As gels for penis enlargement save men from the shame

In private life men may worry about two issues: the weak potency and small size penis. And if to increase potency is the undisputed leader of steel pills, for penis enlargement there are quite a lot of different tools.

gel for penis enlargement

It can be pills, injections, exercise and fitness equipment, special devices for stretching penis. Some men choose surgery. Currently being developed by another means. This gel for external use. It allows without risk to health to increase the member a few inches.

As a working tool for the penis

These products are made from natural ingredients. Usually the basis is laid for the recipes of ancient folk methods, but based on modern research and technology.

These funds have a strong activating effect on the local circulation. In the composition there are substances that increase the blood supply to the penis, strengthen blood vessels, prevent clavi, the withering away of small blood vessels.

Gels are about the same: the penis becomes longer due to enhanced blood flow to internal tissues. They are called the cavernous bodies. If normal blood flow the cavernous body straight, and the increase in size.

Increasing blood circulation, they help to improve the condition of blood vessels, strengthen them, faster to restore of cavernous tissue. Long-term use of funds enhanced erection, the penis becomes longer and wider in girth, as well as increases significantly its sensitivity.

Before you take your final centimeters of the fact that we need to "spice up" the small blood vessels which can be from spasm, you may never function and are not included in the blood supply of the penis.

The use of such funds is the safest method of penis enlargement. They do not have serious side effects like extenders or vacuum pumps, not to mention operation.

What is included in their composition

The ingredients of most drugs are natural, so they are safe when applied.

Such funds are suitable for those who want to increase penis size without pills and expensive surgeries. To achieve an instant result is not always obtained, often the men have to try a few gels from different manufacturers to choose the one that suits him. Thus, when selecting funds, the effect can be noticed after two weeks of regular use.

Plus gels for penis enlargement is safety. Natural herbal ingredients enable you to do even oral sex without any risk for your partner.

The composition of gels for penis enlargement mainly present:

gel to increase member name
  • the Thistle is a natural Energizer, the production of testosterone by the body;
  • the juice extract of the lichen – ensures maximum filling with blood;
  • Maca acts as an aphrodisiac (not just for man but also woman, therefore use of the gel before sexual intercourse has a twofold effect);
  • Epimedium – has strong integrated effect on erectile function, increases stamina, increases libido;
  • Rhodiola rosea extract (Golden root") – improves blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels. Stimulates the production of testosterone;
  • ginger – greatly increases tissue elasticity, which contributes to the tension and increasing the cavities for blood;
  • arginine – activates its own production of growth hormone — somatotropin;
  • Kelsen – increases the blood flow. Spongy makes the body more elastic;
  • ginseng dilates blood vessels, improves the quality of seeds;
  • Muira Puama is really a unique component that has a complex effect on the sexual sphere;
  • gingko biloba is a tonic effect on blood vessels;

Usage instructions

The principal terms of the use of any means to enlarge the penis is regularity of application and strict adherence to instructions. It is attached to each drug. Gels applied to clean, thoroughly washed and dried skin of the penis with light massage movements.

It is often advised to avoid the area of the head of the penis. Before applying it is better to bring the member to an excited state. After the procedure of massage, which also increases blood circulation, you can begin to have sexual intercourse.

The gel is applied 1-2 times a day after bathing and drying member. Duration of use is two weeks.

How to achieve maximum effect

The best results are achieved when combining the application of massage and stretching. Or special exercises, which are also aimed at the gradual and delicate stretching of the tissues, improving their elasticity, the activation of the tiny blood vessels.

How many centimeters actually increase

Help gels for penis enlargement? The gels effectiveness is still controversial. The fact that there is quite a lot of reviews that the gel is not helping. Often, these reviews left by men that are either not picked up the right tool, or dumped to regularly use gel, not achieving quick results.

Those men who used the gels regularly, strictly follow the instructions and adding the result of a special exercise reported a positive effect of using. The exercises can be found on the Internet. They can also be a Supplement to the main instructions ointments.

The producers promise an increase in size up to 5 cm in length. Many men confirm that this is possible.

Contraindications and side effects

It is recommended to carefully consider the composition before you apply the gel on penis. Before use test – apply a little gel on the inner side of the elbow. If there is itching and burning or redness, then this tool is not for you.

Feel a slight burning when you apply the majority of funds for penis enlargement is a normal phenomenon

The so-called "tingle — effect due to the influence of active substances and demonstrates the effectiveness of the tool. It should be distinguished from severe burning, itching, redness and rashes, which indicate an allergic reaction. In this case, you should immediately rinse and take an antihistamine. Allergic reactions occur rarely, but they are not excluded.

If the drug is applied just before intercourse, then you need to check the sensitivity and partner. Absolute contraindications to the use of gels there are visible damages on the penis, sores, wounds, the presence of STDs. But it seems obvious. First treatment then increase.

When the composition of hormones, consult your doctor. Only he can say whether the means chosen.

To summarize

gel for penis enlargement contraindications

High-quality gel for penis enlargement has natural composition. The drug has no side effects and contraindications, except individual intolerance.

The action of the composition based on the significant enhancement of blood circulation in the penis, the "revival" of previously broken small blood vessels. And tension and to increase the elasticity of the cavernous and spongy bodies.

In addition to the main effect of this gel are usually:

  • enhances potency;
  • contributes to lengthening the time of the act;
  • enhances and prolongs the orgasm;
  • helps to prevent stagnation;
  • owns the overall healing effect on the genitourinary system.

The gel is safe and effective for increased size and increased potency. Before using it you must carefully examine the composition and read the reviews. Creams are able to make intimate life more vivid and pleasuring their partners.