  2. After the warm-up is necessary to provoke an erection, but excited not at full capacity, and about half. Be sure to use special grease.
  3. Then you have to compress the base of the penis to the ring finger and stretching up to the head, as if stretching.
  4. Directly to the head of your cock to touch not worth it. In the first stage, you can start with forty geminum, and further to increase their number to two hundred.


A very popular method of how to increase penis at home that requires absolutely no financial cost (most likely because used by most men). The main advantage of this method lies not only in increasing size but also enhance potency.

Before you do the member big at home, starting to massage movements, you should warm up the penis. You need a warm herbal decoction and a soft towel.

Warm towel applied for a few minutes to the body, thus there is a steam bath, which makes tissue more susceptible to the effects. This in turn will allow you to achieve visible results from massage.

Massage techniques penis enhancement at home are divided into two areas – the impact on the body in the excited state and the influence of the relaxed penis. All techniques are based on stretching.

To begin the procedure needs a little to bring on, and then start to act on it. After coverage in the palm to pull the penis forward from myself, then pull in the opposite direction.

Such actions can be repeated in different directions. Also, stretching your body, rotate them counterclockwise.

Creams and gels for increasing the male phallus

How can you increase the member of the house? The pharmaceutical industry is not in place and gives the men more and more money for penis enlargement.

Using external tools it is possible to achieve a temporary result. The question immediately arises, why a temporary effect? It's very simple, because after applying on the penis, the gel is heated, so hard the blood flow to the organ.

Besides, to enhance potency connect the active components (usually glycine, arginine, ginseng and ginger). Therefore, to use this method of penis enlargement, it is recommended that immediately prior to sexual intercourse.

Duration will be approximately three hours. As a result the person will get incredible erections, increasing the size by almost half an inch and bright orgasm by increasing the sensitivity.

If you think not only about their own pleasure, but also about your partner, you should pay special attention to medicines for increased potency. No girl can forget how powerful your enduring phallus entered her powerful aftershocks.


how to increase penis size the result

As it turned out, to enjoy yourself you can still benefit. The fingering is very similar to the technique of massage and Jelqing. After all, is also based on heating the tissue and tension.

Before you can increase the member home method, it is recommended to apply a body lubricant and start to masturbate habitually. Then, when there was complete erection, carrying out movement from the bottom up to stay and a bit of pulling member. You can also slightly squeeze the area around the head, which will lead to increased blood flow.

Pumps to add inches

This is a special device that creates a pressure around the penis, thereby increasing blood circulation. Consequently, the organ becomes stronger by improving blood flow.

The vacuum pump can be used even in the complete absence of erection. This method how to enlarge penis at home is considered one of the safest and most effective.

Regularly applying this method for a few months, possibly penis enlargement at home for 2-3 cm, and also make the penis thicker.

People's ways

Unfortunately, the increase in the member's home way from folk remedies is not going to happen, but the potency will increase and will give you unforgettable feeling.

It is necessary to choose a herbal kit that will improve the blood circulation in the penis. The main erection enhancers are ginseng, hawthorn, Ginkgo biloba.

In order to prolong the sexual act needs to take a tincture of wild oats.

It is equally important to revise your diet to include products for penis enlargement, namely cilantro and parsley. Instead of tea is recommended to drink a decoction of thyme.

The secrets of people's ways to increase a member: home recipe.

  1. Tincture of garlic.This tool is required to take daily twenty drops. Independent study (chopped garlic poured vodka for a few days and leave in a dark place) or purchased at the pharmacy.
  2. Medicinal lungwort. This herbal remedy need to add all vegetable salads. The second variant of reception in the form of tinctures.For cooking you need ten grams of dry grass pour boiling water and leave for two hours. In fact, cooking should take one tablespoon at least three times a day.
  3. Nuts with honey. These sweets turned out to be not only tasty and healthy for the whole body, but also have a positive effect on penis growth at home.For the preparation of medicinal mixtures to grind the walnuts and season them with honey. Taken this remedy three times daily immediately before meal.
  4. Tea from thyme. Taken dry grass pour a glass of boiling water.This infusion can be drunk neat or diluted.

But, in search of effective methods how to make dick bigger without leaving the house need to be wary to experiment. For example, there is a controversial statement that with the help of baking soda you can increase manhood very quickly.

Despite the fact that there are even clear instructions regarding the use of soda in order to penis enlargement, it's more like a publicity stunt, which leads to a story about a unique drug. In fact, using baking soda is unlikely to achieve any noticeable effect.

Therefore, if you decide to enlarge the penis, you best option considered methods based on massage techniques that know how to make dick bigger at home.