Effective exercises for penis enlargement

It should be noted that as with any situation, massage has two sides: the first is the growth of manhood when properly executed, and with another – wrong and strong physical movement to the penis could be injured, resulting in the need to postpone classes for an indefinite period of time.

Technique exercises with lubrication:

exercises for penis enlargement
  1. To take a comfortable position: you can sit on a chair, feet shoulder width apart, or lie down on a flat surface, having enclosed under a back some pillows.
  2. Applied to the penis a lubricant, to bring themselves up to 70-80% erect state.
  3. Wrap it around the base of his penis with two fingers: index and ring, making the letter "O".
  4. Further, the fingers need to stretch up towards the head of the authority.
  5. When the hand reaches the head, it should rhythmically to replace the second hand to repeat the motion.
  6. Duration of exercise is 15-20 minutes to do one workout 50-100 movements of the first two weeks, gradually increasing the number of approaches.

To achieve the long-term effect penis enlargement at home, you have to practice every day, several times a day. Video reviews of men suggests that there is an increase not only length but also thickness of the penis.

After analyzing numerous information, it is safe to say that visual penis enlargement is visible in the second month of training on a regular basis. After sliding massage works correctly and no longer causes different issues in technique, it is necessary to combine with the first exercise the second. Features dry tensile member at home:

  • To perform the exercise on the penis, additional lubrication is not necessary.
  • Habitual movements to bring themselves up to 80% erection, it can be a little less.
  • All the movements are repeated as in the first exercise with a difference: for the first time is to do 30-50 repetitions.
  • In addition, you need to be careful and measure the amount of pressure because there is no other lubricant that facilitates movement.

How to make dick bigger at home?

Techniques there are many. Let us consider briefly the most famous exercises that increase penis growth by :

  1. Stretching muscles. Thanks to this technique perfectly developed. Exercises for penis enlargement leads to productive elongation "male pride". In addition, a member also greatly thickened. Muscles are stretched over the day, several times a day for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Jelking. Method originated in ancient times, when physicians did not have the experience and necessary equipment in order to increase the length of the penis. Jelking is translated as "Milking". The process is very similar to pumping. There is an increase in the male sexual organ physical exercises. The exercise is performed for 15 minutes each day, during this time do about 100 repetitions. After the first month the number of repetitions can slowly increase to 500. To fully master them, you don't need a lot of time.

    The technique is very popular, but many doctors advise you to do it carefully not to damage his manhood.

  3. Circulation. If a man has a problem with him, the exercise will be useless. But the provisions can still come – it is necessary to do circular massage, making 30 to 40 movements. After delivering a technique will need to fully feel how the blood rushes to the body.
  4. Manual Kegel exercises. They appeal to not every man. The idea is to force an erection. But hope for significant advantage, the exercise is aimed at the duration of intercourse and the possibility to control it. During the day it is recommended to perform the exercise at home to increase your member more than three times in 20 minutes. As for the performance, she seriously questioned. Long sex people get, but penis will not grow.
  5. Stretching circular. Full circle is performed for five seconds. Such repetitions should be from 25 in one day. If the stretching done regularly and correctly, their efficiency will be high.
  6. Stretch sitting. In this position the exercise is done effectively. For beginners it is recommended to stretch your penis for 15 seconds 10 times a day. Gradually the number of repetitions should be increased.
  7. V-stretch. This technique allows to increase the imbalance in the pressure on the sexual organ of a minor and the United intersecting forces. Exercises for penis enlargement at home is almost similar to the previous ones. Do them for 60 seconds.

    So is a V-stretch:

    penis enlargement.
  8. Pulling the power. This exercise can finish the workout after stretching the penis. With it, gradually increasing the length of the ligaments of the penis. It should be performed through the day for several minutes.
  9. Massage. In addition to the gradually increasing length, with the help of this method, the person receives a bonus of excellent potency and sexual stamina. Have to do it regularly to get good results. The efficiency of this method was scientifically proven.
  10. Clamping. This word is translated as "Capture". For exercise will need a special device, which is "fixed" on manhood and partially blocks the flow of blood in the body. However, they can not engage the newcomers, as the method is quite extreme. It is used on a generally experienced men have already tried to imagine other techniques. Per day is recommended to keep a "clip" several times, but in any case not to exercise more than 10 minutes. Most experts believe that clamping is not very effective in the issue of penis enlargement. Most of all it affects the duration of erection. In addition, the technique carries with it the dangerous moments, during which you can damage the penis.
  11. Hanging loads. This method is the most dangerous. He looks more like torture of the Inquisition in the Middle ages and some joy from the process doesn't. The load pulls the penis to the ground, severe pain does not allow the man to switch his thoughts to something else. In addition, there is a rupture of blood vessels, and manhood may simply stop responding to any expression of female affection. Therefore, wear on the member objects in the hope of increasing it is not recommended. Extreme exercises to increase penis: video hanging of the load.

