Vacuum penis enlargement

In correlation with roughly great enthusiasm to improving intimate abilities of boys and in addition with the participation of unchanged marketing firms across the globe according to the vacuum penis enlargement has become a popular way with the use of a vacuum pump in which there is an increase as the most reliable and comfortable of all the types and methods of increasing. But almost all of the urologists did not belong to this process with the utmost seriousness, believing that it is indicated only in certain forms of erectile problems, namely impotence.

The physical configuration which result in the penis before step directional negative pressure, differ from them in normal or pharmacologically induced erection. In the given situation does not derive total relaxation smooth muscles - automatic modification of arterial bleeding inevitably leads to a possible, further stretching the tissues of the penis and the resumption of normal oxygenation.

In the power differences of the pressures and intense inflow of arterial blood to the veins in the cavernous bodies of the penis open and engorged with blood large part of the arterioles that before does not work and uniformly stretch a fabric of a member.

The technique of this method

Vacuum penis enlargement similar to the LOD-therapy, differs only in method implementation, because in this case it is assumed that the representatives of the stronger sex that wants to increase the dimensions of penis, with an erection all in norm. The program as originally calculated for the whole year.

First 3 times a week in small periods with 10-minute sessions. In the first week only 1-in 10-minute period on any exercise. Between any 10-minute period shall continue for an interval not less than one hour for a break member. To do massage of the penis to the inflow of new blood. How soon you will become a more significant experience, you may try to increase the periods for 15 or including 20 minute training., however, 1st week no most as 10 min. in the same period.

On the second 2 week period for 10 minutes, 3 times a week. Again between periods can not forget about the massage member, for the resumption of the influx of new blood. At the end of the 2nd session of the member is obligated to grow.

vacuum penis enlargement

For the third week in 3 sessions of 10 minutes. in the training session.

The basic rule when applied vacuum penis enlargement is to change the effect in the pump very carefully and slowly. Never to hurry - you can only hurt the member, or worse - to serious defects. After a number of weeks, you'll notice that the result after any period of training is noticeable. A couple of months, a couple of these workouts per week, you will be able to save all these changes, your member.After about 6 months of training to increase members, the configuration of the growth member, you will start to get a long-term form (i.e., irreversible).


There are a number of contraindications:

  1. Acute suppuration of the skin or tissue;
  2. Different pathology of blood vessels, which are connected with defects in the walls of blood vessels - vasculitis, etc.;
  3. Excessive disposition to thrombosis;
  4. Decompensated diseases of kidneys and liver (cirrhosis, etc.);
  5. Phimosis (restricted) last the flesh of the penis, and paraphimosis other diseases of the foreskin;
  6. In variants of acute inflammation of the penis (balanitis, post, urethritis, etc.).

In that case, if applying a cryogenic pump when the required vacuum penis enlargement, and there are effusions of blood and injuries of the penis of another character, the introduction of the pump is allowed to recover only then, as soon as these defects will be cured. In the dim option is best to consult with your doctor. The direct care of a vacuum pump. To provide long-term service, you need to follow a number of rules.