For penis enlargement at home, the only suitable exercises that do not require medical intervention. Advised to find exercises that can perform any guy from the comfort of home.

Stretching the phallus

This is the most popular exercise as it allows you to lengthen the sexual organ. When extruding the person is in a comfortable position and grabs the hands of the member. Then on gradually drawn forward. The exercise is performed very carefully so as not to damage skin tissue. If at the time of pulling pain appear, then have to stop and take a break for 5-10 seconds.

Traction in a sitting position

Some use another method of stretching that is performed seated on a chair. In this case, the penis is brought to a state of weak erection. Enough to penis increased by 25-35%, but no more. When the penis hardens, it is pulled down and sit on it. This exercise is carried out to increase the pressure on the phallus, thus increase its thickness and length. Running stretching sitting longer than five minutes, followed by a break for 10 minutes.


Often, increasing the size of the penis in men carried out by the massaging which will help to lengthen the member on 2-3 see the benefits of massages include:

  • held in their own home;
  • not only thickens and lengthens the phallus, but also restores virility;
  • boosts stamina during sexual intercourse;
  • has no side effects if all the rules of massage.

Special attention should be paid to the last point, since improperly performed massage will bring a positive result. To get maximum benefits from exercise, its complement:

  • Biological supplements and vitamins, promote growth of the penis.
  • Creams with sliding properties which increase dimensions of the penis and protect it from injury.
  • A warm-up to improve the elasticity of the skin. The heating is carried out using normal towels soaked in perekipjachennoj liquid. To complete the procedure, the genital organ is carefully wrapped with a towel, which is removed after 10-15 minutes.

Before a massage to increase the thickness and length of penis, it is necessary to see the features of this procedure. The first deals with posture. To do this, you can sit on a normal chair and put it under the back of a towel or a cushion for better comfort. Then on the skin of the phallus applied the cream and the sexual organ is brought to erection.


People who want to increase the member through exercises, often using jelking. This method has been applied for many years, as with it improves blood flow to the sex organ and increase its size. Thanks to the enhanced blood flow to the sex organ its size increases.

exercises for a member

Before you start training, have all the sexual organ to lubricate the baby cream or a special lubricant to soften skin. Then the phallus account for 50-60% of the violations. After thickening of the penis grasp his hand at the base and squeeze for 5-10 seconds, then slowly move your hand towards the head and hold it there for 5 seconds. Repeat the procedure at least three times.

Make sure that jelking brought positive results, will be released in 20-35 days. During this time, the penis will become longer.

Jelking is often accompanied by injuries to the penis and minor skin damage. To minimize the likelihood of injury, before stretch marks will be pre-warming. The procedure is performed by several methods:

  • Compress. The most common method that almost all guys. For warming up the penis is placed in a heated cloth or a small towel.
  • A container of water. When using this method the sexual organ is placed for 5 minutes in a bowl of warm water. After warming up the skin on the penis will become softer and more supple.

Bending of the penis

To achieve the increased size of the penis perform the procedure its flexion. It will have to take care that the phallus was half erect. When he bent in any direction. The main thing is to not cause discomfort and is not accompanied by pain. When even not severe pain, it is better to stop and take a break so you don't accidentally damage the penis.

Contraindications to training and safety

Regardless of the complexity of the selected exercises for penis enlargement there are cases where you should abandon such practices:

  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • inflammatory processes in the urogenital system;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • venereal disease;
  • cancer processes in the body;
  • disorders of mental nature.
  • violation of the integrity of the skin member;
  • curvature of the penis.

Among the mandatory items of safety should be noted:

  • mandatory preparatory procedures;
  • the exact execution of the exercise equipment;
  • the use of lubricants, if required by the terms of exercise.